As a global furniture supplier, we provide Room To Go with a complete set of logistics solutions from China to global outlets. Relying on our national network and global agent network, timely, safe, efficient and quality service. Ensure Room To Go ‘s global supply chain.

Boosting Operations with Reliable Shipping Practices

New store rollouts involve last-minute delays and changes to the original plan, requiring flexibility and proactive solutions. As a trusted partner, Bestforworld leveraged its analytics capabilities to help:

• Navigate the driver shortage with access to large and small independent carriers
• Reduce critical pain points connected to billing
• Book and manage shipments using Bestforworld ‘s proprietary technology
• Mitigate timeline delays with ease
• Process shipping documents in a time-sensitive manner
• Minimize the cost impact of complicated shipping needs

In addition to securing reliable transportation, Bestforworld oversaw Room To Go logistics timeline to ensure shipments with multiple stops were accounted for along the way and reached their destination. This enabled Room To Go to stay on schedule so that toys and new game rollouts were ready for each store opening.

Bestforworld manages Room To Go shipments as if they were their own shipments, cognizant of costs and meeting deadlines

Bill Smith, Purchasing Manager , Room To Go