Affected by the global coronavirus epidemic, the price of many domestic flights in China has plummeted. The price of air ticket from Shenzhen to Chongqing only needs 10USD, but the price of international air freight from China to the world has skyrocketed! The global air cargo price has soared due to increased demand, and the price has increased by 100% compared to the same period. The content of this article has been updated to March 2, 2020, and is continuously updated.

The price of air freight imports from China has skyrocketed and is affected by the coronavirus. International air transport prices have ushered in historical highs.


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From many news on Google, you can understand that many international electronic chips, circuit boards, and core parts of various products are made in China. Many foreign importers have to transport these core parts by air freight. It has been guaranteed that domestic factories can continue to produce. For example, many automobile companies in South Korea, mobile phones, electrical appliances, and core accessories are imported from China to Korea.


Because a large number of shipping companies or carrier have canceled vessels to Chinese ports, and airlines have canceled Many flights to mainland China have resulted in tight air cargo space which imports from China. These importers have to choose to transport by air, pay high international logistics costs, and even many factories in Vietnam, Bangladesh, because the upstream Chinese suppliers’ parts cannot be delivered, resulting in the factory is unable to deliver on time.


It can be seen that the relationship between global supply chains is very complex and the relationship is extremely close.


The cost of shipping products by air freight from China has become very expensive, resulting in a 10% to 30% increase in the cost of product parts.


But if you do not ship the goods by air freight from China, the situation will get worse-without parts, production will not be able to continue, and then lose customers, lose integrity, without guaranteeing delivery time, the importer’s business will fail, and reputation will disappear.


According to foreign media reports, air cargo prices have soared due to increased demand, more than doubled this month, from the US $ 3.65 per kilogram last month to the US $ 6.65 per kilogram. Prices are expected to reach $ 10 per kilo ($ 4.54 per pound) in the coming weeks. Even the prices of some popular routes are changing as per hour, and prices are more volatile in the market, and prices are rising.






Britain cancels 226 flights


The U.S. will also cut flights further from China.


According to the BBC report on the 2nd, affected by the epidemic, British Airways announced on the same day that it would cancel some flights between Britain and France. Between March 16 and 28, British Airways canceled 226 flights to destinations including New York, Italy, France, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, and Switzerland.


American Airlines also plans to suspend all US flights to Milan, Italy from March 1 to April 24 local time. After canceling the direct flight to Milan, the company currently has a non-stop flight to Rome in Italy in the spring.



For China ’s four major airlines, the number of direct flights to Europe has decreased by about 30%, and those to the United States have decreased by more than 80%. However, although the number of cargo planes has not dropped sharply, some flights have been canceled, which is less than the same period in previous years. As the impact of the epidemic is still fermenting, the reduction in flights may continue until the end of April.


In addition, United will also reduce the number of flights to Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore, and Seoul, while choosing smaller aircraft to complete the mission. United plans to cancel Chicago to Tokyo flights between March 8 and 27.


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In view of the outbreak of the new coronavirus epidemic in many Asian countries, United Airlines also announced that it will reduce flights to Asian countries from March and extend the cancellation time of Chinese flights. United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz pointed out that United has cut flights to Asia and suspended flights between China and Hong Kong until April 30.



Bestforworld hereby recommends Chinese exporters and foreign importers, How to take action to respond to special airlift arrangements during an epidemic, when shipping from China by air freight:


Pay close attention to the status of epidemic prevention and control in China and the area where the importer is located, as well as the affected situation, grasp the information from the ports, and dynamically control the rhythm of shipments based on the development of the epidemic. Especially for terminal retail orders, the risk of arrears due to unsalable terminal market after shipment should be avoided. And the latest policies of the port of destination customs, the latest inspection and quarantine requirements.


Suppliers and buyers need to communicate and coordinate. If an overseas importer voluntarily requests an order to suspend shipment, the relevant time node should be clarified as soon as possible; for the goods that have arrived in the port, the Chinese supplier must urge the importer to speed up customs clearance and collect the payment as soon as possible.


For shipments with urgent delivery deadlines, must choose the goods using air freight, the importer should actively cooperate with the payment so that Chinese suppliers can avoid the worry about releasing the goods without a bill and speed up the production of the goods.


For finished goods, overseas importers should be advised shipping in a timely manner. Do not take a wait-and-see attitude and receive ready-made goods first. The epidemic situation makes everything ship the goods which are finished to your side ASAP.


Book in advance, let your Chinese freight forwarder or designated freight forwarder, supplier ‘s freight forwarder booking space, at least 5-7 days in advance, the operating rules of China’s air freight, the principle is whose goods entering the warehouse firstly, priority delivery.




Until from March 2, 2020, imports from China, the latest and more major new global airlines flights to and from China update are as follows:


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American Airlines


Imported from China to the US and Canada by air freight


➜ United Airlines: From February 6 to April 24, all China-US routes are suspended.


➜ Air Canada: Air Canada, which flies to China 33 times a week, cancels all direct flights to Beijing and Shanghai until April 17.


➜American Airlines: Flights between Dallas, Los Angeles, and Mainland China are canceled until April 24, flights between Dallas and Hong Kong, China are canceled until April 23, and flights between Los Angeles and Hong Kong, China are canceled until April 24.


Delta Air Lines: All mainland China routes will be suspended from February 6 to April 30.


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European Airlines

Imported from China to the UK by air freight


➜ British Airways: Beijing and Shanghai flights will continue to be canceled until April 17, Hong Kong flights will be changed to two flights before the end of March. The current plan is that from April 18th, Shanghai-London flights will be reduced from 10 to three times a week, and the Beijing-London route will be reduced from one to four times a week from April 19. Flights to Hong Kong will continue to be reduced to once a day until June 1, 2020.




Imported from China to France by air freight


➜ Air France: Air France has decided to extend the suspension of service between Beijing and Shanghai until March 15, 2020 (inclusive). From March 16, 2020, according to developments and changes, Air France and KLM will gradually resume flight operations between Beijing and Shanghai, when Beijing and Shanghai will only fly one flight the next day. In this way, depending on daily operations, Air France KLM will achieve daily flights from Paris or Amsterdam to Shanghai or Beijing. From March 29, 2020, Air France and KLM flights will return to normal. Air France flights to and from Wuhan are also scheduled to resume on March 29, 2020.




Imported from China to Germany by air freight


Lufthansa Group: Lufthansa, Swissair and Austrian Airlines: flights to all destinations in mainland China are canceled until March 28. Flights to and from Hong Kong will also decrease.



Imported from China to the Netherlands by air freight


➜ KLM: KLM suspends all flights to Chengdu, Hangzhou, and Xiamen until March 29, 2020. KLM suspends all flights to Beijing and Shanghai until March 15, 2020. Flights to Beijing and Shanghai are expected to resume operations on March 16, 2020.



Import from China to Finland by air freight



➜ Finnair: Cancel flights to Beijing Daxing, Guangzhou and Shanghai from February 5 to March 29, and cancel flights to Nanjing from February 8 to March 29.




Import from China to Mauritius by air freight


➜ Mauritius Airlines: All flights to Shanghai will be suspended from January 31.


➜ Scandinavian Airlines: From January 31, Beijing and Shanghai will suspend flights to and from Europe. The above routes will be suspended until March 29.




Imported from China to Azerbaijan by air freight


➜Azerbaijan Airlines: Cancel all flights to and from Beijing starting in February.




Imported from China to Kazakhstan by air freight


➜ Astana Airlines: Cancel all Kazakhstan flights to and from China.




Imported from China to Russia by air freight


➜ Ural Airlines: Cancel all flights to and from China.


➜ Russia announces suspension of flights between China and Russia but retains Russian Airlines Moscow-Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong routes. These flights will be readjusted to Sheremetyevo International Airport Terminal F from 17:00 on January 31. China Southern Airlines flight CZ655 / 6 has also been adjusted to Terminal F. The flights executed by the Chinese Airlines Division continue to operate. Daily flight from Moscow to Beijing from February 18th to March 28th: ​​SU200; daily flight from Beijing to Moscow from February 19th to March 29th: SU201; from February 18th to February 29th Daily flights from Moscow to Shanghai: SU208; daily flights from Shanghai to Moscow from February 19 to March 1; SU209; daily flights from Moscow to Shanghai from March 1 to March 28: SU206; Daily flight from Shanghai to Moscow from March 2nd to March 29th: SU207; Three weekly flights from Moscow to Guangzhou from February 17th to March 28th: ​​SU220 (1.3.6); February 18th -Three weekly flights from Guangzhou to Moscow on March 29: SU221 (2.4.7); Three weekly flights from Moscow to Hong Kong on March 1-March 26: SU212 (2.4.7); March From March 2nd to March 27th, there are three weekly flights from Hong Kong to Moscow: SU213 (3.5.1)



Imported from China to Spain by air freight


➜Spain Iberia: From January 31, 2020, flights to Shanghai will be suspended until April 30.



Imported from China to Israel by air freight


➜Israel Airlines: From February 1st to March 25th, 2020, we will temporarily stop direct flights between Tel Aviv, Israel, and Beijing, China.


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Imported from China to Turkey by air freight


➜ Turkish Airlines: suspension of flights between Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing and Xi’an until March 31.



➜ Virgin Atlantic: Suspension of flights between Shanghai and London until March 28.




Imported from China to Italy by air freight



➜ After confirming two new cases of new coronavirus in Italy, Italy announced the suspension of all flights to and from the mainland of China. Direct flights between China Airlines and Italy charter company Neos will be affected.




Imported from China to Poland by air freight


➜ Polish Airlines: Suspension of China flights (Beijing Daxing, Beijing Capital) until March 28.




Airline to Asia


Import from China to Macau by air freight


➜Macau Airlines: Some flights will resume from March 1st to 28th.


Shipping from China to South Korea, by air freight


➜ Seoul Asiana, a low-cost carrier: Cancel all Chinese flights.


➜ Korean Air: From February 2nd to April 25th, Incheon = Huangshan, Zhangjiajie, Changsha, Kunming, Qingdao KE845 / 6, Beijing KE859 / 60, Busan = Nanjing, Beijing, Busan = Qingdao, Shanghai Pudong = Busan , Jeju = Beijing temporarily grounded. From February 11th to April 25th, reduce flights from Incheon = Dalian, Incheon = Yanji, Incheon = Guangzhou, Incheon = Mudanjiang.




Shipping from China to India by air freight


➜ Air India: Suspend the termination of India’s flights to and from Shanghai, China.


➜Indigo: Grounded aviation from February 1.




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Shipping from China to Indonesia by air freight

➜ Indonesia Lion Air Indonesia Lion Air Lion Air has been grounded in China since February 1.



Jetstar Airlines: From this Friday (January 31), flights to and from three cities, Hefei, Guiyang and Xuzhou, China will be suspended.




Shipping from China to Singapore by air freight


➜ Scoot: announced on January 29 that all flights to and from Singapore and Wuhan will continue to be grounded until the end of March.


➜Singapore Airlines: Chengdu, Shenzhen and Xiamen will suspend flight services from February 17 to March 28, 2020, and affected passengers can contact the original ticket purchase channel for refund. Despite the decrease in demand, we will continue to operate from Beijing to Shanghai once a day from February to March 28, 2020, Guangzhou to run every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and a small amount of Chongqing to and from Singapore every Monday. Flight services to serve passengers with real travel needs




Shipping from China to Myanmar, by air freight


➜Myanmar National Airlines, Air KBZ, and Myanmar Airways International: Grounded in China from February 1.


➜ Cathay Pacific Airways: Flight suspensions will be suspended before March 28, 2020: London (Gatwick), Rome, Washington, Newark, Male, Davao, Clark, Jeju, Taichung, and all Mainland Cities (except Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, and Xiamen). The actual grounding date and flight frequency may vary by location.


➜Jeju Air: Cancel flight from Busan to Zhangjiajie.




➜Eastern Airlines: Cancellation of the actual flights between Rome and Shanghai from Eastern Airlines between January 31 and April 29. From February 2, 2020 (inclusive) to March 28 (inclusive), the actual flights operated by Singapore Airlines to China (Shanghai / Changchun / Hangzhou / Quanzhou / Changsha / Yantai / Kunming) will be canceled. Flight suspension MU577 (February 4 to April 25), MU578 (February 5 to April 26), MU583 / 6 (February 10 to March 28 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday), MU297 (February 4 to April 25), MU298 (February 5 to April 26), MU587 / 8 (February 10 to March 28, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday), MU589 / 90 (Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday from February 4 to February 9 and March 29 to April 25), MU589 / 90 (all from February 10 to March 28), MU717 / 8 (February 4 to February 9 and March 29 to Saturday, April 25), MU717 / 8 (all from February 10 to March 28), MU255 / 6 (March 29 Until Tuesday, April 25), MU255 / 6 (all from February 10 to March 28), MU597 (Monday and Friday, February 21 to March 8), MU598 (February 21 Until Tuesday, Saturday, March 8), MU571 / 2 (all from February 4), MU2855 / 6 (all from February 4 to June 18), MU767 / 8 (all from February 4), MU215 / 6 (all from February 13 to June 18). It is planned to resume domestic and international routes from the end of February to March.



➜Air China: Air China has resumed domestic flights in South China: Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Shantou, Zhanjiang, and Huizhou. At the same time, in order to protect the demand for “return to work”, Air China has especially opened additional work to increase overtime and encrypt Guangzhou-Dazhou For flights between Luzhou, Luzhou, and Wanzhou, a number of domestic flights in the East China region of Air China resumed orderly in February. The origins include Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Wenzhou, Hefei, Ningbo and other destinations. The destinations include Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, There are many places in Guangzhou and Haikou. Since February 21, Air China ’s southwestern routes have also resumed one after another. Southwest China is an important area for labor export. The resumed flights are mainly for the purpose of ensuring “resumption of the workflow.” The southwestern route is encrypted to Guangzhou and Shenzhen. , Hangzhou and other places have flight frequency. At present, Air China flights can reach 48 destinations on six continents.



➜ China Southern Airlines: Cancellation of Beijing-Istanbul flights from February 6th to February 29th; February 11th to March 28th, Beijing A & M retains week 2357 and cancels week 146; Guangzhou-Ame retains week 146 and cancels week 2357. The reduction of the Australian route is as follows: From February 11 to March 28, only one daily CZ325 / 6 Guangzhou-Sydney and one CZ321 / 344 Guangzhou-Melbourne are reserved. The reductions for North American routes are as follows: February 11-March 28, CZ327 / 8 Guangzhou-Los Angeles canceled week 246, reserved week 1357; CZ329 / 330 Guangzhou-Vancouver canceled week 4, reserved week 1367; CZ377 / 8 Guangzhou-Vancouver -Mexico City cancels all; CZ399 / 300 Guangzhou-New York cancels 1357, retains week 246. Resume Changsha to Nairobi flight.


➜ Sichuan Airlines: Some flights will resume.


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Shipping from China to Japan by air freight


➜ANA: NH956 (2 / 11-3 / 29), NH955 (2 / 10-3 / 28) reduced on Beijing route

, NH964 (2 / 11-3 / 29), NH963 (2 / 10-3 / 28); Tokyo Wuhan flight suspension delays NH937 (1 / 23-3 / 28), NH938 (1 / 24-3 / 29); ANA’s Beijing route reserved flights Beijing Osaka NH980 / NH979, Beijing Tokyo Haneda NH962 / NH961; Tokyo Pudong flight suspension notice NH972 (2/11 ~ 3/29), NH971 (2/10 ~ 3/28), NH922 (2/11 ~ 3/29), NH921 (2/10 ~ 3/28); Osaka Pudong flight suspension notice NH976 (2/11 ~ 3/29), NH975 (2/10 ~ 3/28); Tokyo Guangzhou flight suspension notice NH934 (2/11 ~ 3/29), NH933 (2/10 ~ 3/28)



Tokyo Shenyang flight suspension notice NH926 (2/11 ~ 3/29), NH925 (2/10 ~ 3/28); Tokyo Chengdu flight suspension notice NH948 (2/11 ~ 3/29), NH943 (2/10 ~ 3) / 28), NH947 (2/10 to 3/28); Tokyo-Hangzhou flight suspension notice NH930 (2 / 10- 3/28), NH929 (2 / 10- March 28); Tokyo-Xiamen flight suspension notice NH936 (2 / 10 ~ 3/28 (1/3/5)), NH935 (2/10 ~ 3/28 (1/3/5)) 2/10 ~ 3/28 (1/3/5); Osaka and Qingdao flights Notice of suspension of flights NH978 (2/10 to 3/28), NH977 (2/10 to 3/28); Notice of suspension of flights to Osaka and Dalian NH946 (2/10 to 3/28), NH945 (2/10 to 3/28) ; NH874 (2/17 ~ 3/28) and NH873 (2/17 ~ 3/28) for Osaka and Hong Kong flights. Reduced class NH927 / 928 (2/20 to 3/28); Reduced class NH903 / 904 (2/20 to 3/28); Reduced class NH969 / 970 (2/20 to 3/28). Reduced class NH951 / 952 2020/2 / 24,26,28 2020/3 / 1-2020 / 3/28. Outages NH959 / NH960 NH973 / NH974 (3 / 2-3 / 28); reduced classes NH979 / 980 (3 / 3-3 / 28).




Ship from China to Taiwan by air freight


➜China Airlines: Cancel flights from Shanghai on February 8 and February 9 to Hong Kong from Kaohsiung on January 31. From February 10 to April 29, the two sides of the strait only provide some flight services at five destinations in Beijing, Shanghai Pudong, Shanghai Hongqiao, Xiamen and Chengdu, and the remaining flights have been temporarily cancelled.




Shipping from China to Vietnam by air freight


➜ Vietnam Airlines: cancellation of round-trip flights from February 8, 2020, to March 31, 2020




➜ Etihad Airways: The fifth flight segment of Beijing-Nagoya will be temporarily suspended until March 28. From February 5 to March 28, flights to Shanghai and Chengdu were canceled.


Thermaltake Airlines: All Mainland China routes will be suspended from February 1 until further notice.




Shipping from China to Qatar by air freight


➜ Qatar Airways: Flights to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are temporarily suspended until March 31, 2020, and flights to Hangzhou, Chongqing and Chengdu are temporarily suspended until April 30, 2020.




Shipping from China to UAE by air freight


➜ Emirates: All flights from Beijing to Beijing will be removed from February 5. Go to the airport EK counter for a physical examination at least 8 hours in advance.


➜ Japan Airlines: From February 17, 2020, to March 28, some flights will be suspended, and some routes will be reduced. Beijing line: JL020, JL025, JL869, JL860 suspension of Shanghai line: JL873, JL872, JL877, JL874, JL879, JL876, JL883, JL884, JL897, JL898 suspension Four shifts.



Ship from China to Malaysia by air freight


➜ Malaysia Airlines: Non-stop flights from Sabah to Shanghai will be suspended from February 18, 2020, until further notice.


➜ Asiana Airlines: suspension of Incheon-Beijing OZ331 / 332 (2 / 4-3 / 28), OZ335 / 336 (2 / 11-3 / 28); suspension of Incheon-Shanghai OZ361 / 362 (2 / 4-3 / 28) ), OZ365 / 366 (2 / 17-3 / 28), OZ367 / 368 (2 / 10-3 / 28); Incheon-Guangzhou OZ355 / 356 (2 / 17-3 / 28), OZ357 / 358 (2 / 17-3 / 28); suspension of Incheon-Qingdao OZ319 / 320 (2 / 3-3 / 28); suspension of Incheon-Yantai OZ307 / 308 (2/8, 2/11, 2 / 12-2 / 29); Flight suspension Busan-Guangzhou OZ305 / 306 (2 / 4-2 / ​​29); Flight suspension Incheon-Changchun OZ379 / 380 (2 / 7-2 / 18); Flight suspension Incheon-Yanji OZ3513 / 3523 (2 / 10-3 / 28) ; Suspension of Incheon-Shenzhen OZ3713 / 3723 (2 / 13-3 / 28); suspension of Incheon-Shenzhen OZ3713 / 3723 (2 / 13-3 / 28); suspension of Incheon-Shenzhen OZ32513 / 326 (2 / 1-3 / 28) ); Suspension of Incheon-Haikou OZ3535 / 3545 (2 / 2-3 / 1); suspension of Gimpo-Beijing OZ3355 / 3365 (2 / 6-3 / 28); reduction of other flights OZ327 / 328, OZ3233 / 3243, OZ347 / 348 , OZ353 / 354, OZ311 / 312, OZ349 / 350, OZ301 / 302, OZ359 / 360, OZ351 / 352, OZ369 / 370, OZ371 / 372, OZ323, OZ349 / 350, OZ337 / 338, OZ339 / 340, Air suspension OZ721 / 722, OZ7117 / 7127, OZ717 / 718, OZ711 / 712, OZ713 / 714 , OZ134 / OZ133, OZ172 / 171, OZ158 / 157, OZ112 / 111. The above information is collected and organized by BCD Travel (subscribe to the BCD Travel public account for more information).


➜Shenzhen Airlines: flights will be opened successively from February 23.




Shipping from China to the Philippines by air freight


➜Philippine Airlines: Cancel flight until March 28.




African airlines



Shipping from China to Tanzania by air freight


➜ Tanzania Airlines: Cancel all flights to and from China.




Ship from China to Egypt by air freight



➜Egypt Airlines: Resumes flights to and from China on February 27.



Shipping from China to Tanzania by air freight

➜Kenya Air: From now on, flights to Mainland China (Guangzhou) will be suspended.

Shipping from China to Morocco by air


➜ Royal Moroccan Airlines: From January 31, flights to Mainland China (Beijing) will be suspended. This route will be opened on January 16.



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Shipping from China to Rwanda by air freight


➜ Rwanda Airlines: suspension of mainland China routes (Guangzhou) until further notice.




Oceania Airlines


Ship from China to New Zealand by air freight


➜Air New Zealand: From February 18th to March 31st, the only mainland China route, New Zealand-Shanghai Pudong, will be reduced from one daily to four weekly flights.


Jetstar Pacific: Suspension of operations on China routes (Guangzhou, Hong Kong) from February 6.



Shipping from China to Australia by air freight


➜Qantas: From February 9th, it will suspend direct flights from Sydney to Beijing and Sydney to Shanghai until March 29th.





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