A few days ago, according to the Ningbo Customs report, 23.9 tons of illegal fireworks and firecrackers have been loaded into containers and are ready to be shipped with your cargo! If these fireworks explode, dozens or hundreds of container cargo on the container ship can be completely destroyed.


If you ship from China, do you want your goods to be loaded on the same ship as this type of container?


Recently, Ningbo Customs announced the seizure of a batch of concealed export containers of fireworks and firecrackers, weighing about 23.9 tons, which are flammable and explosive dangerous goods. Once spontaneous combustion or explosion occurs, the consequences will be disastrous. At present, the batch of fireworks and firecrackers has been transferred to a specific isolation site for further investigation and processing.


On July 27, Beilun Customs under Ningbo Customs seized a batch of fireworks and firecrackers in the export freight container, weighing 23.9 tons. The declared items of this batch of goods were named “toys”, etc. Customs officers inspected and found that, except for the sundries placed at the door of the container, the inside of the container was all fireworks and firecrackers with simple carton packaging and no protective measures.


Fireworks and firecrackers are flammable and explosive dangerous goods. Exports in violation of regulations in this way of concealment and false reporting, lack of corresponding safety measures, may easily lead to serious consequences such as explosions. With the recent rise in temperature, these fireworks and firecrackers hidden in ordinary containers are like “untimed bombs” at high temperatures, posing huge safety risks.

The supplier of fireworks and firecrackers and the Chinese freight forwarder who is in charge of logistics and transportation and booking cargo space are also facing two to six years of prison life and fines.


Before many importers of fireworks had also used this illegal method to export fireworks and firecrackers. They provide commissions ranging from 20,000USD to 30,000 U.S. dollars to ask Bestforworld to become their logistics provider. Fortunately, BW sales only Immediately reject them, because the safety of transportation and the reputation as a compliant freight forwarder, a professional, industry-leading Chinese dangerous goods logistics, and transportation company is above all beneficial. Any Class of dangerous goods ,Bestforworld needs to be provided by overseas importers’ suppliers. For relevant export documents, if any documents cannot be provided, and goods with incomplete qualifications, Bestforworld refuses to operate. Only in this way ,the interests of those importers who import from China and the safety of the goods be guaranteed.