The vast majority of sellers on Amazon will purchase their own products from China. As a global sourcing center, China is increasingly favored by Amazon sellers.


However, at the same time, because of the increasing competition, many unscrupulous stores sell counterfeit products in Amazon, which not only affects the rights and interests of the brand owner but also hurts their own interests.


Since last year, China Customs has intensified its investigation and punishment of infringement and counterfeit products. For counterfeit products, China Customs will impose fines on consignors and confiscate goods.


Bestforworld recommends that buyers should consider the long-term interests and not to participate in the sale of counterfeit goods.


Bestforworld also clarifies again at the same time, please do not send any inquiries about counterfeit and infringing products, we will not quote and reply.


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For overseas sellers who comply with Amazon’s regulations, if you have goods purchased from China, who want to ship to overseas Amazon warehouses or your own warehouse, we will provide one-stop logistics services, we respect door-to-door logistics services. Our Amazon logistics services include:


1 palletize

2 stickers

3 sorting

4 shipping by sea& air, from China’s factories or terminals, airports, delivery the cargo to foreign Amazon warehouses and overseas customer warehouses. One-stop logistics service.

5 If you do not have a company in the local area, we will assist in providing import agency services.



At the same time, we reminded Amazon sellers that Amazon will also increase the crackdown on the sale of counterfeit products. The American Apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA) is cracking down on Amazon’s counterfeit products. AAFA asked the US Trade Representative Office to list some of Amazon’s sites as “notorious markets.”


In response, Amazon’s four-page letter to the US Assistant Representative for Innovation and Intellectual Property Trade details Amazon’s efforts to combat counterfeit products through various registration and verification products and points out that even with AAFA every month. but the AAFA turned a blind eye to these initiatives.


Amazon claims that some members of the AAFA organization have hampered its fight against counterfeit and shoddy products.



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Brian Huseman, Amazon’s vice president of public policy, wrote in the letter: “In contrast to the recommendations submitted by AAFA, Amazon’s efforts are working because more than 99.9% of customers’ products purchased in Amazon’s stores have never received customers or copyrights.


Suspicious counterfeit complaints. Amazon seeks constructive feedback from brands and associations, making it easier for brands to use these tools and more effectively combat counterfeiters.”


He wrote: “Although Amazon’s tools show effectiveness, some AAFA member brands refuse to use them. In addition, at the monthly meeting, AAFA did not raise or resolve these issues in the documents they submitted to Amazon.


AAFA believes Amazon did not do everything it could to eliminate counterfeit goods in its stores, which was inconsistent with Amazon’s efforts on behalf of AAFA members.”


A survey in 2017 showed that the global fake market has reached $1.2 trillion, and brands that compete with counterfeit lost more than $300 billion in revenue. In 2018, two-fifths of the products purchased online were fakes. In the October 1, 2019 document, the AAFA recommended that the US Trade Representative Office include the five sites of Amazon, Canada, Germany, France, and India in the “bad market” of counterfeit products.


The aim is to urge Amazon and regulators to take action against counterfeit products.



AAFA President and CEO Rick Helfenbein said in a statement: “Although Amazon is one of the world’s leading retailers and an important sales partner for many of our member brands, it still faces serious counterfeiting issues.


We feel it is necessary to ask the US Trade Representative Office to include some of Amazon’s sites in the ‘bad market’.


Although we are very happy to see that our cooperation with Amazon on brand protection has increased in the past year, it is regrettable. Yes, this cooperation has not translated into a significant reduction in counterfeit goods on the Amazon market.”


He added: “We hope that Amazon can expand its cooperation with our industry and significantly increase the resources, actions, and leadership needed to solve this problem.”


Amazon responded in detail with a number of initiatives, including the launch of the Project Zero project, which has self-service tools that enable companies to remove suspicious counterfeit products from Amazon’s online marketplace.


Amazon also announced a new intellectual property promotion program designed to help sellers protect their products.


In response, Amazon said that its efforts are “achieving positive results.”


In August of this year, a foreign media survey found that more than 4,000 products in Amazon’s third-party market were banned or declared as unsafe products by regulators. In response, Amazon announced steps to secure third-party products.





As a leading Amazon FBA logistics provider, Bestforworld offers different logistics solutions for all types and levels of sellers, as we receive many new, courageous and ambitious Amazon overseas sellers’ logistics inquiries every day.


We hope that with the help of Bestforworld’s experience and understanding of logistics, as well as professional operation, the attitude full of responsibility which can make these new FBA sellers go further and more stable.



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