On August 24, 2020, the General Administration of Customs issued Announcement No. 95 of 2020, deciding to conduct random inspections on some import and export commodities other than the statutory inspection commodities in 2020. The scope of the random inspections involves 28 categories of import and export commodities, including imported commodities 22 categories, 6 categories of export commodities.

The content is as follows: In order to safeguard the safety of products exported to China and protect the legitimate rights and interests of the people in accordance with the law, in accordance with the “Import and Export Commodity Inspection Law of the People’s Republic of China” and the relevant provisions of its implementing regulations, the General Administration of Customs has Some import and export commodities other than the inspected commodities are subject to random inspection.

The random inspection work is carried out in accordance with the “Administrative Measures for the Inspection of Import and Export Commodities” (formerly issued by Order No. 39 of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, revised by Order No. 238 of the General Administration of Customs).

Commodity range
1. Imported goods: children’s clothing, stationery, neckties, scarves, scarves, toilets, dishwashers, air purifiers, printers, electric water heaters, microcomputers, televisions, monitors, junk food processors, induction cookers, machines Motor car horns, motor vehicle retro reflectors, motor vehicle brake hoses, car interior parts, dyes, pigments, coloring materials, etc. When you export these products to China, you must ensure the quality and compliance of the products.

2. Export commodities: simulation accessories, children’s bicycles, children’s scooters, electric strollers, plush toys, electric faucets, etc. The above products exported from China to overseas will also be the key spot-check products.


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