Many importers consult the following questions every day?


If I import medical and surgical masks from China, can I declare them as ordinary protective masks?


Is importing medical masks from China really risky?


I heard that the Chinese government is stricter with regard to the export declaration of masks. What are the regulations?


How do I find a legal and certified Chinese mask and epidemic prevention material supplier?


How can I find a Chinese freight forwarder with excellent professionalism to help me operate a mask imported from China?


What are the penalties and risks if importing masks from China violates regulations?


These are the questions that Google has asked the most about the latest export policies for masks and customs declaration policies recently issued by the Chinese government. Overseas importers have searched the most and BW has received the most email consultation topics.


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This time China customs have exceeded expectations for the declaration of medical export declaration! 100% inspection, violations will be detained and huge fines, your mask export declaration to confirm compliance?


Under the rampant epidemic of  COVID-19masks and other epidemics, prevention materials are not only related to the safety of each user’s life but from a certain perspective, they are also related to the international image of China and Chinese manufacturing, especially in the early stage of some bad enterprises. Some unqualified products have a very large negative impact on China.


At the same time, many Chinese freight forwarders do not understand the special requirements of the masks for customs declaration, which leads to the failure of customs declaration for many CIF goods, blindly accepting factory booking order and shipper send goods to warehouses, without carefully and professionally reviewing the documents provided by the factory. This has caused huge time delays and economic losses to overseas importers who importing from China. Because the air freight rate of goods is rising every day for masks shipping now.


At 22:45 on the evening of March 31, the Ministry of Commerce, the General Administration of Customs and the State Drug Administration jointly issued special measures for the quality control of masks and other anti-epidemic materials!


The CPC Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the export of medical materials and require the Ministry of Commerce and relevant departments to strictly control the quality of masks, maintain the export order, and crackdown on counterfeit and shoddy behaviors.


The quality and safety of medical supplies are directly related to people’s lives and health. Once there are quality problems in the export of medical supplies, we will seriously investigate, find one, investigate and punish together, punish in accordance with the law, and will never condone. It can be regarded as the most severe blow in history.


Some Chinese mask exporters who do not pay attention to masks and other epidemic prevention materials are still trying some illegal operations, and China Customs gave a loud answer in less than four days:


Poor quality, zero tolerance for counterfeit and shoddy anti-epidemic materials, severe investigation and punishment, and increased penalties




The intensity of the Customs crackdown this time and the determination to crack down have completely exceeded industry expectations! How strict is the strictest medical supplies investigation in history? Let’s take a look at the information disclosed on the official website of the General Administration of Customs of China:


In only 4 days, 11.205 million illegal materials including the exporting masks were seized!

From March 31 to April 5, from crackdown notification to data release, the customs took only 4 days, but the number of seizures was huge!


According to the official announcement of the General Administration of Customs, since the announcement of strict investigation and crackdown, the Customs has seized 11.205 million medical materials produced by non-listed companies or without medical device product registration certificates, including:


9.941 million masks

155,000 sets of protective clothing

1.085 million copies of coronavirus detection reagents

24,000 pieces of infrared thermometer


11.205 million pieces were seized in 4 days, which means that the average amount of non-compliant epidemic prevention materials seized per day exceeds 2.8 million! And as the crackdown is deepened and comprehensively launched, the average number of seizures per day may also increase. The analysis is mainly due to two reasons:


Some irresponsible China masks suppliers are aware of the new regulations of the Customs, but they still declare in accordance with the illegal operations, and the huge loss of overseas mask importers will come. China is also the biggest drawback of CIF mask shipping and logistics solutions.


The other part is under the CIF terms, the supplier’s China freight forwarders, they lack professionalism, operate blindly, and operate illegally. Unfamiliar with the specialty and professionalism of customs clearance logistics.


Through which means of transportation of epidemic prevention materials, masks are easy to be checked?

Answer: All, whether by sea, air or land transportation from China, even parcel express and cross-border e-commerce channels exported from China are checked!


The Chinese Customs’ strict investigation is very fast and comprehensive. The information from the General Administration of Customs and the checked anti-epidemic materials, in addition to the traditional trades such as shipping, air and land transportation, also include individual merchants who believe that the customs may relax supervision Mail, express parcels and cross-border e-commerce channels!


ruthless! ! Any non-compliance will be investigated

The customs crackdown is also manifested in another aspect, that is, if it involves masks and other epidemic prevention materials, any non-compliance will be investigated! From the official website of the General Administration of Customs, for the medical materials listed in the “Announcement”:

  • Implement 100% document review, many Chinese shipping company do not even know the most basic mask declaration documents list, and have already helped customers book bookings. As the top and best shipping agent in China,you can using BW’s shipping service from China


  • Focus on checking whether the product name, quantity and declaration are consistent


  • Whether the appearance is moldy, whether there is pollution / stain


  • Whether the shelf life is exceeded


  • Whether it is damaged or infringed


  • Whether there is a situation of entrapment and entrainment, adulteration, adulteration with fake, sub-good, and unqualified products as fake products.



From the above statement of the General Administration of Customs, we can see that the inspection is not only about whether the epidemic prevention materials are qualified, whether there are registered certifications and other “conventional” items in the industry, but also that all the epidemic prevention materials will be checked in all aspects.




Customs announces two typical cases in China


Case One: Concealing the Export Case of the Virus Detection Reagent

On April 2nd, Shanghai Customs announced that the “quick diagnostic test paper” exported by a Hangzhou biotechnology company was actually a coronavirus test reagent, totaling 122,000 copies. It is said that this is due to a supplier’s freight forwarding not professional, misleading the typical case of illegal operation of the factory


Case 2: Export case of container hiding masks from China

On April 2, Ningbo Customs inspected a batch of goods declared for export by a company in Yiyang City, Hunan Province. In addition to the declared wet wipes, plastic bags and other goods, 15 boxes of masks were seized, totaling more than 40,000.



The Chinese Customs solemnly warns that the following are the punishment methods of the Chinese Customs regarding the declaration of violations:

Regarding violations of laws and regulations concerning the export of medical materials seized by the Chinese Customs, the enterprises involved will be dealt with seriously in accordance with laws and regulations:


First, for evading customs supervision by concealing customs declaration, the customs will confiscate smuggled goods and illegal gains in accordance with the provisions of the Customs Law and the Customs Administrative Penalty Implementation Regulations, and may impose a fine;


If it constitutes a crime, the judicial organ may, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Criminal Law, impose a fixed term of imprisonment or detention depending on the circumstances, and impose a fine or a single fine.


The second is that for the export of counterfeit medical materials, camouflage of quality, defective products, or unqualified products posing as qualified products, the Customs shall, in accordance with the provisions of the “Import and Export Commodity Inspection Law”, order to stop the export, confiscate the illegal income and impose the value A fine of more than 50% and less than 3 times.


Third, the above-mentioned illegal acts punished by the customs will serve as a reference basis for the Chinese customs to determine the credit status of the enterprise.



If it constitutes a smuggling act or a smuggling crime, the Chinese Customs will directly reduce the enterprise ’s credit rating to an untrustworthy enterprise, and implement strict management measures such as increasing the inspection rate, increasing the frequency of audits and inspections, and collecting security deposits in full. At the same time, the General Administration of Customs of China will also jointly punish the enterprise with relevant state departments.


The fourth is to increase the exposure of the punished enterprises for illegal cases, to disclose relevant information of the punished enterprises on the official website of the General Administration of Customs and local credit websites, and to expose relevant case information through the media.


Strict investigation by the Chinese customs is true, not to mention that this is an epidemic prevention material that is related to the safety of life. Prior to this, some experienced customs declaration companies, responsible Chinese freight forwarders and mask export companies have paid great attention to the policy as soon as it was released!


Legality, compliance, quality and truthful declaration are the only ways to export all anti-epidemic materials including masks. Today, have you imported anti-epidemic materials from China to ensure compliance?


All overseas importers avoid purchasing inferior products, which leads to the seizure of goods and ultimately huge economic losses.


Import and ship COVID-19 test kit, medical masks, medical protective clothing, ventilator, infrared thermometer,protective gloves, goggles from China.

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