From import from China to Angola, how to find a good supplier, provide quality-assured goods, how to find an honest, reliable Chinese freight forwarder, to delivery the goods from China to Angola.ensure the safety of goods, delivery the shipment on time. The most important thing is how to find a professional CNCA certification provider. If you import from China to Angola, this article will bring you a lot of inspirational ideas.

This article will answer the question below:


What is the Angola CNCA certificate?


Which documents are required for Angola CNCA?


How long does it take to get the approval of CNCA?


What is the Procedure for issue the Angola CNCA?


How can I fast and secure the CNCA certificate for Angola customs clearance?


What are the regulations of CACA?




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Definition: What is Angola’s CNCA certification


Since January 1, 2008, the Republic of Angola in order to better control the unit price and origin of the loaded goods in order to further supervise the source of the goods, all of the destination ports such as Lobito, Namibia, and Luanda in Angola. The goods must apply for CONSEIL NATIONAL DES CHARGEURS ANGOLAIS, English abbreviation CNCA, Chinese is commonly known as cargo electronic goods tracking list.


If the application is not applied, it will be regarded as a violation of the transportation regulations to Angola, and the customs clearance operation cannot be successfully completed in the local area. The application for the arrival of the goods will result in a high fine.


According to the regulations of the Angolan Port Authority, the CNCA must be handled by the consignor at the port of departure which means the Chinese supplier. Some shipping companies also need to mark the corresponding CNCA certificate number on the bill of lading to issue the final original bill of find a reliable Chinese shipping agent, is such important for you. Who will solve all issues about the CNCA certificate?


Make your importing business from China to Angola much faster and easy , strong than your competitors.


Many importers have been unable to clear customs because they have neglected the handling of the CNCA certificate.


Many importers have found a good supplier in China and have also quickly shipped goods to the port of Angola, but the inability to provide accurate CNCA certification has resulted in the inability to clear the goods.



The entire Internet, even google, Angola’s importers could not find a complete overview, or guidance, to introduce all the details of CNCA certification, resulting in many Angolan importers, do not understand what is CNCA, keep reading, this article will introduce everything That you need to know about importing from China to Angola, some secrets about the CNCA certificate.





Angola CNCA procedures:


  1. Applicant provides CNCA APPLICATION FORM, DRAFT B/L COPY, Commercial Invoice.


  1. After receiving the above materials, BESTFORWORLD will issue a formal quotation. The applicant will arrange payment and send the bank slip scan to BESTFORWORLD. After receiving the remittance, BESTFORWORLD will generate CNCA.NO according to the application form information provided by the applicant.


  1. After receiving the CNCA.NO., the applicant can provide this number to the shipping company to issue the original bill of lading.


  1. Provide the original Master B/L COPY, stamped Commercial Invoice.


  1. After the certificate is submitted for approval, BESTFORWORLD will deliver the paper certificate approved for approval to the applicant, and all processes will be completed.




A scanned copy of the following documents needed to be submitted and issue the CNCA Certificate and sent to BESTFORWORLD:


1) Original Master B/L Scanner

2) Stamped Commercial Invoice Scanner




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How to use the CNCA certificate:


The original CNCA paper certificate will be delivered to the applicant by courier, and the applicant can directly use it for customs clearance at the port of destination.


The Angola CNCA shipping certificate is in duplicate and is divided into white and Blue sets


White set Original: The consignor should send the original white set to the final consignee of the destination port, and the white set will use it for the consignee to clear the customs.


Blue set copy: The consignor should hand over a copy of the Blue set to the shipping company, and the shipping company will send this to the local agency in Angola to apply in advance for the formal formalities of arriving at the vessel.


Note: If some shipping companies do not need a blue copy, they can send two sets of certificates to the final consignee.



Main port of Angola:





We can handle the CNCA Certificate when you importing from goods from Dalian, Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Nanjing to Angola.
At the same time, it can also handle the CNCA Certificate for shipping from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia to Angola.




Angola’s CNCA 9 key regulations, BW keeps updated ….



  1. If the shipment from China to Angola is FCL or BULK, then the master bill of lading must be provided and the house bill of lading is not accepted. If ship from china to Angola is using LCL, then it can accept the house bill of lading. At least one person who is the consignee or notifies party should be from the Angolan state.


2, if the transaction method is CIF, then the commercial invoice must list the value of the goods (FOB total amount), sea freight, insurance, CIF total amount; if the transaction method is CFR, then the value must be listed on the commercial invoice (FOB) The total amount), sea freight, and CFR total amount; if the transaction method is FOB, then the sea freight should not appear on the commercial invoice. Commercial invoices can be written in either Commercial Invoice, Final Invoice or Invoice, but not in Proforma Invoice. The commercial invoice must also indicate the invoice number, date, and TO.


3, DU’s full name is DOCUMENTO ÚNICO PROVISÓRIO, similar to the import license, which is provided by the consignee.


4, do not urgently fill in the application form, first to determine the contents of the bill of lading and the commercial invoice, and ask the consignee for DU; then fill in the application form according to the bill of lading, commercial invoice, and DU. These three documents are the basis. If these three documents are not confirmed, the application form cannot be filled out.


  1. If the goods imported from China are vehicles, the vehicle serial number VIN NO must be provided, and it is strongly recommended to list the serial number/chassis number on the bill of lading, commercial invoice, and packing list.


6, the sea freight cost which shipping from China to Angola should not be too high or too low, otherwise it will affect the certification. The currency of the shipping fee must be the same as the commercial invoice, either USD or EUR.


7, the above documents must be clear and complete, the picture pixels are recommended to be above 1680×2376.


8, the original CNCA must be signed before the goods arrive in the destination port, otherwise, it may face severe penalties such as high fines, goods returned, destroyed, unable to clear customs.


9, tripartite trade (involving middlemen) must also meet the above requirements, this is mandatory, no exceptions, not negotiable. The commercial invoice must be a commercial invoice for customs clearance at the port of destination, that is, a commercial invoice for the “consignor to the consignee” or “intermediary to the consignee”, and does not accept the “consignor to the intermediary”.






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