Customs declaration refers to the process of going through procedures and handling relevant affairs by the consignor and consignee of goods, the person in charge for transportation vehicles, the owner or the agents of them. It includes declaration, submission of documents, regulation and inspection, etc. Customs declaration is a necessary step for entry and exit.

We provide customs declaration services for import and export, and assists clients in declaration, inspection, taxation and discharging. Through comprehensive analysis of the business running nature and product characteristics by experienced experts, proper suggestions are presented for the efficient and successful clearance of goods. Our value-added services include those related to documents, commodity inspection, plant quarantine, fumigation, CO, Form A/E/P/N/X and others.

We provide :customs declaration services for export through Ocean Shipping.
We provide :customs declaration for export of various commodities, including machinery, furniture, textile, garment, hand tool, ornament, etc.
We provide : for traders services related to documents, commodity inspection, plant quarantine, fumigation, Form A/E/P/N/X and others Letters of credit, sight drafts and CO

Lower Costs

We charge fixed costs for import and export services and integrate resources, to effectively lower the costs of organization management, logistics and finance.

Professional Team

We cooperate with local agencies globally and provide customized services for you in any place where you conduct business operations.


Our one-stop services including clearance, Logistics, foreign exchange, tax refund, declaration and so forth, to facilitate the procedures in international trade.

Financing for Importers and Exporters

We provide financing for importers and exporters, to facilitate the return of money for SME and address the problems such as the financing difficulties and the long cycle of tax refund.