Bestforworld is one of the earliest international logistics companies involved in the cross-border railway freight segment in China. The company is headquartered in Ningbo, with offices in Nanjing, Xi’an, Xian,Shanghai, Lianyungang, Hefei, Kunshan, and Moscow, Almaty, Duisburg, with reliable agents, core product businesses include: China-Europe, China-Russia, and Central Asia international trains, sea-rail combined transport, transit trains, cross-border railway project logistics (large equipment, etc.), cross-border public transportation Rail combined transport (including dangerous goods), international railway consolidation, etc.


The team has rich professional experience, international vision, and professional compliance railway freight operations.


Bestforworld implements the “One Belt, One Road” strategy promoted by the Chinese government, accelerates the layout and deepens cross-border logistics. By integrating the network resources of China and overseas railways, it has launched a number of high-quality cross-border railway freight transportation routes through Manzhouli, Erenhot, and Alashankou, Khorgos and other railway or highway ports exit the country and transport to Russia, Central Asia, and the European Union and other countries along the Belt and Road.


On June 28, 2020, a refrigerated container containing 19.72 tons of Yunnan mangoes was loaded on the China-Europe Express Train. The freight was carried out smoothly from the Khorgos Railway Port. It is expected to arrive in the Russian capital of Moscow in 10 days. More and more refrigerated containers are exported from China to Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Russia, Central Asia and other countries by rail freight.


This is China’s first batch of Chinese-origin fruits exported directly from “outbound fruit registered orchards” via full cold-chain railway freight, and it is also the first time that a Xinjiang port has exported fruits by rail.

Bestforworld is the handing agent of this batch of mango railway freight. The specific operation process is briefly summarized as follows:

Box-type packaging is adopted in Yunnan, the place of production. After 3942 mangoes are directly loaded into refrigerated containers, they are transported by rail to Chongqing Tuanjiecun Station, where the train originates, and are consolidated and transported with electronic products, daily necessities, and other goods. Depart via the Khorgos Port Railway and head to Moscow Station.


As an important channel for trade and cargo transportation with European countries, the China-Europe Express has many unique advantages such as access to many countries (regions), large volumes, low prices, and strong stability. It is protecting the industrial chain and supply along with the “Belt and Road”. Chain stability plays an active role. More and more rail freight cargo shipping from China by rail.


According to the three branches of Horgos Customs Supervision, the export of fruits through railway cold chain transportation has added a fast transportation option for fruit and vegetable enterprises. The customs have set up a special window for China-Europe trains to make appointments for customs clearance operations 24 hours a day. In particular, the recently promoted new customs manifest system and the railway digital port system have been docked. Enterprises can go through various customs clearance procedures without leaving home, and customs clearance efficiency has increased by 60% The above greatly guarantees the freshness of the fruits exported by railway freight.


According to statistics, in the first five months of 2020, Khorgos Customs has supervised an increase of 8.97% year-on-year in and out of China-Europe freight trains. Especially in May, it set a record high in a single month for the import and export freight volume of supervised railway transportation.


At the same time, one city that needs to be mentioned is Xi’an. Although Xi’an is an inland city and has no special advantages in the field of traditional maritime export, the export of railway freight from China has been outstanding:


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It was learned from Xi’an Customs: From January to July 2020, the import and export goods of Shaanxi Province by rail transportation were 4.82 billion RMB a year-on-year increase of 1.5 times. Among them, exports were 2 billion RMB, a year-on-year increase of double; imports were 2.82 billion RMB, a year-on-year increase of 2 times.


In terms of trade, in the first 7 months, the import and export of logistics goods in the special supervision area of ​​Xi’an Customs was 2.86 billion RMB, a year-on-year increase of 9.3 times; general trade imports and exports were 1.21 billion RMB, a year-on-year increase of 25.7%; processing trade imports and exports were 730 million RMB, an increase of 7.9 %.


In the first 7 months, the trade value between Xi’an and Germany, Poland, France, Russia, and the Netherlands was 1.52 billion RMB, 450 million RMB, 440 million RMB, 360 million RMB, and 350 million RMB respectively, a year-on-year increase of 7.4 times, 2.7%, and 17 times, respectively. 1.1 times, 25 times.


In the first seven months of Xi’an’s major exports by rail transportation, solar cells exported 310 million RMB; LCD panels exported 270 million RMB, a year-on-year increase of 22.5%; titanium exports were 220 million RMB, a year-on-year increase of 1.1 times; aero-engine parts exports were 0.6 100 million RMB, a year-on-year increase of 30 times.


Railway freight to China, among the main imported products, polysilicon imported 180 million RMB, textile yarn imported 120 million RMB, these two commodities were not imported under the railway transportation mode in the same period last year. In addition, the import of rolling bearings was 300 million RMB, a year-on-year increase of 128 times; the import of special equipment for semiconductor manufacturing was 80 million RMB, a year-on-year increase of 3.3 times.


Since the beginning of this year, the China-Europe Express has a large carrying capacity, is less affected by the epidemic prevention and control, and can effectively undertake air, sea, and land transportation. The unique advantages of transferring goods have been highlighted. The number of lines has continued to increase, becoming a connection to Europe and the “Belt and Road”. An important transportation channel for import and export commodities from countries and regions along the route.


In the first half of the year, a total of 1,667 China-Europe freight trains, Chang’an, departed from Xi’an, doubled year-on-year. This was the main reason for the substantial increase in the import and export value of railway freight transportation.


Compared with sea transportation and air transportation, railway transportation is mainly manifested in the following points:


Rail freight VS air and sea freight: prices

Both air freight and ocean freight have faced fluctuations in freight rates. Shipping companies and airlines will adjust freight rates weekly according to market demand. This has caused many uncertainties in freight rates and is not conducive to importers in calculating comprehensive import costs when shipping from China.

In comparison, the price of rail freight is much more stable.

Therefore, rail transportation is sought after by importers and has become a new way of choice for them when they import goods from China.


Rail freight VS air and rail freight: transit time

From China to Europe, air freight takes 2-4 days, and the freight rate is 5-7 times that of the railway. However, when urgent delivery is required, air freight is still the first choice.


Relatively speaking, ocean freight is 30-50% of rail freight, but it takes 29 to 37 days, which is too slow for some companies. Now, after the opening of railway transportation, importers can measure the time and transportation cost according to their own inventory and the particularity of the product, and make the final import logistics method.


“The first consideration in railway transportation is timeliness and value ratio, followed by product type. Goods with a higher cost of goods are likely to use faster railways instead of slower sea transportation when imported from China. It depends. Do goods exported from China need to be put into the terminal market for sale faster?”


However, not all types of products are suitable for rail transportation, such as gas, drugs, many chemicals, dairy products, and lithium batteries are all prohibited by rail.


Now, improvements in refrigeration and temperature control technology have led to the rise of more and more cold chain railway transportation. Similarly, improved safety and the development of real-time digital monitoring technology have also made railways more reliable in transporting valuable automobiles, high-tech products, cosmetics, and high-end clothing.


The advantages of international rail freight transportation:


The railway is the main artery of the national economy, and railway transportation is one of the main modes of transportation in the modern transportation industry. Compared with other modes of transportation, it has the following main characteristics:

  1. The accuracy and continuity of railway transportation is strong. Railway transportation is almost unaffected by climate and can operate regularly, regularly and accurately throughout the year, day and night.


  1. Railway transportation is relatively fast. The railway freight speed can reach hundreds of kilometers per day and night, and the general freight car can reach about 100 km/h, which is much higher than sea transportation.


  1. The transportation volume is relatively large. A freight train on the railway can generally transport 3000-5000 tons of goods, which is much higher than air transportation and automobile transportation.


4. Railway transportation costs are lower. The cost of railway transportation is only one-tenth of the cost of automobile transportation; transportation fuel consumption is about one-twentieth of automobile transportation.


  1. Railway transportation is safe and reliable, and the risk is far smaller than sea transportation.


  1. The initial investment is large. Railway transportation requires laying tracks, building bridges and tunnels, and road construction is difficult and complicated; it consumes a lot of steel and wood; it occupies land, and its initial investment greatly exceeds other transportation methods.


In addition, railway transportation is composed of business departments such as transportation, machinery, vehicles, public works, and electricity. It must have strong accuracy and continuity. All business departments must be coordinated. This requires the implementation of overall arrangements in transportation command.  Unified leadership.


Goods transportation order and railway goods waybill are part of the goods transportation contract. LTL and containerized goods will be accepted by the shipping station, and the whole truck will be loaded. The shipping station will be accepted as soon as the station date stamp is stamped on the cargo waybill. Once the goods are carried, the contents of the waybill will become legally effective. Therefore, the handler should fill in the contents of the waybill and order carefully and truthfully.


Advantages of rail freight transportation from China:

  1. Five fixed modes: fixed site, fixed route, fixed train number, fixed time, fixed price
  2. Convenient customs clearance: one declaration, one inspection, one release
  3. Fast voyage, preferential freight: the transportation time of railway freight is 1/3 of sea freight, and the transportation price of railway freight is 1/4 of air freight
  4. Railway freight value-added services: dedicated personnel to monitor the real-time status of trains and cargo, and uninterrupted temperature control services throughout the year

Bestforworld has professional railway transportation personnel, providing domestic and foreign door-to-door railway consolidation, FCL/package trains, and other railway services.


At present, railway freight exported from China, or railway freight is imported into China. The products involved include auto parts and machinery. , Electronic products, instruments, textiles, transportation equipment, animal/plant products, etc. 22 categories.


Six major service advantages of using Bestforworld as your China Railway Freight Forwarder:

Rail Freight: Guaranteed Warehouse

Rail freight: price advantage

Railway freight: sea + air + land + railway = multimodal transport combination

Railway freight: fast and convenient customs clearance cooperation, professional railway freight customs declaration operation

Railway Freight: Fully visible cargo safety supervision

Railway freight: Bestforworld has its own and agency network covering all of Europe (Central Asia, Russia, Belarus), as well as Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, and major rail freight importing countries


Rail Freight from China: Service Station

Railway freight from the origin or station in China includes:

China: The most common railway station for China’s railway freight

Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Yiwu, Zhengzhou, Hefei, Wuhan, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi’an, Changsha, Nanjing, Suzhou, Tianjin, Ganzhou, Nanchang, Changchun, Shenyang, Harbin


Railway freight from China to the following regions or stations includes:

Overseas coverage: From the most common overseas destination railway stations of China’s railway freight:


Rail freight from China to Russia:


If you import goods from China to Russia by rail, Bestforworld provides rail freight directly to the following stations in Russia:

Moscow (Russia), Novosibirsk (Russia), Yekaterinburg (Russia), Vladivostok (Russia), St. Petersburg (Russia)


If you import goods from China to Belarus by rail, Bestforworld provides rail freight directly to the following stations in Belarus:

Minsk (Belarus), Brest (Belarus)


If you import goods from China to Poland by rail, Bestforworld provides rail freight directly to the following stations in Poland:

Mala (Poland), Poznan (Poland), Warsaw (Poland), Lodz (Poland)


If you import goods from China to Germany by rail, Bestforworld provides rail freight directly to the following stations in Germany:

Hamburg (Germany), Duisburg (Germany), Nuremberg (Germany), Munich (Germany)


If you import goods from China to the Czech Republic by rail freight, Bestforworld provides direct rail freight to the following stations in the Czech Republic:

Prague (Czech)


If you import goods from China to Hungary by rail, Bestforworld provides rail freight directly to the following stations in Hungary:

Budapest (Hungary)


If you import goods from China to Holland by rail, Bestforworld provides rail freight directly to the following stations in the Netherlands:

Tilburg (Netherlands), Ghent (Netherlands)


If you import goods from China to Belgium by rail, Bestforworld provides rail freight directly to the following stations in Belgium:

Liege (Belgium)


If you import goods from China to Italy by rail, Bestforworld provides rail freight directly to the following stations in Italy:

Milan (Italy)


If you import goods from China to France by rail, Bestforworld provides rail freight directly to the following stations in France:

Lyon (France) Paris (France)


If you import goods from China to the UK by rail, Bestforworld provides direct rail freight to the following stations in the UK:

London (UK)


If you import goods from China to Sweden by rail, Bestforworld provides rail freight directly to the following stations in Sweden:

Gothenburg (Sweden)



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If you import goods from China to Denmark by rail, Bestforworld provides rail freight directly to the following stations in Denmark:

Root Hagen (Denmark)


If you import goods from China to Azerbaijan by rail, Bestforworld provides rail freight directly to the following stations in Azerbaijan:

Baku (Azerbaijan)


If you import goods from China to Kazakhstan by rail, Bestforworld provides direct rail freight to the following stations in Kazakhstan:

Almaty (Kazakh)


If you import goods from China to Uzbekistan by rail freight, Bestforworld provides rail freight directly to the following stations in Uzbekistan:

Tashkent (Uzbekistan)


Bestforworld provides three types of railway freight product services: public trains, customized package trains, and specialized cargo transportation. When you import from China by rail:



Railway freight from China: the railway route of the China-Europe line

Mara/Lodz/Warsaw (Poland); Hamburg/Duisburg/Nuremberg/Munich (Germany); Tilburg (Netherlands); Liege (Belgium)


Railway freight from China: the railway route of the Sino-Russian line

Volsino (Russia)/Minsk (Belarus)


Railway freight from China: Central Asia line railway route

Five Central Asian countries Kazakhstan/Uzbekistan/Kyrgyzstan/Tajikistan/Turkmenistan.


Railway freight from China: ASEAN Line/Vietnam Line Railway route


Railway freight from China: customized train rail routes


Lyon/Milan/Istanbul/Tashkent/Almaty etc.


Railway freight from China: LCL route and time, frequency


Railway freight from China LCL: Departure station: Hefei


Hamburg: Departure time Wednesday 18 days

Duisburg: departure time Thursday 18 days

Warsaw: Departure time Thursday, voyage 12 days

London: Departure time Thursday 20 days

Oslo: Departure time Wednesday 20 days

Gothenburg: departure time Wednesday 20 days

Helsinki: departure time Friday 16 days



Railway freight from China LCL: Departure station: Xi’an


Warsaw: Departure time Tuesday, Friday, Sunday, voyage 12 days

Hamburg: departure time Wednesday, Friday, Sunday 18 days

Duisburg: departure time Wednesday, Friday, Sunday 18 days

Budapest: Departure time Thursday, voyage 12 days

Bratislava: Departure time Thursday 14 days

Prague: Departure time Thursday, voyage 12 days

Vienna: Departure time Thursday 14 days

Milan: departure time on Tuesday, 18 days



Railway freight from China LCL: Departure station: Chongqing


Moscow: Departure time Saturday 17 days

St. Petersburg (min2CBM) departure time Sunday, 21 days

Minsk: Departure time Saturday 17 days

Warsaw: Departure time Thursday, voyage 12 days

Duisburg: Departure time Saturday 16 days



Railway freight from China LCL: Departure station: Changsha


Minsk: Departure time Tuesday, Thursday 17 days

Kyiv: departure time Thursday, 22 days



Rail freight from China LCL: Departure station: Chengdu

Warsaw: Departure time Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, 12 days

Milan: Departure time Thursday, voyage 22 days, days

TILBURG: departure time Friday 15-16 days




Railway freight from China LCL: Departure station: Taiyuan

Warsaw: Departure time Saturday 20 days




Rail freight from China LCL: Departure station: Xiamen

Warsaw: departure time Wednesday, Saturday, 15 days

London: departure time Saturday 20 days

Hamburg: Departure time Wednesday, Saturday, 18-day journey




Railway freight from China LCL: Departure station: Wuhan

TILBURG: Departure time Thursday, voyage 20 days

Hamburg: Departure time Thursday 18 days

Warsaw: Departure time Thursday, voyage 12 days

Duisburg: Departure time Thursday 18 days

London: Departure time Thursday 18-20 days



Bestforworld exports a wealth of rail freight LCL to various stations in China, with departure stations in various European countries:


Rail freight imports to China LCL: Departure station: Hamburg: Endstation: Hefei Departure time: Thursday, 18-day voyage


Rail freight imports to China LCL: Departure station: Milan: Endstation: Xi’an Departure time: Saturday, 18 days of the voyage


Rail freight imports to China LCL: Departure station: Warsaw: Endstation: Chengdu Departure time: Saturday, 12 days of the voyage


Rail freight import to China LCL: Departure station: Tilburg: Endstation: Chengdu Departure time: Saturday, 18 days of the voyage


Rail freight imports to China LCL: Originating station: Helsinki: Terminal station: Hefei Departure time: Friday, 18 days of the voyage



Rail freight import to China, and the advantages and cases of rail import:

At the same time, Bestforworld undertakes goods imported from overseas to China and freighted by rail:

As a railway carrier outside of China, Bestforworld provides a seamless full railway import service to China

Customized trains based on specific cargo categories and routes, such as rail freight imports parallel imported cars, meat, and timber to China.

Imported to China, rail freight is 80% less than air freight

The time it takes for rail freight to import to China is only 50% of that of sea freight


If a Chinese importer is in an inland city in China, the time advantage of import railway transportation is more obvious. Taking Wuhan as an example, it takes about 45 days for Hamburg to Wuhan sea transportation, while international railway transportation only takes 17 days.


Therefore, more and more cargo is imported into China through rail freight.


Examples of rail freight imports to China:

This time refers to the Duisburg-Wuhan transportation route. Different railway transportation routes can be selected according to different European pick-up locations and delivery locations to optimize transportation time.


Import of Rail Freight to China: Case Study

A certain auto parts company in Nanjing has a batch of friction plates that need to be imported from Europe, and it takes 25 days to complete the delivery from delivery to the factory for production. Shipping time takes 35-40 days, and the cost of air transportation is too high, so customers choose rail transportation. Arrange for overseas agents to pick up the goods, load by rail, enter Alashankou, and finally deliver to the Nanjing factory after customs clearance in Chengdu. The whole journey takes 23 days. From the logistics cost to the logistics time, it meets the needs of customers.

The operation process of railway freight from China: railway FCL and LCL


Railway freight from China: FCL transportation process

For railway booking, confirm the cargo space and empty container return point 7 days before departure


Pick up the container+ trailer, send the loaded container to the railway station


Two days before departure, the container cargo enters the railway station and arranges customs declaration


Railway departure


Update rail freight cargo transportation trajectory


To the destination train station, provide the delivery voucher


Arrange customs clearance or customs clearance procedures


Arrange for pick-up or delivery, and then return the empty container to the train station


Dangerous goods and liquids are especially confirmed that the total weight of 40-foot containers should not exceed 30.48 tons, and the total weight of 20-foot containers should not exceed 20 tons.


The 20-foot container must be reserved in double numbers, and the difference in weight between the two containers should not exceed 3 tons


When the goods arrive at a foreign railway station (DTHC), the consignee pays to the station, and the free period is 3 days



Railway freight from China: railway freight LCL transportation process


For railway booking, confirm the warehouse 7 days before departure


Pick up the goods, enter the warehouse, reinforce the goods


Two days before departure, the container enters the railway station and arranges customs declaration


Railway departure


Update cargo trajectory


Unpacking at foreign railway stations

Arrange for customs clearance or transit


Arrange for pickup or delivery



The deadline for receiving goods at 11 am every Tuesday, and customs declaration documents (customs declaration data must be verified accurately, and no false reports or concealment of prohibited items)


Entry declaration every Wednesday


The gross weight and the number of pieces of the vehicle-mounted data must be consistent with the customs declaration data. The data must be absolutely accurate


When the goods arrive at a foreign railway station, the importer is requested to actively cooperate with the agent in customs clearance and delivery to avoid unnecessary expenses


Bestforworld exclusive secret, detailed operation procedures and precautions for railway freight export declaration from China:

Railway freight from China: railway transportation operation process and requirements

  1. Booking

Generally, it takes 7 days in advance. If the container is canceled within 7 days, the withdrawal fee will be incurred


  1. Confirm booking information


  1. Pickup and return

The agent can arrange to pick up the container and pick up the goods or arrange it by yourself. After unloading and unloading the container the corresponding instructions for carrying and returning the box will be given.


*Reminder: When returning a container in Lodz, Poland, you need to make an appointment in advance and provide the driver’s name, ID, license plate number, box number and other information.


  1. Cut-off time requirements
  • Heavy containers must be delivered to the railway yard at the latest 2 days before the departure of the train


  • Domestic customs declaration must be completed at least 3 days before the dispatch of the train


  • The documents accompanying the vehicle must be collected at least 2 days before the schedule is issued


  • If it is an ATA cargo, provide the original ATA document, not accompanied by the vehicle, and deliver it to all necessary links by mail.


  • Part of the original documents of the goods that require the original documents shall be provided in advance and delivered to all necessary links by mail.


  1. The class lists the dispatch, transit and track information


  1. Foreign customs clearance

The information required for domestic customs clearance is recommended to provide electronic files within 7 days after the schedule is issued for review; the original documents are recommended to be provided to the corresponding customs broker 3 days before the arrival of the schedule.


  1. Pickup/delivery

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Rail freight from China: precautions

  1. Precautions for railway freight FCL

1) Confirm whether the factory can pack

2) Packing photos are provided in time


  1. Precautions for Rail Freight LCL

1) Provide piece weight when inquiring

2) The product name and tax number in both Chinese and English are required for booking

3) Need to arrive at the storage yard 3 days in advance and pack in the inland port


  1. Precautions for customs clearance

1) Alashankou or Manzhouli must transit, so the destination cannot achieve integrated customs declaration or transit


2) Do not accept the transportation of dangerous goods


Why choose Bestforworld for railway freight customs declaration from China?

Professional: Non-professional customs brokers have certain limitations: ordinary customs brokers are only responsible for the customs declaration list and are not clear about the relevant national standards; ordinary freight forwarders do not know how to declare customs. Bestforworld is an experienced professional customs declaration company, familiar with relevant national policies, national standards, commodity inspection requirements, access conditions, label filing and a full set of services. It has rich experience in customs declaration operations, fast and efficient, and can save customers a lot of import costs and avoid risks.

Efficient: A dedicated person is responsible for each link of customs clearance, which is completed on the same day, which greatly reduces the time for customs clearance. The customs declaration is completed on the same day, and the goods can be picked up within 1-5 days after arrival


Security: AA-type customs declaration enterprises, the import and export refund rate is as low as 0.5%, which is lower than the industry’s 50% year-on-year;


Convenience: Qingdao, Tianjin, Shanghai, Ningbo and other major ports in the country have service outlets;


Strength: The company has its own warehouse and customs broker, providing one-stop import and export agency services such as trade agency and customs declaration.


Cost control: Based on our many years of operating experience, we can do the most professional and reasonable cost accounting for our customers, which can effectively control costs. The final cost is often lower than the cost accounting. It will not happen that the final customs clearance costs of other customs brokers far exceed the budget.


Strong emergency response-ability: With abundant personal network resources, it can give full play to the super emergency response-ability for emergencies in the customs clearance process and solve all import problems for you.


Free value-added services: We are the first in the industry to advocate “spending one agency fee and enjoying multiple value-added services”. We can provide customers with import qualifications and various professional import consultations for free. We can also provide related warehouses, land transportation, buyers, etc. for free according to customer needs, so as to solve all worries for customers.


Rail freight from China: FAQ

What are the types of railway freight transport from China?

The types of railway cargo transportation are divided into complete vehicles, less than cargo, and containers


Is there a bill of lading for rail freight?

Rail freight has no bill of lading, only the bill of lading document.


Is there an original copy of the rail waybill?

There is an original, but the original must be accompanied by rail Therefore, the train company will only provide scanned copies of customers.


Does the rail waybill have the same cargo rights as the ocean bill of lading?

The railway waybill is not a document of property rights. It is just a transportation document, which can be regarded as a transportation contract signed between the shipper and the railway.


Are the railway customs declaration requirements very different from that of ocean freight and air freight? Is it necessary to declare at the source of goods?

no difference. The basic railway customs declaration documents are also packing lists and invoices. Different railway ports are slightly different, and mainly operate notification mail. The foreign cargo factories signed online paperless and declared directly at the railway port.


How can I deduct the goods if I haven’t received the payment?

Foreign pick-up is based on the ATB pick-up, ATB will directly send to the shipper, from the shipper to the consignee. Please do not send ATB to the consignee when the shipper has not received the payment. At the same time, forwarding will also notify the train company to hold the goods by email. If the goods go to MALA without ATB, the train company will notify its foreign agent to hold the goods until we notify the delivery by email.


What is the role of HBL?

HBL has no effect in the actual operation with the train company, and the railway does not change the order at the destination station.


Why did the container go to Hamburg, and the destination station on the rail waybill was Mala?

At present, most of China-Europe freight trains still fail to adopt unified waybill. After the train arrives in Poland, the order will be exchanged, but the COPY of the waybill will not be provided to the customer.


What details need to be confirmed during the operation of railway freight:

  1. Product name confirmation

Railway freight booking needs to confirm whether the cargo can be received before booking. Generally, the product name in Chinese and the corresponding HS code are required.


The goods need to be confirmed by both China and abroad before they can be shipped. Some goods such as wood products, bamboo products, cosmetics and other goods that require commodity inspection in China’s customs declaration need to confirm whether they can be provided by commodity inspection.


Some HS goods need to provide the TEST REPORT and the English version of the declaration of conformity to the destination station, and also need to confirm with the Chinese supplier whether it can be provided.


On October 12, 2018, in order to evade customs supervision, a company in Jiangsu concealed the import declaration when cosmetics were concealed in the imported printed matter. Finally, Nantong Customs carried out centralized and harmless destruction of the cosmetics.


For the confirmation of goods such as batteries and chemicals, a railway safety transportation appraisal certificate is also required. If there is no appraisal certificate, it is generally not accepted.


Inflammable and explosive dangerous goods are definitely not allowed to be exported by rail freight.


2. Price confirmation

The cargo can be received normally. Before arranging the order and booking, you need to confirm the logistics cost of railway freight.


The cost includes:

Station-to-station freight, domestic towing fee, container balance fee, and customs declaration fee if foreign guests need to return the box to an additional city, and the storage fee, unloading fee, tally and container fee need to be confirmed, Reinforcement fees, delivery fees, and towing fees, etc.


If foreign guests need to arrange cleaning and delivery, they need to confirm the costs of cleaning and delivery in advance according to the actual address.


Some fees need to be actually come out to know the specific amount and need to be temporarily confirmed. For example, domestic inspection fees, foreign inspection fees, waiting for time fees incurred during customs clearance and delivery by foreign agents, foreign storage yards and overdue fees for returning containers, domestic eccentric load correction fees, additional overnight fees and overweight caused by loading Fees and more.


3. Carso space confirmation

After confirming the goods and prices, you can actually confirm the cargo space with the sales or operation. According to the time the goods are produced and the arrival time required by foreign customers, confirm the number of positions to be arranged.


The sales and operation will confirm the situation of the vacant space and suggest the most suitable train to the customers according to the time when the goods are ready. If the guest has a required train, he can coordinate with the operating instructions and operations.


If there are special circumstances in the process of railway transportation, such as weather reasons, holidays, etc., which cause the delay of the train, the operation will promptly notify the customer and provide the corresponding delay notice.


4. Formal booking

After confirming the cargo space, you need to provide a copy of the book for booking, and the book needs to indicate:

Shipper: Chinese and English company name, address, contact information, contact person

1. Consignee: English company name, address, telephone, email

2, destination station, return point, container type (FCL/LCL), container volume, operation contact information, whether to transfer, whether to enter the warehouse, and whether it needs to be cleared.

3. The general cargo type, product name, and cargo weight are easy to operate and arrange suitable trucks for consignment.

  1. Return of warehouse: After the operation receives the letter, reply the importer’s booking status. Confirm that the position has been booked, and the customer should try to avoid temporary exit. If you need to exit, you must confirm the operation 7-8 days before the departure.


The temporary return of the warehouse will charge a loss fee. Generally, if the warehouse is returned within 7 days before the departure, the customer needs to be charged a loss fee of 1500 dollars.


Rail Freight from China: Prohibited items list:


Shipment prohibited

All kinds of weapons, ammunition and munitions, opium, morphine, heroin, cocaine, strong drugs, and animals and plants are not allowed to transit through the border.


Any country that should participate in the delivery to the railway prohibits delivery to the goods.


Belonging to any special postal items of any country that should be transported to the railway.

Explosives, compressed gas, liquefied gas or gas dissolved under pressure, natural products, and radioactive substances that are not listed in Class:1, 2, 4.2, and 7 of Annex No. 2 of the International Merchandise Association.

No mixing loading:

That is, goods that are not allowed to be mixed in a train:


Perishable goods with different care methods.


Perishable goods that need to comply with the insulation system or special care in accordance with the provisions of Article 6 of Annex IV of the International Merchandise Association.


Dangerous goods and other goods that are forbidden to be mixed in a train with the provisions of Annex No. 2 of the International Merchandise Association.


The goods loaded by the shipper and the goods loaded by the railway.


According to the domestic regulations of the delivery route, it is not allowed to mix cargo in one vehicle.


Rail freight from China: precautions


  1. Check the condition of the container: Before loading, please carefully check whether the container is suitable for cargo, whether it is contaminated, damaged, or leaking. If such problems occur, you can refuse to load and notify the shipping company to replace or repair the container immediately.


  1. Do not overload: the cargo weight limit specified by the international railway combined transport is 21.5 tons/20′; 26.5 tons/40′; there are many types of wagon weight limits, please consult BW separately.


  1. Unbalanced load: Unbalanced load affects railway loading operations and seriously affects driving safety. The center of gravity of the goods must be centered, and the deviation from the center of the cross line at the bottom of the box shall not exceed 10 cm, and the load shall be balanced.


4.Good reinforcement of the goods: poor reinforcement of the goods in the rail container will cause the goods to move when the vehicle is turning and even the vehicle may overturn, which will seriously affect the safety of the goods.


  1. It is best to give the packed goods a clear number and mark, and accurately reflect it on the packing list to facilitate tally and customs inspection.


  1. After loading the goods, please supervise the driver to seal, and both parties sign to hand over the title and container number.


  1. The cargo information filled in the power of attorney must be consistent with the actual shipping information and waybill information, especially the product name, weight and volume, etc.; otherwise, it will cause inconsistent freight or even fines.

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