Bestforworld Logistics was founded in 2005 by Jimmy Chan and Chris Mitchell,both from Li & Fung Supply Chain Management.

Headquartered in Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong, In the following ten years, with more and more small and medium-sized foreign buyers pouring into the mainland China to purchase and buy lots of different items, due to the company adhere to the principle of integrity, honesty, professional, more and more foreign procurement favored, the number of customers increased year by year, Really do, grow together, benign interaction, Later, they poached Richy lau from MSK Shipping Company. As the new partner of this Company, Richy brought a new strategic experience to the company. He would explore overseas markets together with young salesmen and learn about the latest demands of front-line customers.

Right now the headquarters in mainland China is located in Ningbo, and has offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Qingdao, Tianjin and Yiwu.

We are a logistics company with NVOCC and IATA certification. Strictly follow and enforce the norms and guidelines of safety regulations. Become a sustainable logistics company.

China’s strong competitiveness:

Own warehouse and Full load trucking team guarantee the stability of the service and the flexibility of the peak season.

All-round technical support, we have our own independent research and development of freight operating system, customer management tracking system, truck department management and positioning system, all-weather storage control system. Technically support ensure the safety of the goods, as well as efficient operation.

In addition to the conventional Ocean Freight and Air Freight, we have sufficient competitiveness and confidence in the Chinese market, currently on the project and DG cargos(Break Bulk Cargo/OOG/DG Cargo/Reefer)our professional team and rich special project goods experience, more and more help Our customers provide convenience and reduce the totally cost.

Our value-added logistics services in China include: warehousing, customs brokers, documentation , Multimodal transport, railway, certificates of origin for various items,customs declaration, insurance, import and export agents and other services.

Our value-added supply chain services include: Quality Inspection, Factory Audit, trading agency, handling trade disputes, supply chain consulting . And other derivative services.

As a member of WCA, CIIFA FIATA and PPL Association, we do actively carry out exchanges and interactions with agents from various countries in the world. We participate in international logistics exhibitions 2-4 times a year and actively participate in exchanges and cooperation between international peers. We are now the exclusive strategic operation agent for more than 130 overseas Freight Forwarding Companies from 30 countries, with strong and professional overseas agent network support, so that we are more confident to provide customers with truly high-quality on-site services.


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