The global epidemic has been escalating. With the outbreak in Japan and South Korea, Europe and the United States have also become “hardest-hit areas”! With the full closure of Italy and the announcement of a state of emergency by many states in the United States, countries around the world, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries have entered an intensive phase of epidemic prevention and control.



The epidemic is spreading rapidly around the world, causing unprecedented impacts on global shipping. sea transportation and air transportation, especially air freight, Due to the impact of coronavirus, global flights are canceled, and the price of air freight from China to the world has tripled. Importers have begun purchasing masks from China, and the next month will see continued growth in air freight prices.


At the same time, many masks and other protective supplies can be purchased from China. At the same time, some ports around the world are closed and different countries adopt different levels of port and terminal quarantine measures to better control local epidemic control.


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Italy originally only isolated 14 provinces in the northern region, but after the unsatisfactory effect, the Italian Prime Minister announced again on the 9th that starting from the 10th local time, the entire country of Italy will be blocked until April 3, and the country will be completely closed down.



Now shipping from China to Italy can be difficult. What is more worrying is that in addition to Italy, the confirmed cases in France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Greece, and other EU countries are also rising.


The Wall Street Journal reported that if the epidemic continues to spread across European countries, it will not rule out that other countries will successively adopt measures to close the country. Today, transportation to and from Europe has been blocked, which has had an impact on Europe’s economy.


French media reported on the 9th that the president of Paris Airport Group was diagnosed with new crown pneumonia on Saturday, March 7. It is not difficult to see here that the epidemic situation at Paris airport may be more complicated.



Lufthansa has canceled more than 7,100 flights


The rapidly spreading outbreak has a huge impact on air cargo shipped from China to Europe.


German Lufthansa recently stated that 7,100 European flights had been canceled throughout March. Moreover, the vast majority of flights are on routes to Italy and Germany, which accounts for 25% of the company’s capacity.


Unexpectedly, the epidemic is still spreading rapidly. To stop losses in a timely manner, Lufthansa is still grounding and canceling flights, the airline said earlier this week that it will ground 150 of the company’s 770 aircraft.



The rapid reduction in flights caused a reduction in the number of aircraft cargo space, which eventually pushed up the price of air freight from China to abroad. Although the recent sharp drop in international oil prices can save airlines costs, compared with the devastating impact of the epidemic, the saved costs are only a small percentage compared to the lost costs.


Israel Airlines cancels all international flights


The epidemic in Europe continues to spread, and the situation in the Middle East is even less optimistic. According to a Reuters report on the 10th, the Israeli Prime Minister stated that in order to prevent the epidemic from spreading, Israel will require all passengers entering from abroad to be quarantined for 14 days, and the new measure will be suspended for 2 weeks.



The announcement was very sudden, causing disruption to the air transport market. If there are recent shipments from China to Israel and other places, other alternatives can only be taken.




Korean Air warns of possible bankruptcy


According to the Yonhap News Agency on the 10th, the South Korean side stated that there are 109 countries and regions that have adopted immigration control measures against South Korea, which has caused a major blow to South Korea’s economy.


As more than half of the world’s countries have adopted immigration measures against South Korea, this has put South Korean airlines in a desperate situation. Korean Air warned on Monday that the new crown virus epidemic could threaten its survival.



Korean Air ’s president stated that over 80% of Korean Air ’s international capacity has been reduced due to global travel restrictions, compared to only 18% during the 1997-1998 Asian financial crisis.



The person in charge said bluntly that the situation could worsen at any time and the company could not predict how long the crisis would continue. He also revealed that Korean Air has grounded 100 of the 145 aircraft, and if it continues to delay, the company may go bankrupt.


New York Port Authority confirms the diagnosis and controls all New York airports and ports


According to US media reports on the 9th, New York and New Jersey, Port Authority Director Rick Cotton tested positive for the new crown virus and will be quarantined and work from home. The team members he leads will also be tested and quarantined.


This agency is responsible for managing the major airports, bridges, tunnels, bus terminals, etc. in the area. It is said that Rick Cotton was infected with the virus while working at or near the airport, which is enough to show that the local reality is even worse. New York State now has the highest number of confirmed cases in the United States.



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It is understood that the New York-New Jersey Port Authority is responsible for supervising and managing New York City’s Kennedy International Airport, LaGuardia Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey, Teterboro Airport, and Stuart International Airport in Orange County, New York.


In addition, the agency manages the Trans Hudson Rapid Transit, all ports in the region, bridges, tunnels, ferries, and buildings including the World Trade Center building.


If this important institution is paralyzed by the outbreak, it is not difficult to imagine how much impact it will have on US airports and ports. We are afraid that the local air and maritime systems will be deadlocked.



Due to the spread of the global epidemic, the import of masks and other anti-epidemic materials from China has become the most popular product. In order to meet the needs of domestic use, South Korea, Russia, Germany, and other countries ban the export of masks. A large number of masks and medical supplies importing from China will be sent to all corners of the globe.


In addition, the US mask gap situation is not optimistic. It is understood that the world’s largest mask producing country is China, and more than 90% of the US’s mask supply comes from China!


Over the next month, global demand for masks, 75% alcohol-based hand sanitizers, protective clothing, goggles imported from China skyrocketed.



In response to the current global special epidemic emergency, this blog will detail Mask clearance regulations shipping from China, schemes, and instructions on how to ship the masks by sea and air from China. This will be the most detailed, most latest, a complete guide on how to respond to a coronavirus outbreak from China. Whether you are sending general goods from China, medical supplies, or epidemic prevention supplies, this blog will give you great inspiration.


This complete content includes:


How to apply for FDA registration and CE registration


How to ship an alcohol-based hand sanitizer from China


How to arrange the shipments by sea and air from China during the special period of coronavirus


Regulations on customs clearance of destination ports for masks and other medical devices, required documents


A lot of practical FAQs about shipping masks from China



Use Bestforworld’s logistics services to ensure that your medical protection supplies are safe and reach your destination in a timely manner.  Stop using CIF high and opaque shipping costs.




Ship masks and related medical supplies from China: Air freight


How long does it take to ship masks from China to Europe and the United States, Canada, and Australia?


Shipping time: The current time for shipping masks and related medical devices from China is divided into two phases:



Waiting time, because a large number of epidemic materials are sent by air from China to Europe and North America. At the same time, a large number of flights are canceled, and airliners cancel flights. As a result, the number of air cargo spaces is insufficient, and the air freight rate has skyrocketed. Many customers who import masks and medical supplies from China cannot departure in time. The masks wait in the airline warehouse a week or even 10-days,


The second:

The general flight time for masks, medical equipment, and other goods shipped from China ranges from a few hours to a dozen hours.



Major airports that remained open for air cargo during the outbreak of China:


Beijing Airport Masks and medical supplies purchased from northern China, using Beijing Airport


Shanghai Airport Masks and medical supplies purchased from Central China and East China


Shenzhen and Guangzhou airports, masks and medical supplies purchased from southern China use Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Shenzhen airports.


Air Freight Price:


What is the current air freight rate for the ship the medical masks from China?


At present, the air freight from China to various countries around the world is 2-3 times that of the same period last year.


The price of air freight is generally only 1-2 days’ validity. The final price needs to be based on the date when the goods enter the warehouse of the airline. The price before the customs declaration shall be the final air freight rate.


If you need the goods urgently, you need to ensure the cargo space, and importers who do not want to stand in line, please contact BW. We will give priority to special channels through our good relationship with the airline. Or you have to wait a long time. as a business time is money .



What documents are required for the Chinese customs declaration when shipping masks and other medical devices from China?


Chinese masks, medical device suppliers need to provide documents as below:


Civil protective masks:

It is enough to have normal documents for customs declaration, and it can be exported as ordinary cargo.

Packing list


Customs declaration




Medical masks / surgical masks / N9 masks and other medical masks and medical devices need to provide:


In addition to packing list, invoice, customs declaration, and contract, Chinese masks, and medical device suppliers also need to have the following qualifications:


1 Scope of business license with a second-class medical device sales license


2 Medical Device Production License

3 Test report from a third-party testing agency in Mainland China

4 CE test report required for shipping masks to the European market

FDA test report required for shipment to the US market

Shipping to the Australian market requires registration through Therapeutic Goods Administration


5 Export license. If the factory has the only production capacity and does not have the export permit, it can entrust Bestforworld Import & Export Co Ltd, which has a second-class medical device sales license on the business scope, to be an export agency. Ordinary import and export agencies cannot operate such masks shipment,


The export agency fee charge CARGO VALUE (USD) * 0.05 = Agency fee(RMB). If you were a BW logistics service user, you can enjoy a lower exchange rate of 0.025.



For overseas importers who use BW logistics services ship masks from China, BW provides free services to assist importers before making payment, BW can audit the supplier’s legal qualifications, and identify the authenticity of CE / FDA certificates. For importers who do not use BW Logistics ‘s shipping service, BW charges an agency audit fee of 100 USD. The review time is 1-2 days.



Use Bestforworld’s logistics services to ensure that your medical protection supplies are safe and reach your destination in a timely manner.  Stop using CIF high and opaque shipping costs.






Shipping masks and other medical devices from China, customs clearance documents required by the importer and related qualifications:


Basic documents for global clearance of masks and other medical devices:


Bill of lading:

truthfully declare the product item name. If it is a medical mask or a medical device, please do not use a civilian mask or display it according to the civilian device. Once China Customs and foreign customs inspection, you will encounter different penalties such as detained goods, fines, etc.



It is strongly recommended not to reduce the value of the goods. In case of expropriation by the government, Government levy will according to the amount of the customs clearance invoice.


Packing list



Special certifications and special qualifications required for customs clearance of masks shipped from China  by region:


Shipping masks from China to the United States:


Personal/civil protective masks


No additional qualification requirements for importers, customs clearance in accordance with ordinary goods


Medical masks:


Importers must obtain U.S. FDA registration and obtain an FDA DEVICE ID.

Cost: 6000-7000USD

Time: Uncertain during the epidemic, consult the FDA agency specifically




This means that for medical products entering the United States, not only the  Chinese mask suppliers need FDA certification and US mask importers have to get an FDA device ID.



Medical masks shipped from China to the United States: How to apply for FDA registration process for US customs clearance:


Product Categories:


Mask type: sterile and non-sterile


Product Category: Class II


Registration path 510K


Registration and payment:


DUNS code and FDA account application


If applying for a small business review fee reduction


Payment of audit fees


510k file preparation:


Interpretation of applicable standards and regulations through product code, regulation number, etc .:


ISO10993, ASTM, ISO11135, and FDA series of guidance: biocompatibility, sterility and performance testing.


Establish performance test reports, biocompatibility evaluation, aseptic verification documents, packaging and transportation verification and shelf life verification documents.


Prepare 510k files based on 510k checklist


Download the 510keCopy verification software and confirm that the file format is correct


Submit via eCopy:


Submit to CDRH: FDA response in about 60 days


Get a 510k certificate or ask for a supplement.


Submission of supplementary documents:


Completed within 180 days and submitted via eCopy


MDUFA system registration:


Only 510k status is active after enterprise product registration


Why can’t your medical supplies be exported from China to the United States? 510K,US FDA Application, Definition, Considerations,Q&A 2020 ,Click here




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Shipping masks from China to Europe:



Personal/civil protective masks:


The EU standard for personal protective masks is EN149. According to the standard, masks are divided into three categories: FFP1 / FFP2 and FFP3.


All masks exported from China to the EU must obtain CE certification.


CE certification is a compulsory product safety certification system implemented by the European Union to protect the lives and property of people in EU countries.


This means that the civil protective masks provided by the supplier must pass the EN149 standard certification of CE to ensure that the masks can be successfully cleared in Europe.




Medical masks are shipped from China to Europe. the EU CE (MDR) registration process:



Category 1S:

Requires notification agency intervention


The IS013485 system is established. Enterprises with system certificates must consider the requirements of MDR to upgrade the system:


Establish a UDI system for the product:


Product technical documentation preparation:


1 Product testing: biocompatibility, performance testing


2 Establish product technical documents that meet MDR requirements


Notified body review:


Get CE certificate, the agent performs product registration in Europe:



Class 1, does not require review by the notified body, can pass self-compliance statement


Contract with an authorized EU representative:


Establish a UDI system for product registration


Complete CE technical documentation



Medical masks :


The corresponding EU standard for medical masks is EN14683.

Products sold in the EU need to issue a free sale certificate. With the CE mark and the EU registration required by the relevant directives, Chinese manufacturers exporting to the EU do not need a free sale certificate.



Shipping medical supplies from China:EU CE Certification Qualification Identification Guidelines 2020,Click here



Shipping masks from China to Australia:


Products provided by Chinese suppliers must be registered with the Australian TGA and comply with the standard specification: AS / NZS 1716: 2012, which is the standard for respiratory protective devices in Australia and New Zealand.


TGA is the abbreviation of the Therapeutic Goods Administration, which stands for Therapeutic Goods Administration. It is the Australian regulatory body for therapeutic goods, including medicines, medical devices, genetic technology, and blood products. Australian medical devices are classified into Class I, Is and Im, IIa, IIb, and III. The product classification is almost the same as the EU classification.


Australia’s destination port customs clearance has no additional requirements for importers, but masks and other medical devices provided by suppliers must meet the relevant AS / NZS standards. Australian importers must confirm with suppliers in advance before purchasing.



Shipping from China to Korea: KFDA registration in Korea


The Ministry of Health and Welfare, MHW, is mainly responsible for the management of food, drugs, cosmetics, and medical devices. It is the main health care department. According to the Medical Device Law, the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety is responsible for the supervision of medical devices. The KFDA registration process is:


  1. Determine the product classification (I, II, III, IV) and select KLH (Korean Licensee);


  1. Type II products need to apply for a KGMP certificate and undergo an on-site audit. Type II products are generally authorized third-party auditors and have obtained KGMP certificates;


  1. Class II products need to send samples to South Korean MFDS authorized laboratories for Korean standard testing;


4. Submit technical documents (test report, KGMP certificate, etc.) to MFDS (Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety) by KLH for registration approval;


  1. Pay the application fee;


  1. Rectification of registration documents and approval of registration;


  1. Designated Korean agents and distributors for product sales.



BW Air Freight Department Summary of shipping experience and problems encountered this month:


1 Select direct flights as much as possible, not transit flights. Direct flights are expensive but are relatively safe. Transit European trucks have repeatedly detained goods and stolen goods from third countries.


2 Ship as early as possible, let your freight forwarder choose the plane that can take off quickly. The earlier you go, the higher the profit you can get.


Case study: At the beginning of March, an American importer imported masks from China and chose BW air freight, but the air freight at that time was about 2.7USD / KG. The customer thought the freight was expensive and waited for a few days. Then the price of the next week became 5.5USD / KG, but at that time he is so worried, many masks start into US market, finally, When his goods entered the airport warehouse, the price became 5.9USD / KG that day. Because it is recommended that all importers go immediately and leave immediately.Don’t hesitate


Compared to his lost profits the shipping cost is still small money. The mask business is really special.


For fast ship mask from China to your destination, contact BW to get a quote immediately.



Masks shipped from China, related medical equipment: Sea freight



How long does it take to ship masks from China and shipping related medical devices?


The epidemic situation of the port of destination must be determined in advance. If it is very bad, it is recommended to use air transport from China


Usually, the shipping time is the same as usual and will not be affected by the epidemic.


Choose the fastest direct ship, although sea freight will be slightly more expensive.



What is the shipping cost for masks and other medical devices shipped from China?


At present, the freight cost of shipping maks from China to various ports around the world does not fluctuate greatly.



As the sea freight documents needed from Chinese suppliers for China customs declaration, as well as the documents and qualifications required by foreign importers for destination customs clearance, are same as air fright,we will not discuss more by sea freight masks from China



Shipping masks from China FAQ:



Q: Is it easy to be detained by a third country for air shipment from China to Europe?


A: Yes, masks ship from China have appeared. They were stolen and detained during the transit of German trucks.

The solution is to use direct flights, or email BW to find a solution.



Q: I want to know the import tariff of masks ship from China. How can I check?

A: The tariff rate and VAT standard of each country are different. If you need to check the exact tariff and VAT, please email BW.



Q: Right now why the airline charge the masks ship from China by gross weight not dimensional weight?


A: From March 10, 2020, major airlines around the world have charged the air freight of masks by real gross weight ,Special charges and special treatment for special periods, normal billing will resume after the epidemic.




Use Bestforworld’s logistics services to ensure that your medical protection supplies are safe and reach your destination in a timely manner.  Stop using CIF high and opaque shipping costs.




Q: Does the air freight of masks shipped from China now need to be paid in full before customs declaration?

A: During the epidemic, many suppliers need to pay the full payment, and many airlines and freight forwarders also need to pay all air freight before customs declaration in China airport.



Q: If the product is shipped from China, if the product is a medical mask or other medical devices, do I need additional documents for customs clearance in Malaysia?

A: Not required in Malaysia, for other Asian country importers to Contact BW,get the to door shipping service for your masks from China.



Q: I have experience in importing goods from China, but I want to find an experienced and professional freight forwarder for ship masks from China. How do I choose?


A: Directly choose BW’s logistics services. BW provides inbound and outbound ports and airports, as well as door-to-door services from ports and major airports throughout China, relying on our strong overseas network.


Q: I ship medical masks from China, but I want to use civilian masks for Chinese customs clearance and foreign customs clearance. Is this safe?

A: This way is very dangerous. If your package has the word “medical”, it will not be able to be shipped out normally. The customs clearance at the port of destination will cause big troubles and incur some extra costs.




Q: I ship from China with hand sanitizer containing alcohol 75%. There is no MSDS in the factory. Is there any other way to ship it?

A: There are some freight forwarders on the market who are willing to take risks, but in the event of an accident, fire, explosion, freight forwarder, consignor, consignee all have joint and several responsibilities. BW refuses to accept any dangerous cargo that the supplier cannot provide legal documents and MSDS.



Q: When shipping masks from China to Canada, what qualifications does the importer need locally and what certifications are registered?

Required, Medical Device Establishment Licence



Q: Does it need special document requirements for shipping masks from China to the UK, Germany, Italy, and customs?

Bill of lading, invoice, packing list, CE


Q: Can I import masks from China in my personal name?

A: Most EU countries, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and other countries can import in the name of an individual, and only need to pay the import agency fee at the port of destination.




How can I ship alcohol-based 75% hand sanitizers and alcohol products from China?

How to ship 84 disinfectant from China?

How to ship alcohol wipes from China?

Is 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Dangerous cargo?what are the UN numbers and dangerous goods classes?



A: The following are detailed introductions on alcoholic products shipped from China:


With the continuous change of the domestic epidemic situation, the export demand for anti-epidemic materials has gradually increased. In addition to masks, the import and export volume of 75% disinfectant alcohol, disinfection wipes, 84 disinfectant, and other disinfectant materials have also risen. Many customers in the United States, Europe, Australia, and other countries require BW to help arrange the shipment of this type of alcoholic product because they know that if this type of product is not handled properly, it will pose a great risk to the safety of the goods.


Especially those who have no experience in ship dangerous goods from China.


And more than 97% of the world’s freight forwarders have no experience in handling dangerous goods. This is a terrible figure…


Clink link below to learn more about DG cargo


Import from China:Hazardous goods customs regulations,process,packing,required documents,key points.


The following are the UN numbers and dangerous goods levels of common alcoholic products shipped from China to overseas:


75% alcohol disinfected wipes belong to Class 4.1 dangerous goods, UN number 3175;

75% alcohol-free hand sanitizer belongs to category 3 dangerous goods, UN number is 1170, type II or type III packaging.


According to the regulations of the Emergency Management Department’s 2015 Catalog of Hazardous Chemicals, ethanol solutions with a content of more than 24% are dangerous goods, so alcohols with a content of more than 24% are dangerous goods.


All of the above are dangerous goods and must be transported by air Dangerous Goods Regulations and International Maritime Dangerous Goods Regulations.



Disinfection wipes containing alcohol, according to the liquid content of the wipes, those containing higher levels of alcohol are still dangerous.


There is also a very common isopropyl alcohol disinfection wipes, which are also dangerous. It is necessary to pay special attention to this because disinfection wipes belong to the solid category, so the dangerous goods category is 4.1, UN3175, and II packaging. Shipping in China, air and sea freight can be handled as dangerous goods.




Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are Class 3 dangerous goods UN 1170




The main ingredient of some disinfectants and hand sanitizers is isopropyl alcohol, which is a Class 3 dangerous goods, UN1219, Class II packaging, and the special name for transportation is (Isopropanol). ”




Disinfection and washing products for alcohol exports and shipments from China require a dangerous package certificate.


It is believed that many factories and overseas importers are often confused by the dangerous package certificate. Many factories have got the orders but cannot provide a dangerous package certificate and are unable to ship. Many buyers have found a cheap factory but found that the factory cannot provide a dangerous package. Certificate, but also cannot be shipped.


The full name of the dangerous package certificate is the “examination result sheet for the use of packaging for the transportation of dangerous goods out of the country”, referred to as the “dangerous package certificate”, which is an authoritative certification document for dangerous goods packaging.


For the shipment of dangerous goods from China, the Chinese government requires that packaging for export of dangerous goods must be submitted by the packaging manufacturer to the inspection and quarantine machine for performance appraisal of the packaging container, and the “Outbound Dangerous Goods Transport Packaging Performance Appraisal Result Sheet”, referred to as “performance sheet” “.



Use Bestforworld’s logistics services to ensure that your medical protection supplies are safe and reach your destination in a timely manner.  Stop using CIF high and opaque shipping costs.



All dangerous package certificates are to provide performance sheets, enterprises that produce dangerous goods for export, to the inspection and quarantine institutions to use the packaging container to appraise, and issue “outbound dangerous goods transport packaging use identification result sheet”, which is what we call a dangerous package certificate.


Dangerous goods must be provided with a dangerous package certificate and other relevant information to the Maritime Safety Administration and the Port Authority for dangerous goods declaration before the ship sails. It is what we often say to do dangerous declaration.


It is strongly recommended that importers who ship from China strictly follow the Chinese laws and regulations. If you are worried about the safety of the goods, you need to find a professional dangerous good handing Chinese the freight forwarding, That‘s BW.

Frequently asked questions about DHL shipping masks and other personal items from China:


Question 1: Can individuals in mainland China send masks and other anti-epidemic items to other countries / regions?


It is used for gifts between relatives and friends, such as masks and other epidemic prevention items (such as gloves, protective clothing, goggles, etc.) that are in a reasonable self-use range and the amount does not exceed 1,000 RMB can be exported normally. DHL does not accept alcoholic products.


Question 2: What import and export customs clearance documents do the senders / recipients need to provide, and what specific requirements does DHL Express have?


The export-related documents to be prepared by the sender include waybills, invoices, personal agent declarations, and at the same time show the original ID / passport and provide a copy. Please provide the number of masks when filling in the document. Masks and anti-epidemic items must be produced by regular manufacturers. Do not purchase and deliver “three no” products.



Question 3: How to make DHL express waybill and invoice?


Please create a waybill and invoice online at The recipient information on the waybill is recommended to provide a mobile phone number as much as possible to facilitate timely contact for smooth customs clearance and delivery. Please provide the specific product name, brand, model, number, etc. of the invoice.



Question 4: I now use DHL Express to send masks and other anti-epidemic items. How long does it take for the recipient to receive the shipment?


During the epidemic prevention and control period, due to various factors such as flights and national control measures, DHL expects that customs clearance and delivery may be delayed, but DHL will try its best to arrange delivery. It is recommended that you use DHL’s official website ( after the shipment is sent out


Disadvantages of DHL express delivery:

At present, many importers of masks imported from China, the trial orders are shipped through DHL in small quantities, but the goods on April 1, 2020 have not been received by South America. Europe and the United States have also experienced a large number of transit airport detentions and extended delivery times.



Question 5: How do I calculate the shipping cost when DHL sends masks and other anti-epidemic items abroad?


DHL’s official website ( and other self-service query tools query prices, transit times, service capabilities and other information in various countries / regions and can make online appointments for pickup.


Question 6: Will DHL incur other costs besides shipping?

When importing to the destination, the recipient must pay taxes (such as customs duties, value-added tax, consumption tax, customs supervision fees, etc.) and customs clearance service fees / handling fees and storage fees charged by the destination DHL in accordance with local customs requirements.



DHL imports masks from China, the common problems of Chinese suppliers (companies) sending anti-epidemic items (masks):




If the export amount does not exceed RMB 5,000 and the sample advertisements that are not medical devices are of reasonable quantity and do not involve export supervision documents, they can be declared as Class C express shipments. In order to ensure standardized declaration and fast customs clearance, please provide a non-medical confirmation letter and affix the official seal (or business seal) of the sending company. (* Important note: For non-medical masks, protective clothing, etc., if the corresponding commodity code (HS CODE) is clearly stated in China Customs Announcement 53 and the trade method is not a sample advertising product, it must be in accordance with the general goods category ( Formal declaration) declaration)


Disadvantages of DHL shipping masks from China:

the limitation of quantity and amount, which means that DHL imports masks from China, there are restrictions on the quantity and amount of masks, because large quantities of customers must use conventional logistics and transportation solutions such as air or sea transportation.



02 If the export amount is more than 5000 RMB, it will be declared according to the general cargo (formal customs declaration). The sender needs to confirm whether the exported products belong to the category of medical materials in Announcements 5 and 53 before sending the shipment, which can be inquired through the website of the State Drug Administration and the website of the General Administration of Customs. According to export reasons, specific declarations can be roughly divided into the following two categories.



The first category is for export sales

According to the general trade declaration for export, enter the “Medical Device Registration Certificate Number” (if it belongs to a medical device) in the remarks column of the customs declaration. The required customs declaration information includes: 1. Waybill, invoice, packing list, foreign trade contract, agent declaration agent (or Electronic commission) 2. For the five types of medical materials listed in the No. 5 announcement of new coronavirus detection reagents, medical masks, medical protective clothing, ventilators, and infrared thermometers:


  1. Declaration of medical materials for export and official seal.

1) Please make sure that all the items in the statement cannot be empty, and the contents must be consistent with the information on the medical device registration certificate;


2) The quality standards of the importing country / region must be complete, such as EN14683, which can be inquired through the website of the General Administration of Customs (


Tip: Many importers of medical masks imported from China fantasize that they can be exempted from customs inspection by China Customs through DHL express delivery. This is completely wrong. At present, China Customs also checks medical masks shipped by DHL.



  1. Copy of medical device product registration / recording certificate and official seal.


  1. Screen capture of registration / recording information on the website of the Food and Drug Administration


  1. New crest virus detection reagents need to provide electronic account number for export inspection


3). For medical materials listed in Announcement 53 but not in Announcement 5, such as medical surgical caps, medical shoe covers, medical gloves, medical goggles, patient monitors, medical disinfection towels, and medical disinfection solutions are required :

  1. Quality and safety commitment letter with official seal


  1. Copy of medical device product registration / recording certificate with official seal


  1. Screen capture of registration / recording information on the website of the Food and Drug Administration


4). For export of non-medical materials (such as non-medical masks, protective clothing, goggles, shoe covers, etc.), please fill in the non-medical materials confirmation letter.


5). To improve the efficiency of customs clearance, it is recommended that you provide the following documents for the products listed in Announcements 5 and 53:

  1. Copy of medical device production license (applicable to medical supplies)


  1. Copy of the manufacturer’s business license (applicable to medical supplies)


  1. Copy of the manufacturer’s test report (applicable to both medical and non-medical)


  1. Ensure that there is a product certificate in the actual cargo packaging (both medical and non-medical)



The second category is for donations or assistance

According to other import and export free of charge, donated materials, aid materials declared for export, enter “Medical Device Registration Certificate Number” (if it belongs to medical devices) in the remarks column of the declaration form, the required customs declaration information includes:

  1. Same as above


  1. Inter-enterprise donations and recipients are donated materials from Chinese embassies and consulates abroad, and both need to provide information or agreement


  1. Aid materials require a foreign aid certificate issued by the National Aid Material Office or various foreign aid supply stations


  1. Medical and non-medical needs to be distinguished based on the characteristics of the product itself, not the declared or used purpose. Taking a mask as an example, if the words “medical”, “surgical”, and “medical” are marked on the product packaging, it should be judged as medical supplies.


  1. It is strongly recommended that you check the conformity of the relevant documents and the actual goods before sending them. For example, the medical device registration certificate, declaration / commitment, invoice, product name on the product packaging, etc. must be completely consistent.




Import and ship COVID-19 test kit, medical masks, medical protective clothing, ventilator, infrared thermometer,protective gloves, goggles from China.

One-stop guide&unserstanding, update 2020, All you need to know!(All legal, with all types of supplier resources attached!)