COVID-19 has completely changed importing and shipping from China to Nigeria in the past six months.


Trucks lined up at Apapa port in Lagos, Nigeria. Container ships need to wait more than a month before they can unload at the port.


The congestion in the port of Lagos is so serious that the cost of these trucks to transport a container 20 kilometers inland in Nigeria may exceed US$4,000, which is almost equivalent to the 20GP container ocean freight cost to transport 12,000 nautical miles from China.  Of course, the sea freight from China to Nigeria is also approaching: 20GP:4000USD 40HQ:8000USD


The ports of Apapa and Tincan, which are the main entrances to the largest economies in Africa, have suffered from the economic recession triggered by the epidemic and the recent turmoil in the commercial capital of Nigeria, which has exacerbated the port’s long-term crisis.


Dozens of container ships are stranded at sea due to congestion, and hundreds of trucks stay on the road for days or weeks, waiting to enter and exit the port.



In Nigeria’s busiest ports of Lagos, Tincan, and Apapa, no less than 43 ships loaded with various cargoes were trapped in Lagos waters. It is expected that 44 ships will arrive in Lagos in December. Freight forwarders attribute the blame to the dismantling of containers and the suspension of barge operations.


The import and export transactions from China to Nigeria are also messed up, and the port is generally congested, causing the ocean freight transportation cost of goods shipped to Nigeria from China to soar by about 600%. This situation puts the port operators of Tincan Port and Apapa Port in a state of chaos, with containers stranded at the terminals, and due to limited stacking space, ships are also stranded at sea unnecessarily.


In Tincan Port, the stacking space for containers is almost full. A section of the road to the port is under construction, while another road is guarded by a security agency to blackmail the importer for money. This behavior makes Nigerian importers and importers of goods passing through the Nigerian border a headache and increases the logistics cost of their shipments from China. How to solve this problem? Contact Bestforworld for the most stable ocean freight price and container cargo space for shipping from China.


If Nigeria’s ports continue to be congested, there is bound to be a shortage of containers returning to China and Asia, exacerbating the shortage of containers shipped from China to Nigeria in the next quarter.


At the same time, the ocean freight from China to Nigeria increased, forming a vicious circle.


At present, the high sea freight and the large number of goods shipped from China to Nigeria cannot find enough and reliable container spaces in China. At the same time, the shipping schedule could not be confirmed, and the ocean freight changed very fast so that importers could not believe that in just 6 months, they encountered a situation that they had never encountered in the past 10 years.


Many importers were surprised and at a loss. Many importers chose to wait, but after waiting for a month, they found that the ocean freight was more than a thousand USD more than the previous month.


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An executive at a terminal in Lagos told that the cost of shipping containers to Nigeria has risen 600% this year. In the first half of this year, a 20-foot container from the Far East to Nigeria costs 1,000 US dollars. But now, shipping companies charge between US$5,500 and US$6,000. This is just a cost. Many importers adopt CIF terms, so the ocean freight they receive from China to Nigeria will increase by 500 USD or even more because many middlemen need to earn corresponding profits.



The source also expressed other concerns: due to traffic jams and suspected blackmail by security officials, the cost of inland transportation from Tincan to anywhere else in Lagos has risen by more than 1,000%. The congestion almost paralyzed the operation of Tincan Port, forcing some shipping companies to transfer cargo to Nigeria to the neighboring Cotonou and Ivorian ports.


A senior executive of a shipping company said: “Some progress has been made in improving roads and some efforts have been made to speed up container clearance, but the progress is not smooth.” “Repaired in the next 12 to 18 months Still can’t see hope”


In the past 10 years, those importers have felt that it is very easy to find a freight forwarder to obtain ocean freight and container cargo space. However, in the past three months, the 600% increase in ocean freight has left them stunned. How to solve the current problem has become a concern for many Nigerian importers.


What are the difficulties in shipping from China to Nigeria?


Nowadays, a large number of FOB cargo, that is, Nigerian importers used to find local freight forwarders in Nigeria to book container space when shipping from China to Nigeria, and then these local freight forwarders in Nigeria use logistics associations and alliances to find Chinese agents as China’s booking agents. Before the stable international logistics situation Operation is feasible. But now the pricing for ocean freight is so high in China. Therefore, the target price of these FOB cargo is unable to obtain space in China.


So if the FOB term is not made if the importer chooses CIF or CNF to arrange the sea freight from China to Nigeria, then experienced importers will find that the sea freight is already very expensive, why the CIF sea freight has become more expensive, An experienced importer can let your Chinese suppliers separate the ocean freight and insurance fee and the cost of goods. You will find that the ocean freight you get is 500USD-1000USD more expensive than the current price. Because suppliers and their Chinese freight forwarders need to share a lot of profits in the middle.


So how to solve and find a reasonable ocean freight supplier when you ship from China to Nigeria?


The answer is: looking for your own Chinese freight forwarder, the advantages will not be specifically told, but the price will be more transparent, and the speed and efficiency of communication will become faster.


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The delivery time from China to Nigeria is almost 33-45 days, depending on different shipping companies and destination ports.