The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China and the China Immigration Administration have announced that from 08:00 on March 28, 2020, foreigners with valid Chinese visas and residence permits will be suspended from entering.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, National Immigration Administration


For the temporary suspension of holding a valid Chinese visa and residence permit


Announcement of Foreigner Entry


In view of the rapid spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic worldwide, China has decided to temporarily suspend entry of foreigners with currently valid visas and residence permits in China from 00:00 on March 28, 2020. Suspend entry of foreigners with APEC business travel cards. Port suspension, 24/72 / 144-hour transit visa exemption, Hainan entry visa exemption, Shanghai cruise visa exemption, 144-hour visa exemption for foreigners from Hong Kong and Macao in Guangdong, and Guangxi exemption for ASEAN tourist groups



Entry with a diplomatic, official, courtesy or C visa is not affected. Foreigners who come to China to engage in necessary economic, trade, scientific and technological activities, and for urgent humanitarian needs, can apply for visas from Chinese embassies and consulates abroad. The entry of visas issued by foreigners after the announcement is not affected.


This is an interim measure that China has to take in order to respond to the current epidemic situation, referring to the practice of many countries. China is willing to maintain close communication with all parties and do a good job of personnel exchanges between China and foreign countries in the current situation. The Chinese side will adjust the above measures according to the epidemic situation and make a separate announcement.


Special announcement.


People’s Republic of China Ministry of Foreign Affairs

National immigration authority

March 26, 2020



The capacity of international flights from China to the world has been reduced by about 75%:


On March 26, the Civil Aviation Administration of China issued the “Notice on Continued Reduction of International Passenger Flights During the Epidemic Prevention and Control Period” and decided to further reduce the number of international passenger flights.



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Specific requirements are as follows:

  1. Based on the “International Flight Information Release (Phase 5)” released by the Civil Aviation Administration’s official website on March 12, only one route operated by each domestic airline to any country can be retained, and each route is weekly The operating frequency shall not exceed 1 flight; each foreign airline operating to China may only reserve 1 route, and the operating frequency shall not exceed 1 weekly.


2. Airlines are requested to apply for advance flight plans from the Civil Aviation Administration’s Operation Monitoring Center in accordance with the above requirements.


  1. The airlines shall reduce the route operation permits, take-off and landing times involved in the flights in accordance with the requirements of this notice and retain them.


  1. All airlines shall strictly implement the latest edition of the “Technical Guide for Epidemic Prevention and Control of Transport Airlines” issued by the Office of the Civil Aviation Prevention and Control Leading Group. Adopt strict prevention and control measures on flights arriving and departing from China to ensure that the load factor is not higher than 75%.


  1. According to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, our bureau may introduce a policy to further tighten the total number of international passenger flights. Please ask all airlines to pay close attention to it and study it in advance to deal with the postponement and refund of sold tickets.


  1. All airlines may use passenger planes to carry out full cargo flights, and they are not included in the total number of passenger flights.


  1. The flight plans adjusted by each airline in accordance with Article 1 of this notice will be implemented from March 29, 2020.



This notice is effective from the date of issue, and the deadline will be notified separately. As of the effective date of this notice, Civil Aviation Notice [2020] No. 11 becomes invalid.


The policy of restricting the entry of foreigners was mainly to prevent the influx of overseas epidemics. At present, the coronavirus epidemic in foreign countries outside China has been effectively controlled, but most of the recent new cases are foreign entry cases. When did this move end? The Chinese government has not announced the exact time. As the epidemic situation in Europe and North America continues to deteriorate, this move may continue for some time.


The reduction and cancellation of China ’s civil aviation flights have had a huge impact on the transportation of coronavirus supplies. In the past 3 weeks, air shipping masks have been the most important mode of transport the masks from China to Europe and the US, Canada, and Australia. As well as alcohol-based hand sanitizers, the air cargo volume of hand sanitizers has grown rapidly in the past week.



Impact of cancelling flights from China on masks and hand sanitizers shipping by air:


1 Increased shipping time:

Due to the shrinkage of a large number of air cargo spaces, many importers will begin to arrange air cargoes next week. Due to the scarcity of cargo spaces, they can only choose the way of shipping by sea freight.


Shipments from China by air for the masks and hand sanitizers, disinfection wipes, goggles, coveralls, protective gloves, and other anti-epidemic materials usually take one to five days. Air shipments from China to Europe, Australia, the United States, Canada, but if The time to choose to ship by sea, it will be at least 14-40 days.


2 Urgently needed immunization supplies cannot reach their destination on time:

During this special period, more airspace positions will give priority to government-level anti-epidemic masks, coveralls, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizers, and other products for air shipment from China to the world. Many private importers can only choose to ship by sea.


The air freight rate becomes more expensive:

The price of air freight in the past three weeks has reached a peak of 100 years, an unprecedented height. From next week on March 30, 2020, the cost of air transport masks, hand sanitizers, goggles, protective clothing, etc. from China will become More expensive, importers are advised to consider carefully the logistics cost or choose sea freight as an alternative.


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4 Air shipping masks, hand sanitizers from China take longer to wait for takeoff:

At present, the price of air transportation changes every day. According to the price on the date of customs declaration, it is more difficult for the importer to calculate the cost of air transportation freight for masks and hand sanitizers.


And even if your cargo enters the airline’s warehouse, you still need to wait 2-4 days for customs declaration and take off.


The following are frequently asked questions about epidemic prevention supplies such as masks, hand sanitizers, disinfection wipes, protective clothing, face masks, etc. shipping from China by air freight:


Q: Why is the price of air freight so expensive? Is it possible to lower it?

A: No, it will only become more expensive and in short supply.


Q: How to calculate the air freight of masks ship from China? Why isn’t the air freight for masks billed based on actual weight?

A: Because the volume of the cabin of the aircraft is limited, the masks are light in weight, but the volume is large, so the current formula for calculating the air freight for the masks shipped from China: the actual volume(CBM) * 167 * air freight(USD/KG)


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Q: Why does the price of air freight change so fast, and my forwarder’s quotation differs from the actual price by 0.9USD / KG? Is this reasonable?

A: The current air freight price is based on the price of the cargo declaration date. It is not the control of the freight forwarder. It is recommended to find a trusted freight forwarder. This is the only solution. And recommend using FOB, find a shipping agent like BW in China, better take charge of the local China masks shipping for your China importing.


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Q: Why are masks, hand sanitizers, and other anti-epidemic materials ship from China so expensive by air freight?

A: Choose the FOB as incoterm, because the supplier will increase the price based on the cost, extra more 0.9usd/kg, due to the air rate update daily, so choose the FOB and choose the professional air freight service provider, BW is your best air freight, solution maker.


Q: Can alcohol-based hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipes be shipped by air from China?

A: Yes, first choose a supplier with MSDS and a dangerous package certificate. Don’t choose a supplier without a certificate because of the low price of the product. In this way, your air freight export becomes extremely difficult or even impossible.


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Q: Can I ship hand sanitizer by courier?

A: No, at present UPS, FedEx, DHL, and another international express ban the shipment of hand sanitizer, disinfectant and other alcohol-containing liquids.


As of March 29, 2020, BW Logistics has helped the importers and medical institutions from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, Latvia, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Dubai, Pakistan, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, United States, Canada, Australia cumulatively shipped more than 298,756 kgs of hand sanitizers and disinfectants and disinfected wipes by air and air from China.


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Import and ship COVID-19 test kit, medical masks, medical protective clothing, ventilator, infrared thermometer,protective gloves, goggles from China.

One-stop guide&unserstanding, update 2020, All you need to know!(All legal, with all types of supplier resources attached!)