The COVID 2019 coronavirus has spread and spread globally. Affected by the epidemic, many European countries have announced the purchase of epidemic prevention materials from China, including masks, goggles, protective clothing, and other emergency medical supplies.

BW has undertaken large-scale air transport mask charter business to many overseas countries. BW has successfully assisted China’s large mask suppliers and large overseas medical product procurement units, hospitals, and governments from March 3.1, 2020, and successfully transported masks from China charter flights to the US, EU.


In order to meet the huge demand for Chinese medical supplies after the European coronavirus outbreak, BW has reached charter cooperation with SF Airlines, China’s largest cargo aircraft operator. On April 8th, BW’s mask charter cargo shipment, the SF Airlines cargo plane that had taken off from Wuxi and VIAChongqing. It is expected to arrive at Hahn Airport in Germany at around 5 am on the 9th of Beijing time.

Flight time from Wuxi to Chongqing:




In this charter of imported masks from China, BW International Logistics helped the Xuchang City Government of Henan Province, China, successfully complete the task of donating anti-epidemic materials to Germany and assist them in the transportation of goods.


In addition, the mission of this charter flight was a complete success, and we would also like to thank Wuxi Customs for its strong support for the smooth export of this charter flight.


At present, the procurement and transportation of medical supplies imported from China are very urgent in all parts of Europe, and the epidemic prevention materials are also the main goods exported now. But at present, more than 90% of China ’s freight forwarders and Chinese logistics companies have no operating experience, and many airlines even refuse to quote this part of China ’s freight forwarders. Unprofessional China shipping company’s wrong operations will cause other airlines ’ Anti-epidemic materials, customs declaration delay, and even delay shipment.


Because in April, the Chinese government strictly controls the export of masks and conducts very strict inspections of 100% medical-grade goods under this special background. According to the operation process of this charter flight, BW summarized and sorted out the relevant experience in the export of masks and other anti-epidemic materials, and here it is shared with overseas importers who want to understand the import of medical materials and masks from China.

Chartered imports of medical materials (masks, protective clothing, thermometers, testing reagents, etc.) from China need to prepare the following materials for China ’s export declaration:

Export declaration form (the name of the product lists medical, and the content of the declaration elements must be clear)



Packing List

Customs declaration

Formal customs declaration confirmation letter


Export Medical Material Declaration

“Medical Device Manufacturing Enterprise License”

“Certificate of Medical Enterprise Business Record”

“Declaration of Medical Materials for Export” (fill in and seal the fixed template)

Manufacturer’s medical device product registration certificate; (fill in the registration certificate number attached to the declaration form)

Test report (CMA / CNAS) and certificate of conformity (factory inspection) (when batch product batch / number)

Enterprise business license (the business scope has relevant business content)

Product manual, product certificate or nameplate, product photos, packaging photos

Medical device operation license of foreign trade company (foreign trade company possesses second-class medical device operation license)

Comply with China National Standards, China Industry Standard Product Specification

Certificate of overseas customs clearance (CE / FDA, etc.)


Import and ship COVID-19 test kit, medical masks, medical protective clothing, ventilator, infrared thermometer,protective gloves, goggles from China.

One-stop guide&unserstanding, update 2020, All you need to know!(All legal, with all types of supplier resources attached!!!)


The charter flights imported non-medical materials from China need to prepare the following materials:

Export declaration (the name of the product is listed as non-medical, and the content of the declaration element must be clear)



Packing List

Customs declaration

Formal customs declaration confirmation letter

Enterprise business license (the business scope has relevant business content)

Manufacturer’s production license

Product test report (provided by the manufacturer) (when the batch of product batch / number)

Letter of Commitment (certifying that it is non-medical, belongs to civilian use or dust-proof), otherwise the products provided comply with international standards, or comply with Chinese national standards

Manufacturer’s product certificate or nameplate

Product photos, packaging photos


Letter of Commitment (certify that it is not medical, belongs to civil or dustproof) template in English


Important reminder: the batch of the above product test report and the batch on the product label should be consistent. Now the export of anti-epidemic materials will definitely be inspected by the customs 100%, so you must not be dishonest. The medical mask information for export must be truthfully declared. If the medical report is reported as non-medical, or if the relevant test report is forged, it will definitely be strictly investigated by the customs once found.

Reminder for the export of masks and charters:

1) The product certificate or nameplate must be reflected on the individual packaging of the goods or the product, and it cannot be bare board packaging, otherwise the inspection will be slightly inconsistent with the product and the list, and the third will be no product processing.


2) The product qualification certificate must indicate relevant information such as the manufacturer, production execution standard, batch number, production date, and validity period.


3) If there is a brand, it must be truthfully declared; if the declared brand has applied for intellectual property protection at the customs, it needs to provide a proxy export power of attorney (dual power of attorney), customs declaration needs to provide two company names, and provide the brand owner with written authorization.


4) Non-medical packaging cannot reflect any words such as surgical / medical or medical, and can display personal protective or personal protective.


5) A complete set of customs declaration materials must be provided to the customs broker for review before shipment.


6) Try to choose regular Chinese suppliers for channel procurement, beware of the fraudulent use of certification documents and qualification documents, and the actual supply of goods does not match the description of the documents. This is a risk that needs to be prevented and is a high risk.


7) Foreign customs clearance generally requires the corresponding qualification certification of the overseas importing country (region).



Because charter flights import anti-epidemic materials or other products from China, they require expensive air freight and professional operations.


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