Many importers receive Tel-sales calls from the freight forwarder and the promotion email every day. The most popular words are “good services”.

But is it really easy to provide good logistics service? The answer is No. It is very difficult. It is easy to provide One time or some times good service.

It takes a lot of effort to provide stable services for several decades.

At present, the frequency of importers changing freight forwarding is from six months to one year. This frequency is very high.

Frequent replacement of freight forwarders increases the efficiency of importers and the probability of error.

In the beginning, Many customers will use the logistics solution from a Chinese supplier, under CIF term,but they find that the CIF shipping cost is so expensive, and it takes much time with the supplier to solve the problem if happened.

Later the importer will choose a freight forwarder in his own country. Of course, the FOB term is chosen.

The importer has gained more control over the logistics and obtained a relatively better price, but there will still be various problems.

If you Shipping from China, they still need to find a Chinese freight forwarder, or a Chinese branch to handle your cargo.

Bestforworld handles many cargos for our overseas partners who also local freight forwarding companies.

So that the speed of sub-information transmission is reduced. also, take time to solve the problems, but there are no other ways for importers.

All they can do is replace a local freight forwarder, or working with a Chinese Freight Forwarder directly like Bestforworld.

But Bestforworld logistics provides the third option, you can choose a reliable, Chinese freight forwarding, let you benefit from the third logistics solution in both low price and fast speed.

Next, let’s see what causes the freight forwarder to fail to provide stable and reliable service.

Shipping from China


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1 Poorly educated

I will take the example of China’s freight forwarding first. The average academic qualification is high school, and some even junior high school.

The academic qualifications of many foreign freight forwarders are generally lower than other industries.

2 High competition, due to send low quotation to attract clients

In the case of high competition, some freight forwarders will offer too low a price, or below the cost to get an order, but in the event of a subsequent step, they will charge an additional fee.

3 Employee turnover rate is too high

Usually, the turnover rate in China’s freight forwarding operations is lower than that in foreign countries.

But many of our overseas agents and personnel are extremely mobile, which makes me feel very scared.

Because of this greatly increased probability of operational errors, as well as operational proficiency and work efficiency

4 Low salary

The whole freight forwarder industry, I think the most important position is the operation, a good operation can solve all the problems, and avoid some problems.

So Bestforworld pays a lot of attention to the company’s operation team.

Our operating team earns a high salary than market standards, which provides the stability of the team and guarantees the fundamentals of the service.

If a freight forwarding company does not pay attention to operations and does not provide a reasonable salary, I believe this company can not provide steady service

Shipping from China


5 Lack of core competitiveness

Many freight forwarding companies are just a simple middleman. They don’t have their own unique core competencies. The professional operation skills of specific countries are easily eliminated in today’s highly competitive logistics industry or let customers feel their services. Not satisfactory. For example, some companies have the advantage of airlifting, some specialize in  Hazardous Article oversized goods, Bestforworld is focused on the overseas market and deep understanding of the needs for different clients.

6 Lack of professional ethics

If you let me explain how to identify whether a freight forwarder is better or worse, it is really hard to judge.

If there are various problems with your goods, they will solve them quickly and they will not charge extra fees.

This is the embodiment of professional ethics, and the continuous, long-term work that can keep this kind of work is very difficult.

So after you find a Good Supplier in China, the next step is to find a reliable freight forwarder, when you shipping from China.

7 Lack of sustainable development concept

Many freight forwarders, starting with new customers, will offer lower prices, but as the familiarity increases, they will slowly raise the price very high, or when the goods encounter problems, they will charge more.

More extra fees. They do not have an honest attitude and a sustainable concept. Such thinks happened lots, when you importing from China.both when you place an order with the supplier or you booked a shipment from a Shipping Company in China.

8 Lack of competitiveness, life is too comfortable

Many Western developed countries, because of the better national social welfare payments, young people do not have a lot of ambitions, and the willingness to work hard.

Currently, the American freight forwarding, the German freight forwarding, the British freight forwarding, Singapore’s freight forwarding, is More efficient and hardworking.

In many other countries, it takes even 2-3 days to send us a quotation, and the working efficiency is very low.

Bestforworld business philosophy is to maintain integrity, we never easily guarantee to our client, use your own efforts and actions to prove that in this highly competitive industry.

We can not guarantee that we can provide the lowest price and best service in this market, but once receive the customer’s Trusted, our team will definitely go all out.

To be honest, it is really hard to find and pick a good China Freight Forwarder, so do not hesitate to contact Bestfoworld.


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