Finding suitable and legal Chinese suppliers is not an easy task, especially for medical products.

Many importers have never been involved in the medical field. Some have many years of Chinese import experience, but they are specialized in other common products. With the spread of coronavirus in various countries around the world. A large number of importers come to us to see if they can help them find suppliers or verify suppliers.


Because they are not sure if they have found a real factory, or a suitable person, and a reliable supplier.


Many people spend a lot of time and a lot of time is wasted. Many people are not sure whether to insist on importing masks or other medical equipment from China, especially hand sanitizer, and even some importers will talk to more than 10 wrong hand sanitizer suppliers, wasting 2 weeks, just to find a low price, but with all shipping certificates, this is just a dream.


In the past month, many Chinese suppliers lacked professionalism in the import business of masks, hand sanitizers, and instruments. At the same time, many importers are also newcomers. At the same time, there are many special regulations for medical products regardless of the export customs declaration and import customs clearance.


As well as the requirements for CE and FDA certificates, a large number of suppliers currently provide counterfeit CE and FDA, causing great damage to importers.


Various payment risks and fraud risks prevent importers from protecting their business.


Recently received many importers who imported masks, hand sanitizers, and other medical products from China. The main problems they encountered include:


1 They bought a medical-grade mask, there is no FDA ID in the United States, no device listing, all the US customs clearance cannot be completed, the goods are stuck at the airport, the goods cannot be picked up, and the business reputation is lost.


2 Because currently, 95% of Chinese hand sanitizer suppliers cannot provide legal and valid MSDS and DG PACKING CERTIFICATION, many Chinese hand sanitizer suppliers will guarantee that they can provide a certificate and wait until the importer pays the deposit or the payment It will be confessed that the certificate may take an additional two weeks to complete. Two weeks are the most common words we hear, but the truth is that at the last minute they will tell the importer that they cannot provide, that is, the goods cannot be shipped.


From April 7, 2020, BW will stop assisting importers free of charge and conduct qualification verification services for hand sanitizer suppliers. Qualification verification services of 149 USD will be charged.


Because it is the peak season for medical supplies export, we need additional commissioners to appoint this task. If the goods are finally shipped through BW, we will deduct the shipping cost of 75USD and return half to the customers who choose BW logistics services.


3 The supplier’s trade trap, walk into the trap of wrong trade terms. With a down payment, suppliers cannot export medical products and hand sanitizers.


4 Factory and Chinese masks, infrared thermometer suppliers cannot declare customs, because at present the Chinese government only allows legal factories, factories in the national authorized list can export medical products, although we have published the full list:


Import and ship COVID-19 test kit, medical masks, medical protective clothing, ventilator, infrared thermometer,protective gloves, goggles from China.

One-stop guide&unserstanding, update 2020, All you need to know!(All legal, with all types of supplier resources attached!)



But many importers are still unable to understand because of language barriers.


Therefore, many importers still hope that a Chinese company can provide mask verification, or other medical product supplier verification services, and understand the detailed background of suppliers, manufacturers, and trading companies.


This service allows the importer to verify the identity and background of the other party before paying or signing a contract, as well as export qualifications for medical products and customs clearance.


5 Many suppliers of Alibaba / made in China platforms are uneven, thinking that the platform charges an annual fee of at least 5500USD, does not include any promotions, and the sales commission is very high, which leads to the suppliers provided by these platforms are not so Trustworthy, as long as suppliers spend money, they can publish products on these platforms.


6 why I found a trader, not a real factory.


7 After receiving the mask, the quality is not up to standard, and the importer’s customer needs to return it.


Import and ship COVID-19 test kit, medical masks, medical protective clothing, ventilator, infrared thermometer,protective gloves, goggles from China.

One-stop guide&unserstanding, update 2020, All you need to know!(All legal, with all types of supplier resources attached!)


Our rate is not 399USD, 299USD, each report only needs 149USD.


Our report will be provided within 24 hours at no additional cost.


Chinese mask, medical products, hand sanitizer supplier verification service report includes:

1 Official details:

Company Name

operational state

Business Scope

Registration number

Registered address

Registered capital

Established time

Contact phone and mail


2 Judicial risks:

Administrative penalties

Law enforcement case

Abnormal operation behavior


3: Feasibility analysis of export declaration and customs clearance of common products, verification of CE / FDA certificate of import customs clearance.


Medical masks and other medical products:

Verification of all factory export qualifications and documents of legal medical products

Import clearance of CE and FDA


hand sanitizer:

Verify all required documents for supplier shipping documents

Import clearance of CE and FDA


4 Proposals for procurement and logistics solutions


5 Conclusion


Why choose BW’s medical masks, hand sanitizers, and other medical product suppliers to verify?


To save your precious time, many importers waste days or even weeks and choose the wrong supplier to talk to.


Reduce trade risks and ensure capital safety.


Make sure your Chinese supplier is a legal and compliant company


Eliminate low-end suppliers, low quality, scammers, or fraudsters in advance.


Allows you to understand your trading partner’s background and information as much as possible before proceeding to the next in-depth negotiations and suppliers to establish a trading partnership.



BW as China’s TOP10 freight forwarder for more than 15 years, especially in the field of medical products export, and dangerous goods products Export and import logistics have extremely high professionalism and rich experience.


Our team knows how to deal with suppliers and factories, choose BW, you will make your import business more efficient and safe. Save your precious time.



At the same time, we also provide product inspection / factory inspection services for medical masks and other medical products:


The price varies from 249-599USD, depending on the number of products, inspection requirements, and the location of the supplier. You can contact BW for more information. Because of the special epidemic situation this year, many suppliers cannot visit the suppliers in person and but can use BW’s inspection and factory inspection services.


How to pay?

Pay by credit card through Paypal, there is no monthly rent and invisible fees, you can pay at any time.


Supplements and explanations on overseas media hype about Chinese masks, PPE, medical supplies, quality issues: updated May 5, 2020

The Chinese government attaches great importance to the quality and compliance of export products. For the recent overseas media reports on many PPE, masks, medical supplies, quality issues, product recalls, returns, and other issues.

The Chinese government has paid close attention to it and has been tracking it. After a preliminary investigation, it was found that it was caused by misunderstanding and improper use of China’s quality standards in the import, logistics, and use links, and was not a real quality problem. For example, the storms in the Netherlands are caused by the importer’s mistaken use of the civilian masks clearly marked in the contract as medical treatment, which caused a bad influence.

Announcement No. 12 issued by the Chinese government and customs has clearly redefined the export qualification requirements of medical protective masks, PPE, and medical masks. At the same time, the responsibility for quality issues was taken in advance, and the import risk of overseas importers increased extremely. This requires overseas importers to look for qualified and legal suppliers authorized by the Chinese government to purchase.

Medical epidemic prevention materials belong to regulatory products. The specifications and testing requirements of products in different countries are different. China has relatively high standards for epidemic prevention materials. An independent management system cannot yet be fully connected with foreign countries.


Import and ship COVID-19 test kit, medical masks, medical protective clothing, ventilator, infrared thermometer,protective gloves, goggles from China.

One-stop guide&unserstanding, update 2020, All you need to know!(All legal, with all types of supplier resources attached!)