Recently, an incident of the disappearance of Chinese freight forwarding has spread in the Chinese freight forwarding industry. A large number of importers who imported from China cannot normally pick up the goods at the port of destination. And most of these containers are shipping from China to the United States. The total amount of sea freight Is very large. This is just a microcosm. In the current situation where it is so difficult to ship goods from China, has given many scammers and bad freight forwarders many opportunities because of a large number of uncertain factors and continuous price fluctuations.

For freight forwarders and buyer scammers, the current 2021 international shipping market is the best opportunity.


This blog is mainly divided into two parts:


The first part:


Exposing China and overseas scammers, freight forwarding and logistics  and shipping companies


It also exposed overseas scam buyers and importers.


Those who ship from China but don’t pay sea freight.


The second part:


We welcome forwarders and importers who import from China and Asia all over the world to share with us more experience of failed shipments and deceived experiences.


We will guarantee updated support on this blog. This is the only platform on Google that exposes scammer’s shipping company and importers in 2021 and guarantees the rights and interests of those legitimate shippers, importers, and freight forwarders.


All customs declaration cases need to provide emails, chats, and other relevant evidence. Once they are confirmed to exist, they will be published on the continuously updated blog of Bestforworld.



Let’s take a look at a recent case of logistics fee fraud in Yiwu, China.


A Zhejiang freight forwarding logistics company illegally transferred and misappropriated company funds and used its freight forwarding company to embezzle more than 13 million RMB in logistics fees from more than 300 importers, causing the port of destination to be unable to pay the fees and not pick up the goods, implicating the goods of more than 300 customers.


If the goods cannot be picked up within the specified time, the goods will be auctioned in the destination country, and the damage caused by that time will be in the hundreds of millions!


Up to now, 56 containers of cargo have been seized by shipping companies and foreign warehouses. Among these goods, some of the importers used loans to import goods from China, which greatly occupied the cash flow of these importers…


This incident occurred in Yiwu, Zhejiang, and has caused great repercussions in Yiwu’s freight forwarding field.


Because many importers have paid sea freight to their Chinese suppliers, Chinese suppliers have also paid sea freight to this freight forwarding company. But if these importers need to pick up the goods at the port of destination, they also need to pay a sea freight to allow the delivery from the port of destination. which means the buyer paid twice for one shipment.


Safe and reliable freight services must be supported by a certain profit margin. Don’t lose more because of lower than the market price of freight.


There are also high-quality and low-cost services. Remember to use your experience and judgment to make a choice at the critical moment.


2021 is a very difficult and special year. For Chinese exporters, overseas importers, Chinese and overseas shipping companies, timely control risks, cherish this time and who are willing to cooperate with you,hope Everyone can find a reliable Chinese logistics company that is willing to cooperate with their own shipping methods



Why does the number of scammers freight forwarders start to increase in 2021?

How to better distinguish China’s scammers and freight forwarders from their fraudulent methods?


Special background:


In 2021, the price of shipments from China and Asia to the world will continue to rise, with a price increase of more than 500%. Many freight forwarding scammers use low prices to attract overseas forwarding companies and importers.


Space has become very tight, and the shipping schedule has been delayed.


High sea freight, shipping from China:

Many scammers and freight forwarders will use low ocean freight to attract importers and overseas freight forwarders.


Because in the case of such a high sea freight, if the sea freight provided by the scammer freight forwarder is hundreds of dollars cheaper than the market price, it will be very attractive.


Use long-term cooperation as an excuse to show a fancy business relationship

How to better distinguish China’s scammers and freight forwarders from their fraudulent methods?


The main scammers and freight forwarders in China are concentrated in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and northern cities.

The scammers and freight forwarders in Shenzhen and Guangzhou not only deceive overseas importers, but they are also used to cheating many other freight forwarding companies in China.

Because many Shenzhen and Guangzhou freight forwarding company employees are from Guangzhou and Shenzhen and these two places are not their hometown, these two cities are cities with large populations from other places. These scammers freight forwarders only need to defraud the freight, leave Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and then cancel the company.


They don’t need to focus on local reputation, none of this is so important to them.

Each fraud case only needs to earn tens of thousands of dollars, which is enough for them to spend a year.



Many of the Chinese freight forwarders in the north are not professional enough, because logistics and foreign trade also started earlier than in the south. Many freight forwarders are more emotional and short-sighted.

If they are angry, they can deliver the goods regardless. Or they will make trouble on this order to earn extra shipping. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to pick up the goods at the port of destination.

The reply content and professionalism of some scammers and freight forwarders are lacking. You can compare them when you import from China.

When importing dangerous goods from China, pay special attention to being defrauded. When they import dangerous goods from China, many importers are defrauded on freight, because they have to pay more to pick up goods at the port of destination, because once you started to use non-compliant dangerous goods logistics services in China. Many importers thought that the goods would be successful when they left China, but they did not expect to be blackmailed at the port of destination.

Some scammers and freight forwarders will steal goods in warehouses at the port of departure or the port of destination. This is also a relatively common method of fraud.

The most common and most spurned logistics fraud, when you shipping from China?

It is to hold your bill of lading and ask for extra money, usually tens of thousands of dollars, after the goods arrive at the port, or when you need to send the bill of lading by telex.


Choose a compliant freight company, such as Bestforworld. Many importers choose logistics companies if they just choose the price. It is easy to enter the trap of scammers. Because the normal operation of the company has costs. Reliable freight forwarders make reasonable profits, which will help them provide better, more stable, and more continuous services.

If every shipment is made by the Chinese freight forwarder or loses money, it is very easy for your Chinese forwarder to cheat you one day. Do you understand? This will turn you into a liar forcing a good forwarder to become a liar. One day there was a problem with their company operations. Your goods may become a victim.

Amazon importer, sellers, once you are importing from China, how do you have to watch out for fraudulent logistics and scammers?

Amazon sellers need to pay attention because many Amazon sellers do not have a lot of experience in shipping from China. Moreover, many Amazon goods currently use the less valuable so-called DDP, which is calculated per cubic meter and per kilogram.

These Amazon logistics providers are all used for tax evasion and duty evasion. Once discovered by the local government, the entire container will be detained. Moreover, such non-compliant logistics services can easily be charged extra.


My goods are shipped from China. If you encounter a scammer or fraud, is it useful to find a lawyer or relevant Chinese authorities?

Although China is a so-called legal society, the truth may be unacceptable to you.

Basically, it is useless, because it is useless to complain to the customs or the local trade authority, whether it is a lawyer.

Because in the current stage where ocean freight is so unstable, a scammer freight forwarder temporarily increases the price by 5000USD, which seems to fit this crazy logistics background.

The lawyer also helps you to spend some time, but in the end, there is no result.

This is why many times fraudulent Chinese freight forwarders if anyone can help them recover the freight, they are willing to take out 50% of the scammer’s freight forwarding fraud as a service fee to give back to those who are willing to help.


Of course, in this situation, the shipping company is carrying out the blatant robbery. There is no way. Importers all over the world are victims.

Another public fraud is that poor importers ship dangerous goods from China. They were severely defrauded by CIF terms because they could not find a Chinese dangerous goods forwarder capable of operating.

Basically,  Over paid thousands of dollars more for shipping dangerous goods from China.


Using Bestforworld’s logistics services, we provide dangerous goods logistics with an insurance rate as low as two ten thousandths.



When you ship from China, Common scams and cases of scammers and freight forwarders, list of dishonesty fraud:


Case number one:



The huge evil freight forwarder in Ukraine used the trust of China’s cooperative freight forwarder to defraud US$250,000 (equivalent to RMB 1.72 million).


Case description:


Since 2008 a Chinese freight forwarding company has started to cooperate with the Ukrainian FARCONT company. With the development of the market, the volume of goods has been continuously increased. The amount of the freight forwarding company’s credit account to Ukrainian freight forwarders has increased from the initial USD25,000, USD 80,000 to later USD 150,000.


Until 2014, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine broke out, and the business of Ukrainian freight forwarders was affected to a certain extent, but the foundation of cooperation was still there, and the amount of arrears continued to shrink.


When the time came to 2016, the scam freight forwarder in Ukraine suddenly said that he wanted to purchase goods from China and entrusted a Chinese shipping company to arrange the shipment. Because of the trust in this Ukrainian freight forwarder for many years of cooperation, the Chinese logistics company successively released the bill of lading of all the FOB cargo of the Ukrainian freight forwarder. When only the goods purchased by the Ukrainian freight forwarder were left on hand, the Chinese freight forwarder suddenly discovered the Ukrainian freight ,The agent did not actively respond to emails and deal with problems as before.



At that moment, the Chinese freight forwarder discovered that they had been fooled and was deceived by the forwarder.


The value of all products purchased by Ukrainian freight forwarders is very low, and after the factory arranges the shipment, no payment has been received! All the factories were also fooled and deceived.


After that, the Chinese freight forwarding agency entrusted the relevant payment collection company and learned that the Ukrainian scammer freight forwarding company still exists and still has normal business activities.


The names used by scam companies are:






Case number two:


Original company name and information

Sea Air Consolidators India Private Limited (NEW DELHI)

Vishal SethiMobile:

+91 9599521100

+91 8588030389



New company name and information


Vishal Sethi

TEL: 011-40073188

MOB: +91 9599 521100

Details as below (now he is working in CARGO LINK)




One China shipping company started cooperation with SEA-AIR in early 2017. At the beginning of July 2017, Vishal paid off this China shipping company’s SOA payment before June and promised to pay June SOA soon. the total amount USD18400. He came to China in mid-July 2017 and had a friendly meeting with this company. He paid USD5000 to this China shipping agent and declared that the remaining USD13400 would be arranged immediately after returning to India, hoping that this China shipping company will release the last shipment (three 40HQ) first. Since they do not want to produce any detention also still hope to keep the cooperation relationship, moreover they had a new order of shipment in negotiation, our company agreed that. However, after returning to New Delhi, Vishal delayed the payment for various reasons such as getting ill, business trip, having the computer broken or the phone no power, etc., until giving the China shipping agent a fake bank slip and noticing to cancel the new shipment.


After getting the fake bank slip in late August 2017, this China shipping company increased the efforts to push the payment. Yet Vishal cut all communication with this China shipping agent, including mailbox, Skype/WhatsApp, telephone. In February 2018, the China logistics company got a dunning company and Vishal promised to solve it at the end of the month. As a result, in early March, the end of Chinese New Year, Vishal said the company had closed down and he himself had left the company. Throughout the dunning process, the China logistics company went to a lawyer, Indian cooperation agent, embassy, ​​dunning company for help but still without result.


Until November 23, 2018, The China shipping agent entrusted THE WARNING platform exposed the CHEATER. Less than two hours after the exposure, the swindler Vishal contacted them to negotiate the payment. After negotiation, considering his old company already closed, the Chinese shipping company agreed to terminate this debt as long as he pays USD10000to us. He asked that he didn’t have so much money at present and he need pay to them two times. In November, he will pay USD6000 in advance. After paying, they are required to delete this exposed article immediately. The remaining USD4000 will be paid to the Chinese shipping company in early December. On November 24th, Vishal fulfilled his promise the first time and paid USD6000 to the Chinese logistics company. They also deleted the exposed article immediately. Chinese freight forwarder expected to receive the negotiated USD4000 in early December, but the swindler Vishal broke his promise again. On December 7th, he said that he was not the boss of sea-air, and cannot pay the rest money to the Chinese freight forwarder. He gave a phone number and an Indian name and asked them to find this person to collect the rest money. But from beginning to end, this Chinese freight forwarder does not know this man .they realized that he just wants to buy time so he can finish some business in China. The Chinese shipping company has shown great kindness and exempted part of the debt USD3400, but he is still dishonest.



Case  Number Three:


Event overview:

A Chinese freight forwarder and OceanAir Logistics, an American shipping agent, began cooperating in August 2016. From the beginning, the Chinese freight forwarder required pre-paid freight before shipment. The American shipping agent also arranged the payment in time. Later, the Chinese freight forwarder has also successively cooperated with this American freight forwarder in sea and air transportation. Two to three cargoes are handled by this Chinese freight forwarder every month. Basically, the payment is stable and the contracts have been signed with each other. Since the previous cooperation has been smooth, this Chinese shipping agent also agreed to give the American freight forwarder a 30-day credit time.


Since then, starting in July, the Chinese freight forwarder began to ship by air from China, all of which are very large CBM. Each time there is 40-80 CBM, 12th his Chinese forwarder received a shipping fee of 15,000 US dollars. American freight forwarders basically settled all the freight of the ocean freight, but for air freight, the factory and the consignee are fixed. In July, the total air freight was shipped from China to the United States, and the total air freight reached 100,000 US dollars.


Since this air freight from China to the United States is fixed weekly, the Chinese freight forwarder also regards the American agent as a regular customer, because there will be recurring orders next, and the Chinese freight forwarder will wait until August 5th. Received a notice from the American freight forwarder that there is still a large-volume air cargo to be shipped from China to the United States on August 15th. The Chinese forwarder imagines that it will wait until that day,the air cargo fee can be collect the freight from the American forwarder. As a result, on August 10th, the American freight forwarder temporarily replaced the Chinese freight forwarder and let other Chinese forwarders arrange the air cargo which shipping from China to the US. As a result, the Chinese freight forwarder did not get the money and deducted it. This way, the American freight forwarder, and China logistics company have since ceased their logistics exchanges.

After that, the China shipping company kept urging the freight, but the freight forwarder in the United States always responded to the email saying that he would wait. After that, the email would not be returned, and the phone would not be answered. Until December, the American agent said it would pay, but did not take any action afterward.


Later, the Chinese freight forwarder understood that the company is still a well-known freight forwarder in the United States, and it has always shipped regular goods from China, but consulted several factories, including the one that was shipped by air before, and said that the American forwarder was a liar.


The factory also recommended other contact information of Chinese freight forwarders who were deceived by this American agent, indicating that this American freight forwarder has been cheating Chinese forwarders, which is rampant in the Chinese FOB shipping market, causing many Chinese forwarders to be deceived. It is also true that this matter is made public. In order to raise everyone’s vigilance.


When you ship from China, common tactics and cases of scam importers:


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