When you import from China, shipping cost calculator is so confused and difficult for many importers.


In this video, we elaborated how CIF shipping makes you lose hundreds of USD on shipping cost, especial on sea freight from China.


The shipping cost calculator is very difficult, in general, importers do not have good channels to obtain an accurate and competitive shipping cost.


If they do FOB shipping, they will ask the local freight forwarders to send them a quotation.


To be honest, the local freight forwarding is also got a quotation from a Chinese freight forwarder firstly, so the shipping cost importer gets is not the most favorable.


If you find a reliable Chinese freight forwarder, of course, you will get a very good shipping cost, when you importing from China.


We only take 10000piece goods as a sample, about the rate difference between CIF price and FOB price.sea freight is indeed a 400USD/20GP difference, this is just our example: shipping from China to Thailand.

if your cargo is shipping from China to the UK, Australia, USA, Canada, I believe that CIF shipping will destroy your importing business.


Many people think that importing from China is difficult. I think so If you know every detail and even know how to send a container reasonably, your import business will be very good.


You will not easily lose money on transportation If you have not carefully considered each one Details, this includes FCL and LCL, air cargo, especially shipping a container, you will definitely lose money when you ship goods from China.


You can also search for some shipping cost calculators on Google, but the price is complete nonsense. some website shipping cost calculators even provides 1500USD/40HQ higher than the rate in our company shipping cost calculators system.


So if you have questions or you want a new solution about shipping your goods from China.


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