1 Definition of open top container:


The open top container is a container type of OOG special container. The top of the open top container is open and usually has a foldable canopy with a tarpaulin cover and a wire rope seal.


Open top container, often called OT container, is a type of container in OOG Out Of gauge.

Compared with conventional containers, this kind of container has no steel box top, and can open the back door of the container or load and unload the goods from the top of the box with a crane, which is suitable for large-scale machine transportation, ultra-high bulk transportation.


20 and 40 size open top containers are often referred to as 20OT and 40OT. Opening the roof does not mean that the real “open” transportation. The cargo of the open top container is waterproof and the protection requirements are the same as ordinary containers. Therefore, after loading the goods, it is necessary to cover the top with a waterproof device. Bestforworld handles lots of open top container shipping from China to Thailand, USA, Germany.


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However, when the height of the cargo exceeds the container, the waterproof problem at this time is more difficult to deal with. Basically, it relies on the customer’s own packaging of the goods and the purchase of canvas enough to cover the entire container to achieve waterproofing. Canvas cover, or foldable canopy and sealing with wire rope.




2 Ocean freight of open top container :


Open top containers do not have a completely fixed calculation method on the freight rate. The most basic is to look at different sizes. The space occupied by the 40 sizes is larger than the space occupied by the 20 sizes. The freight of 40 sizes in the goods is relatively high.

But this is relative to a reference. For different routes, such as shipping from China to India and Turkey, the ocean freight carried by the Ocean 20 may be higher than the freight carried by the Ocean 40.


There are other situations, such as the weight of the goods, which also affect the shipping costs of different open top containers. In addition, it involves the actual operation of various terminals and transit ports. It is not uniform to consider the situation of the cabins in the peak season.


The number of open top docks is limited. On the basis of the freight rate, it is necessary to consider whether there are empty containers. Moreover, according to the size of the open top containers, if the ultra-wide and ultra-high, then they will occupy more cabins, in the case of cabin explosion. Under the quotation, the freight rate changes are very large; in the quotation stage, it is necessary to leave a reasonable space.

3 Open top container size and parameters and Dimensions:


Although the container is divided according to the scope of use, different shipping companies, different countries, different regions will have different standards, but the difference is not too big, and the same as the common container is divided into 20 feet and 40 feet open top container (20’OT, 40’OT).


Because of the lack of a top in the container structure, the open top container is inferior to the ordinary container in terms of stability, so the load is not as good as the ordinary container, and the height of the cargo that can be carried is basically limited to 4M or less due to safety reasons. The following is the relevant data for the size of the open top container:


20 OT open top container size:



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40 OT  open top container size:




4 Open top container transportation precautions and how to bundle and cover:



open top container transportation needs to cover the tarpaulin during operation, grasp the high limit of road limit and height limit, arrange the trailer according to the specific conditions of the cargo, and calculate the cost of the trailer according to the condition of the cargo.

The top container is transported and bundled. The first one is to understand the specific condition of the cargo, the shape, and weight, and decide which opener container size to use. The focus is on the balance of gravity; the main materials are steel wire, joints, tie wraps, small wooden mats, etc.

The binding point requires a good connection with the whole, the force is strong, and the distance between the lashing points is short; if there is no point that can be tied, the overall binding is carried out according to the size of the cargo. After the tying is completed, it is best to take pictures and keep the picture of the open top container after tying. If there is no supplier of professional tying personnel, it is convenient to send the picture of the open top container for tying instructions to see if the lashing is correct.


5 The open top container is suitable for a load which kind of goods and loading analysis.


The open top container is mainly loaded with large mechanical products, machinery and equipment, metal pipes, glass products, and goods that are not convenient for manual loading and unloading. Mainly include ball mill, excavator, mixer, embroidery machine, porcelain making machine, tempering furnace, crusher, grinding machine, feeding machine, slag filling machine, slate, truck, crane and so on.


There are many factors to consider when choosing a top container loading. Open the top container, as the name suggests, first of all, from the structure of the open top container, it is suitable for loading large and super high cargo, and it is highly malleable.


Secondly, from the point of view of the goods, the goods that are too heavy to be directly loaded from the rear of the box must be used in the open top container. In this case, special machinery, such as a crane, is used to lift from the top.


However, more than 27.6T of goods or ultra-wide cargo, open top container is also not competent, it is recommended to choose the flat container, because the physical structure of the open top container lacks the top cover, has instability, restricts the load,  Also open the top, defeat also open the top.”


Finally, we must also consider whether the cargo needs a box seal, whether it is afraid of tides, and so on. This requires experienced, professional special container practitioners, to consider the goods and containers. In China’s wharf, unlike the common container, the human factor is more important, otherwise, it will easily cause many problems such as damage to the goods, rejection by the shipping company, loading and unloading accidents. Presumably, most shippers do not want to see it.


6 Open top container trailer and reinforcement.

Many imported open top containers from China are very strange to the operation of the open top container. The main focus is on how to arrange the trailer and how to reinforce the goods.


The trailer of the open top container mainly considers the height problem. The cargo of the open top container is generally super high, so the height limit of the road should be considered. For example, the height limit of a certain place is 5 meters. If it is larger than this value, it will hinder the passage of the vehicle body. The height must have enough experience to predict in advance that many small companies can’t do this, it will cause the goods to be transported to the factory again, and the goods will be scratched, heavy traffic accidents and goods destroyed.


At the same time, the tying reinforcement of the open top container is also very important. The most basic principle is that the goods cannot be shaken at will. They must be fixed in the box body. They need to be fixed with wood at the bottom and side. If necessary, the goods should be tied with steel wire and fixed at the bottom of the box. At the ring, the top is covered with a canvas to cover the entire container to achieve a waterproof, foldable canopy seal. The most direct impact of the lashing reinforcement is that the shipping company will refuse to board the container and cause the cargo to remain in the port.


7 Q&A

Question 1: What is the inner diameter of the container?


Unlike the outer diameter dimension, the inner diameter of the container refers to the maximum length, width, and height of the interior. The length is the distance between the inner side of the door and the inner wall of the end wall, and the width is the distance between the two inner linings, and the height is the distance from the bottom surface of the box to the bottom of the top plate. It determines the container’s internal volume and the maximum size of the goods in the box.


Question 2: What if my cargo height exceeds 2.32 meters?


Since it is open top container, as the name suggests, it can be super high, so we can pick up the super high cargo. Of course, the specific size can be too high. For the impact of freight rate, the operation should pay attention to, you need to provide the specific size of the cargo. So that we can implement a reasonable plan for you.


Question 3: What is the box load? What is the difference between the weight limit and the space limit?


The weight of the box refers to the maximum payload of the container of this type. The difference from the load of the space is that the standard of the load of the tank is specified by the shipping company. It is stipulated that the weight of the container can only be reduced. Under normal circumstances, the weight limit of the space will be lower than that. The box is loaded.


Question 4: Why does the 40-foot open top container load be lower than the 20-foot open top container?

Since the weight of the container of the 40-foot open top container will be larger than that of the 20-foot open top container, and the bottom plates are the same, the thickness of the bottom plate determines the load capacity, so the load will be slightly lower.

Of course, in the actual operation of the special container, whether the goods can be shipped smoothly depends not only on the size and parameters but also on the route arrangement, whether the port equipment can undertake the cargo and other complicated factors.


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8 Open  top container transport industry barriers? Trends, problems, and opportunities.


Most of the open top containers are for maritime transportation. Due to the difficulty in transporting the open top containers, high safety requirements, low customer volume, relatively unstable, and cooperation with customers, it is difficult to have another opportunity for cooperation. The container transportation industry has formed certain barriers.


At the same time, the design and implementation of the open top container transportation plan require the design of a road survey and transportation mode in advance. The investment of equipment requires business support, otherwise the funds cannot be effectively turned over.



In the actual transportation, the problem of multi-disc is more prominent. First, the land transportation logistics company lacks the knowledge of the professional open-top container transportation and does not know how to operate. It has not fully grasped the road height limit and the standard of over-limit transportation. Then there is a lot of irregularities in the shipping company because of the scarcity of its resources. Customers have certain risks when choosing partners. Similarly, shipping companies are more cautious when choosing downstream partners.


However, the transportation of open top containers is still intensive and large-scale. The development of global economic integration, the adjustment, and transfer of international industrial structure have accelerated the process of industrialization in China, and a large number of large-scale goods have entered the Chinese market. Although its operation mode is still not standardized, with the gradual introduction of relevant standards and policies, the industry barriers for open top container transportation are gradually broken. The internationalization trend makes the open top container transportation face intensive integration, adding more to the open top container transportation. More energy.


9 Which carriers provide open top container services?


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