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There are still many irregularities in the FLAT RACK CONTAINER shipping, so there are comparisons when customers choose freight forwarding. Big risk, please choose the Chinese freight forwarders who are careful with experience and responsibility.


Bestforworld often receives inquiries from overseas importers about flat rack container shipping questions. We have found that a large number of importers lack understanding of the transportation process of flat rack container and operational considerations.


In Google’s articles, blogs are very scarce. There is usually a saying that 100 freight forwarders can operate ordinary container transportation, but with less than 10% of freight forwarding, it is safe and stable to operate flat rack container shipping.



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1 Flat rack container definition:


The flat rack container English is FLAT RACK-CONTAINER, often referred to as FR container, also known as a flat rack container, which is a type of container in the OOG special container. The flat rack container is available in 20-foot and 40-foot.


Compared with the ordinary container type, the flat rack container has no roof and sidewalls, sometimes even the end wall, no, only the bottom plate and the four corner posts. For this property, the ductility of the flat rack container is the best in the container family. It can load large-scale machinery, super-wide, super-high, and heavy-duty large-sized goods, and can carry out loading and unloading operations from front to back, left and right and above. It is easier to load the container for irregular goods.


However, I would like to remind everyone that many importers imported from China think that there is no such container type. If you want to install it, how big it is, the answer is wrong. Although the flat rack container specification has some expansion space, the width and height are basically The upper limits is limited to 4 meters, and beyond the limit, we will advise you to take the boat.


What are the carrier’s requirements for the size limit of the cargo loaded in the flat rack container?


Due to the loading of the flat rack container on the ship, there are two divisions for the size of the flat rack container.


For example, a 40-foot flat rack container, considering the factor of cabin loss, most carriers choose to place the 40-foot flat rack container below the deck, so that the length of the cargo on the 40-foot flat rack container cannot exceed 11.65 meters, because the baffles on both ends Leave a 30 cm rail position.


The other is installed above the deck, the length can be loaded to 11.9 meters, and even can be loaded with extra-long cargo.


The 20-foot flat rack container will not be placed in the cabin, because the guide rails of the 20-foot flat rack container will not be designed in the cabin. Therefore, different cargoes have different loading methods and need to be operated according to actual conditions.



2 Flat rack container using:

Mainly loaded cargo in flat rack container: large, ultra-wide, super-high-sized machines and heavier cargo.



Bestforworld often receive such questions?

How much weight can the container load in the frame?

What is the maximum size of the loading of the flat rack container?


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3 What is the difference between a 20-foot flat rack container and a 40-foot flat rack container?


Please see the table below:

Comparison of parameters between 20-foot flat rack container and 40-foot flat rack container:


Container type Dimensions(M) Weight(T) Height(M) Load capacity(T)
20‘FR 5.65*2.32*2.2 2.5T 0.37 27.5
40‘FR 11.65*2.32*2.2 5T 0.65 35





  1. The loading and unloading capacity of the port of departure and the port of destination must be considered as the core factor.

The above data is for reference only, and the carrier size and load capacity of different carriers are slightly different. In terms of load capacity, the carrier needs to consider the loading and unloading capacity of the port of origin and the port of destination while considering the container’s own load capacity and then decide whether to accept the overweight cargo.



5 Mainly loaded goods in the flat rack container:

Mainly loaded with extra-long, ultra-wide, ultra-high-sized large-scale machinery and heavy bulky goods, such as ball mills, tower cranes, elevators, steam turbines, generators, pile drivers, boilers, tower cranes, condensers, sugar-making equipment, etc.


In general, flat rack container is suitable for transporting long and large pieces of goods, such as heavy machinery, steel, wood, steel ingots, etc. The gantry-type container is not waterproof, and the goods that are afraid of water and moisture cannot be shipped. If it is necessary to ship the flat rack container, it should be covered and sealed with canvas.



6 What is the sea freight rate for importing flat rack containers from China?

The special container itself has less carrier ownership and the market demand is smaller. The operation is difficult and the links are complicated. The entire transportation process needs to be confirmed in all aspects before it can be accepted. Some carriers even can not quote the Ocean freight when you shipping flat rack container from China.


Mainly need to confirm the container, price, and shipping space in advance. Prices vary widely and are not comparable.


Many carriers do not provide special container services. Relatively speaking, the value of goods carried by special containers is generally higher. That is to say, the sea freight rate of the flat rack container is irregular, and a more practical case must be made for inquiry.




The freight rate of the flat rack container is extremely expensive compared to the ordinary container. How does the carrier calculate the freight rate of the flat rack container?


Here we explain by an example:


For example, a 20-foot  flat rack container, the cargo to be loaded itself is super long, super high, super wide, the basic sea freight is USD1000, the sea freight exceeding the size occupied space is 0.8 times the basic sea freight, and the flat rack container surcharge is USD300. , then the sea freight is as follows:


20’FR final shipping = USD1000 (basic sea freight) + USD300 ( flat rack container surcharge) + USD1000x0.8×4 (box bilateral long take up space around 4 boxes, so X4) + USD1000x0.8×4 (box bilateral wide Take up the space around 4 boxes, so X4)+USD1000x0.8 (super high occupied one space above)=USD8746


It can be seen that a flat rack container that does not exceed the size only needs USD1300, and the price is not the same as the size!


Of course, different shipping companies may have different calculation standards for frame freight rates, but the basic principles are the same.


This is a simple example that tells everyone the basic formula for calculating the sea freight for each carrier.




7 What is the local cost of importing flat rack containers from China?

The type of surcharge for flat rack container is basically the same as that of ordinary containers. However, the fees for some fees are slightly different. For example, Middle East India and Southeast Asia, Australia and other THCs, the THC of ordinary 40-foot containers is RMB1050/container. For 40-foot open top containers or 40-foot flat rack container, THC is for RMB1350/container; however, the standards for ORCs in Europe, America and Canada are the same as those for regular containers and special containers.



8 Why is the terminal container storage fee charged from China?

Of course, this is a common phenomenon. Individual ship owners also have their own standards. However, there is a cost that is absolutely different from ordinary containers. It is a storage fee. Ordinary containers can bring containers into the port at any time after loading the goods. The cost, but the OOG special containers are basically free of storage time, the container import terminal will start to generate storage fees, has been received on the day of interception or the ship opened, due to the carrier’s standards, and most Freight forwarding companies are unaware of the price of these special containers.





9 Flat rack container loading and unloading site pictures:




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10 Flat  container booking time


The flat rack container belongs to the special container. The carrier does not have too many special containers in some ports. Sometimes it is necessary to allocate a flat rack containers from other ports to meet the transportation demand. Therefore, special containers such as flat rack containers must be booked in advance. 10-14 days booking (should be earlier in the cargo season) to ensure the smooth delivery of the goods;


11 Flat  container booking size and size deviation hazard

The flat rack container needs to provide accurate dimensional data when booking with the carrier. If there is a large error between the booking size and the actual size, the terminal has the right to refuse the container to enter the site.


When booking, the shipper has the responsibility and obligation to provide accurate cargo size. Otherwise, because of the large dimensional deviation caused by the dimensional deviation, the carrier does not accept the container to enter the dock, which will bring huge economic losses to the importer, delay of time.

12 Selection and covering of tarpaulins for flat rack container


The carrier has no rigid requirements for the flat rack container transportation and the tarpaulin of the equipment. The owner can consider whether to cover the tarpaulin according to the characteristics of the cargo. However, after the poncho is covered, the poncho must be ensured to be intact and there must be no traces of being scratched. Otherwise the terminal will also refuse to enter the container.

13 How to bundle and reinforce the flat rack container:

This link is the core to ensure the safety of goods. Some carriers will ask the professional inspection company to do the tying identification before shipment, and ship the certificate before issuing the identification report.


When tying and fixing the flat rack container, you should pay attention to:

(1)Steel wire for bundling, the rope should be selected according to the type of cargo and sufficient thickness. Other fasteners, such as cable head and tight rope (flower basket bolt), are the same.

(2) The fixing point (deduction) of the cargo must be strong enough.

(3) The relative position of the wooden wedge to fix the cargo and the box.

(4) The cross-bundling method and the symmetrical lashing method will be stronger (generally, both methods are used at the same time), and the tying torque should not be too short.

(5) When bundling, if necessary, add padding at the contact point between the wire rope and the cargo, such as waste rubber tire skin, to avoid damage to the surface of the cargo during transportation, and to avoid static electricity, sparks, etc. .

(6) The use of the tie wrap (the cost is higher than the wire rope tying): In general, check whether the tie wrap is tight as long as it is perpendicular to the case.



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14 Flat rack container shipping considerations:


  1. Good flat rack container binding and binding/support/fixing and trailer transportation, pay attention to balanced placement and keep the center of gravity stable.



      2, according to the needs of the goods, waterproof and moisture-proof measures, must have good strength packaging, to avoid the package of goods in the process of rupture.



  1. The main part of the cargo is stabilized on the container with steel cables.


     4.  The front and back of the cargo must be effectively reinforced. In addition to adequate steel reinforcement, chocking is required to prevent the cargo from moving back and forth.



  1. The bulk goods must be properly packaged, preferably in a box, bare or vacant.



     6, the flat rack container bundled, tied between the cable and the wooden box needs to add pads.


  1. Provide a cargo loading map/loading plan before loading.


Whether the goods can be shipped or not depends not only on the flat rack container tying reinforcement and trailer arrangement but also on the actual operation and route arrangement of each terminal. Whether the port equipment can undertake the cargo, whether the port of departure and the port of destination are suitable for Handling equipment


Remarks: It is important to consider that the port of departure and destination port equipment mainly refers to the crane of the terminal, as well as the load capacity of the reducer, clutch, brake, rope drum and wire rope.





15 Flat rack container shipping, loading, loading precautions, and operating procedures


The flat rack container is mainly loaded with super high, super wide, overweight large machinery and large cargo, such as ball mill, tower crane, elevator, steam turbine, generator, pile driver, boiler, tower crane, condenser, sugar equipment.

The advantages of flat rack container bundling and flat rack container trailer transport in loading and unloading are reflected in the loading and unloading operations from front to back, left and right and above. The options are flexible and can be operated according to the characteristics of the goods. In practice, flat rack container shipping must pay attention to the following points:

       1, good bundling, trailer transport, pay attention to balanced placement, to maintain a stable center of gravity.

      2, according to the size and the needs of the goods themselves, measures to prevent moisture and moisture, must have good strength packaging, to avoid the package of goods in the process of the rupture.

  1. The main part of the cargo is stabilized on the container with steel cables.
  2. The front and back of the cargo must be effectively reinforced. In addition to adequate steel reinforcement, chocking is required to prevent the cargo from moving back and forth.
  3. The bulk goods must be properly packaged, preferably in a box, bare or vacant.
  4. A support pad is required between the cable and the wooden box.
  5. The cargo loading map/loading plan is provided before the flat rack container is bundled and the trailer is transported.


The flat rack container binding operation is difficult and the link is complicated. The whole transportation process needs to be confirmed after all the links are completed. Therefore, the cargo owner needs to cooperate with the provision of various information about the cargo. If the container is bundled or trailer transported, it is necessary to find professional transportation. the company.




16 What information does the flat rack container inquiry need to provide?


As an importer, the shipper needs to provide the exact size and weight of the goods.



When inquiring, remember to provide the size of the special container after the package of the goods.



Weight of goods


Date of completion of the goods


For products that are oversized and unevenly weighted, pictures are also provided to allow the carrier to determine if it can be carried.

Since the freight rate of the special containers is CASE BY CASE, according to the size of the special container corresponding to the goods, the HEAD OFFICE of each carrier is approved, so the freight rate of the ordinary container can not fully reflect the freight rate of the special container, and it still needs to be shipped before shipment. Determine the freight rate again.


17 How to deal with flat rack container project goods, as well as large quantities of goods?


For a large list of goods, what kind of container does the importer choose?


It is bound to be very difficult because there is no understanding of the shipping special containers, special container sizes, special container lashing, lack of professional knowledge and operational experience. Although many importers import oversized cargo from China, there is very little understanding of the framework container operation. Many customers waste a lot of money in the flat rack container transportation, and they have lost a lot of valuable time.


If you encounter the project cargo of the flat rack container, we must first pick out the one piece with the largest size and the weight of the single piece. In many equipment lists, it is normal to load a 40FR piece of goods.

Then, in the analysis of the packing list, the goods of similar size and weight are sorted and merged.

There is a core standard “small installation of a flat rack container”, the size of the special container can not exceed the maximum size, and maximize the space and load of a flat rack container,”


Of course, the final plan is still to be determined by the carrier’s opinion and the customer’s choice, because the customer knows his goods best, and the shipowner knows his transportation cost best.


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18 Flat rack container cargo transport for the road height limit corresponding program? Trailer guide, feasibility analysis and recommendations for the land transport process.

When carrying out flat rack container transportation, the road surface is often limited to a high limit. Some sections have a height limit of 5 meters, and some roads have a height limit of 4 meters. There are many small countermeasures for the road height limit because road transportation should have been It is handed over to the domestic logistics company, so it is simple to explain here; several methods are provided according to the ultra-high size:

The first type is very small, you can choose a frame of 1.4 meters, or let the tires out of the air when it is too high;


The second type of super is more, you can choose low-bar container trucks, low-bar container trucks are 80 cm high, 60 cm high, and lower;


The third type is very large, and you can choose to load the goods directly on the low-profile container truck, pull it to the warehouse or yard near the dock to carry out the work, and then deliver the goods into the container terminal.


In short, be sure to choose a safer approach. If you have any questions, please feel free to email BESTFORWORLD.




19 When the goods are too high, is it loaded at the factory or delivered to the dock warehouse for loading?


When the goods are super wide and super high, many freight forwarders, including importers, have begun to consider whether they are loading at the factory. Or send the goods to the dock warehouse to install it? In fact, we must choose from several aspects.

First, whether the height of the cargo plus the thickness of the bottom plate of the container and the height of the frame of the trailer have exceeded the standard of the road height limit.

Second, does the factory have experience in tying large machinery and equipment?


Third, is there a professional special container team for all these factors?


If you don’t have full control, it is recommended not to try it casually, because unprofessional and lucky will bring you very little confusion and economic loss, and some choices will make you irreparable trouble. The project caused serious economic losses and delays in construction.


20 Which carriers provide transportation services for flat rack container?

Bestforworld has a good relationship with the following carriers, and agreement prices: COSCO, HMM, MSK, KMTC, TSL, ZIM, CMA-CGM, HPL, PIL, EMC, MSC, YML





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