Minimize Complications On Your Capex Project

Let Bestforworld simplify your project logistics with the right solutions and expertise. Your organization will gain better control over the movement of goods and materials and acquire valuable information surrounding that process.

For your next Capital Expenditures (CAPEX) project, you need skilful, efficient logistics solutions that stay within your time and budget constraints. Bring in our project Logistics experts during planning and discovery to evaluate potential shipping risks and freight options, and provide the information that you need for better decision-making.

Let’s work together to develop a solution that fits your unique project and industry, and incorporates all relevant stakeholders. We add supply chain resources, best practices, and technology for global visibility to your shipment activity – saving you time, money, and sanity during the entire project, from planning to final delivery.

Project Logistics To Netter Manage Your Capex Projects

Our project logistics and Freight Forwarding experts have a thorough, comprehensive process for executing more successful programs. We manage a variety of CAPEX projects, including:

  1. Grassroots or Greenfield Campaigns: Constructing new processing plants, manufacturing facilities, refineries, or wind farms
  2. ADJ Upgrades: Modernizing or expanding an existing plant, facility, refinery or wind farm
  3. Major Deliverables: Moving an out of gauge package from the OEM to the final resting place and setting it on a foundation
  4. Plant Relocations: Disassembling an entire plant from one location, country, or continent and reassembling it at another location

Your Advantage

We empower you with the information needed to make the best decisions and create a winning global logistics strategy:

  1. Thorough discovery, including risk assessment and robust scope of work documentation
  2. A review of relevant client bids, contracts, letters of credit, and documentation
  3. A step-by-step work breakdown structure and method statement
  4. Comprehensive firm or budgetary freight quotations
  5. Cargo design recommendations to meet maximum envelopes and mitigate risk
  6. Logistics intelligence to support your global vendor selection and mode evaluation

Global Specialized Solutions:

Our project management skills allow us to design & execute multi modal transportation solutions on a repeat basis on time & on budget. Out Of Gauge/ abnormal & heavy lift shipments including break bulk vessel charters & part charters, Ro-Ro, “UC” mode on container ship, barging etc. are all included in our services as well as:

Ship’s spares logistics & handling, technical design & consulting, vessel time chartering that include OSV/AHT, barges, crew boats etc.

Marine Services are also available such as vessel agency, husbandry, bunkering, procurement & rentals, crew handling and visa/immigration processing.

Method statements, project planning, consultancy and route surveys are all available to you as part of a complete service offering as your project shipment partner.

Additional Niche Services:

Bestforworld Logistics has developed a range of niche solutions catering to the offshore industry with vessel agency, husbandry services crew management & miscellaneous services including bunkering, rental & procurement services.