The epidemic has changed the world and changed the living and consumption habits that people have formed in the past few decades.


Because of the spread of the COVID-19 and the quarantine policies of various countries, more and more consumers choose to shop online, especially from Google and Amazon FBA. This blog mainly discusses how an Amazon seller can rely on a reliable supplier to make money ,This is a true story of taking a net profit of 3 million US dollars a year in 2020. Of course, this profit has eliminated the advertising costs they used to promote the store on Amazon.


Many people will wonder whether this seller has very rich Internet market experience, or strong funds, and a strong team. No, 3 years ago, this seller was still a rookie, and he was a seller from China. Not proficient in foreign marketing and understanding of consumers’ living habits. Fortunately, this seller is a friend of his supplier. Because of this relationship, it is also the company we will mention today:



This blog does not charge any advertising fees from WANDA, but Bestforworld, as the logistics provider of the Amazon seller, witnessed this miracle in person. They shipped from the original express delivery to Amazon, and then to the shipping LCL to Amazon FBA warehouse. and now container shipping.


This blog wants to remind young people all over the world that when you are confused, wandering, and feel that the ascending channel is blocked, there are actually many opportunities around you to embrace you. Keep reading, this is the only one from Google which perspective of the FBA business whole supply chain, to uncover and expose how to make rookie Amazon sellers be successful, there will be countless training instructors on YouTube, who will give you a lot of experience and advice, but they don’t know mentioned the content of this blog. These are the most basic and most important Fundamentally, the real Amazon procurement supply chain thinking, this article will give you great inspiration for your long-term Amazon FBA business.


This is the worst of times because if the epidemic does not dissipate within 5 years, the traditional importers established in the past 20 years, purchasing, quality control, logistics, warehousing, and other supply chain experience will be in a short time It was hit by Amazon and even caused a huge blow.


This is also the best era. Google and Amazon provide a fair and open platform. They are simply the two greatest companies of this era. Of course, they all come from the United States, which is why the United States is always the most powerful country.


They give young people all over the world a new opportunity. You don’t need a lot of start-up capital, even a particularly high degree of education, and rich market experience. All you need is a heart to keep learning and find the Suppliers that are suitable for supplying to Amazon. Many products and many suppliers are not suitable for Amazon’s suppliers. Otherwise, you will need to spend a lot of time running in with these Chinese suppliers. What you need is a ready-made one.



The most frequently asked questions on YOUTUBE and GOOGLE are nothing more than the following questions:


How to start my e-commerce and Amazon FBA business when I buy products from China?


Which product do I need to look for and how is the best product selection strategy? When I import products from China and sell them in Amazon stores?


How to control the quality of my products when I sell on Amazon?


How to solve the complaint encountered in the Amazon store?


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What is the cheapest, most convenient, and fastest shipping method when I import from China and selling on Amazon?


How can I ensure that the products I sell on Amazon can attract customers for a long time? How to increase the core competitiveness of products, attract customers, and create differentiated benefits.


How to make sure that what I am looking for from China is a real factory, not a trading company, because I want to make sure that my Amazon business is fully profitable.


How to find compliant suppliers and obtain authorized suppliers, because selling products in Amazon Japan, the United States, and Europe, many products require authorization and compliance.


Do I need to self-design the product, or find a design company to improve the packaging and product external relations of my product? How to perform this step at the lowest cost?


I have only one person, is it feasible to start an Amazon business?


I don’t know how to do graphics processing, and I don’t have very good marketing experience. Is Amazon’s business suitable for me?


My startup capital is very small, even only a few hundred dollars, can I start my Amazon business?

Why do most Amazon sellers purchase from China instead of other countries?


I have been in the Amazon store for more than 4 years, but I do not have sufficient profits. How can I choose products with better profits?


How to choose the blue ocean of Amazon sales, is there any feasible sales strategy?



The above questions are usually encountered by Amazon’s novice sellers who are already proficient in Amazon store experience. Below we provide a real case of WANDA as an Amazon supplier to give these sellers and young people who are trying to get answers some inspiration:



Amazon sells a wide range of products, usually including the following products:

Books, film and television, music, software, educational audio and video, games/entertainment, consumer electronics, mobile phones/communication, home appliances, computers/accessories, photography/video, MP3/MP4, audio-visual/car, daily consumer goods, personal care, watches Jewelry, gift bags, toys, kitchenware, maternal and child products, cosmetics, home furnishing, bedding, sports and health, food and beverages, automotive supplies.


These products are all categories purchased by consumers from different Amazon sites around the world. The supplier WANDA we mentioned today mainly produces laundry baskets and home organizer products.


Today’s article introduces the supplier WANDA and their products focus on: laundry bags and home storage. As a leading supplier of laundry baskets and home storage in China, they provide reliable quality, stable delivery time, and cheap prices for such products when you importing from China. They are all excellent Choices as your supplier in China for your Amazon business.



WANDA has 16 years of manufacturing experience and more than 6 years of Amazon seller supply experience.

The mistake WANDA has made in the past 16 years is the most worthy of choosing them as your supplier of the home organizer and laundry baskets supplier in China. There are countless suppliers of storage products and laundry baskets in China. In fact, the threshold for this product is relatively low. In China, you will find many factories of 5 people who are producing your products. This is why they get very low prices, which are beyond your imagination. But such a supplier, as your Amazon supplier, will be a tragedy for your FBA shop.


Compared with B2B products, Amazon’s product quality requirements are higher, because the founder of Amazon wants to destroy those physical stores with a reasonable low price and high quality.


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WANDA will be your most reliable supplier of Chinese home organizer products and laundry baskets for Amazon, e-commerce, and B2B.


Because WANDA has done OEM processing for importers all over the world in the past 10 years, such as Home bargains, METRO, TESCO, DISNEY, TUPPERWARE, EDEKA, ALDI, SAINSBURY’S, GEMLINE, IKEA, MUJI, and other brands WANDA as their Chinese supplier.


Although WANDA hadn’t designed products at that time, it already possessed a very sensitive product sense and fully understood what kind of home storage products and laundry baskets are needed in the international market and also on Amazon shop and site. The products they manufacture closely follow the international trend.



At the same time, because WANDA is a real factory of laundry baskets and home storage products, you will really get the factory’s direct sales price. This is the key to the success of your Amazon business. This is why the laundry baskets and home organizer you bought in the supermarket the price is so high? Because a large number of profits and costs of importers have been reflected in the unit price of sales.


How to choose high-quality products for Amazon sales is what every Amazon seller is most concerned about. The products provided by WANDA are environmentally friendly. They have a strict quality control SOP process, from the original material purchase, warehousing inspection, tailoring, and early production. In the middle and later stages, quality testing and control will be carried out uninterruptedly, and the final inspection will be carried out again before the finished product is packed. Make sure that the home organizer and laundry basket they provide are of high quality and will not have a very bad negative impact on your store so that your products can surpass your competitors.


WANDA is aimed at Amazon novice sellers or experienced sellers who worried about inventory risks. They provide special support policies for Amazon sellers. They provide a small amount or even dozens of small-batch purchases, but they themselves will hoard a large amount of spot and pass on the risk to themselves. This is a kind of responsibility as well as a vision and pattern. It can be seen that WANDA expresses very strong sincerity to the sellers who serve the global Amazon when you importing from China.


Another issue that Amazon sellers worry about is the ability to design and independent research and development, how to develop new products to meet Amazon stores, the changing needs of consumers, and the product requirements of Amazon stores in different countries, although the laundry basket and home organizer products are not as technological as digital products, but has very strong design power. With a slight change, you will be presented with a brand-new product. WANDA has its own team of British designers to help these Amazon sellers and save the design Cost and time.


Compliance has always been an important factor for Amazon FBA business once you buying products from China. Laundry baskets and home organizer products exported from China to different countries have different certifications and trademark authorizations. These concerns have been taken into consideration by your most reliable Chinese supplier WANDA.



WANDA’s independent graphic processing team will help Amazon sellers who purchase their products and provide ready-made products. All you have to do is upload from the background. Even if you are alone, you can start your Amazon store career because you have met the best Chinese home storage products and laundry basket, suppliers.


Of course, many Amazon d laundry baskets and home storage sellers may already have certain supplier channels, but want to know new Chinese suppliers. WANDA provides customized services for VIP customers, and develops a product that belongs to you and together with you, and do The uniqueness to the market, of course, if you are a rookie Amazon seller and one-day orders increase, you need to develop a product of yours, just tell WANDA.



After reading this, the above content has answered all your questions about how to import products from China and sell them on Amazon FNBA. All you have to do is contact WANDA and get in touch with them.


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At the same time, for Amazon and e-commerce sellers, WANDA provides a small but diverse order purchase model. This is very good news for sellers because WANDA has benefited from the strict management of the entire supply chain and has been using it for the past 10 years. The system and data create a strict, raw material procurement, production capacity control, quality control, and the ability to provide e-commerce customers and Amazon FBA customers with this small and varied procurement model. Most of the home storage and laundry basket suppliers do not provide this service. without In-depth data integration and digital management, they cannot meet this requirement. They are more willing to accept a large number of orders for a single style.


How to understand the winning magic weapon of Amazon store management is to start from the three aspects that Amazon has always built. You have to consider whether your store operation strategy conflicts with the three aspects. The first thing you see is the profit of the product or the consumer. By itself, Amazon is committed to creating a reliable online shopping environment for consumers in terms of low prices, product selection, and convenience.


This and WANDA’s business philosophy is the same. In fact, by choosing a reliable Amazon China home organizer and laundry basket supplier, you have won 50%.


Of course, there are countless products for sale on Amazon. we believe that many places still have similarities. This article will bring some different feelings to many Amazon sellers.


Amazon currently has sites in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Japan, Singapore, Australia, India, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. More and more countries will have Amazon FBA Site, if you want to realize your dream, contact WANDA now.



Finally, what Amazon is most proud of is its supply chain system and FBA warehouses that are distributed around the world to accept and deliver products. So how can I ship my goods to be faster, more stable, and use the lowest logistics cost ,send my goods from China to Amazon warehouses around the world?


Contact Bestforworld to get your exclusive Amazon FBA logistics plan and quotation. We will help you deliver from China to the Amazon FBA warehouse overseas by express, sea, and air.