There are many articles and blogs on Google about shipping from China to the US Those articles seem to be relatively complete, but the content is too basic and lacks practical effect. It is very suitable for a newbie who has just imported from China, without experience, and some who have just been engaged in FBA Importers of e-commerce. However, in terms of recent Google search volume, more and more experienced importers are concerned about those issues that have not been mentioned. Many of those articles were published in the previous two years and did not incorporate the COVID-19 epidemic time background.


The coronavirus has changed the world, and it has also changed the Shipping from China to the US, see what impact it has.


This article will include a detailed break down sea freight cost, air freight cost, FOB, and EXW terms of charge details, allowing you to more directly calculate logistics costs.


Help you get the logistics secrets that surpass your competitors.


The content of this blog is the solution to many problems that occurred in the emails communicated by American importers and forwarders in the past 2 years. Much of the content is a summary of practice. This is the first time that it has been published in the scope of Google. , Bestforworld is not afraid to publish these valuable suggestions that are useful and can reduce everyone’s mistakes again.


Many of the contents are first announced by Bestforworld. These experiences are used to train sales and customer service teams. At the same time, it is also the logistics strategy we provide to American customers.


It is jointly compiled by Bestforworld’s sales, documentation, operations, customer service, and overseas department heads. It can be said that it is a unique article in the Google database.


Why is it published in this special period? Because the COVID-19 beginning in 2020 is too bad, we hope that the business of importers in the US can become better.


This article is very rare in Google, and it will not only strengthen basic logistics knowledge when you shipping from China to Us, such as sea freight, air freight , express, cost, time, and transportation methods from China to the US And it gives a lot of inspiration and highlights to those experienced American importers also。


Many importers may have several years of experience and are relatively confident about their logistics strategies. They appear to be relatively stable before the COVID-19 outbreak, but these experienced suppliers suddenly became At a loss, they lack channels to understand shipping cost.

Their current freight forwarders cannot obtain empty container cargo space. The entire delivery arrangement has become very out of control.


Various updates are very slow. Suddenly they discovered that some of them were out of control, information transmission became slow, and communication became not so smooth. What should I do, damn, it feels bad. In fact, in this article, both rookie and experienced people will gain a lot of insights and new ideas once they importing from China.



The blog will more focus on the following questions and FAQs that medium and large importers worry about and pay attention to.


These experiences are the practical experience accumulated by the Bestforworld sales and operation team in the past 10 years


At the same time, due to the proliferation of the COVID-19 epidemic, we have many suggestions on how to optimize the logistics and freight strategy from China to the US under the COVID-19 epidemic. Many American medium-sized and large importers are a little at a loss for shipping from China to the US


The past year, 2020, was the darkest year in history. The global supply chain was paralyzed by the coronavirus, but shipments from China to the US have exploded, and all modes of transportation are still going on.


Prices have increased a lot, uncontrollable factors, and frequent delays, but the trade between China and the US is still close and strong. Compared with the large number of goods shipped to the US from China, the US’ exports to China have dropped sharply, because the domestic epidemic situation in the US cannot be controlled. to be honest, if the domestic epidemic in the US is not well controlled, it will be difficult to improve this out-of-control supply chain situation.


Of course, at this time, if you have goods imported from China to the US, choosing a Chinese freight forwarder to cooperate is the best choice to minimize the impact on your business during the COVID-19 effect.


This article contains the following main content:

How to save shipping time when I ship from China to the US?


How to reduce shipping costs and ship from China to the US?


How to avoid delays in shipping from China to the USA?


How to save 300-500% of ocean freight cost when I ship from China to the US?


How to reduce local tariffs in the US when I importing from China?


How long does it take to ship from China to the US?


What is the best way to ship from China to the USA?


How does COVID-19 affect shipments from China to the US?


How can I reshape my logistics strategy when I import from China to the US in the face of the lack of containers, the rising sea freight cost, and the poor terminal congestion in both China and the USA?


Ship from China to USA Amazon FBA. What should I pay attention to?


In the case of COVID-19, how to avoid the impact of the coronavirus on your shipments from China to the US, and how to optimize your logistics strategy?


How to combine dangerous goods and general products, what are the rules and procedures, when you ship from China to the US?

How does COVID-19 affect the shipping market from China to the US?


Container shortage:

Because the current supply chain situation has been out of balance, a large amount of the container ships carrying products made in China arrived in the US, but the US did not have enough goods to export to China, resulting in a large number of containers squeezed in the container yard of US, unable to return on time. many importers will encounter that the goods already have cargo space, but no empty containers are found. The problem of container shortage will not disappear in the next 6 months, and even the epidemic in the US will not be controlled.

This situation cannot get better. Many importers have to pay extra hundreds and thousands of dollars at the port of departure to obtain container QR codes and empty containers to load their goods because they are in urgent need of goods so that the goods can be sold in the US earlier.


A large number of American importers hoard goods to increase their sense of security and inventory. They don’t know what will happen next 2021.


Sea freight increases:

Last year, the shipping cost of a 40HQ container shipped from Ningbo to Los Angeles at the same time was only 1900USD, but the current price is confirmed to be around 5500USD. The price for shipping from China to the US East coast is even more terrifying. Ningbo to New York has also approached 8000USD, even The sailing date has been booked until the end of February. The sea freight from China to Miami is even approaching 9,000 USD


Airfreight capacity is reduced, and air freight fluctuates greatly:

Now that the capacity of commercial airliners is decreasing, many commercial airlines have to increase air freight from China to the US to make up for their losses. Moreover, the demand for air freight is still strong, but compared to the past, the air freight capacity from China to the US is declining, and the air freight capacity is in short supply, and the price fluctuations are very serious. The airlines are very unstable and often cancel flights.


The best way to get the best air freight is to find a Chinese freight forwarder because the air freight from China to the US is currently controlled by Chinese airlines. Contact Bestforworld to get the most cost-effective air freight price.


Congestion in US ports:

Nowadays, the Los Angeles terminal has seen ships line up for unloading. The terminal’s terminal staff is insufficient, and the terminal operation efficiency is seriously reduced. Because of the COVID-19 epidemic, the strict quarantine order directly leads to the overall efficiency reduction.


Therefore, the time for importing from China to China requires an additional 5-10 days as a buffer. And you cannot use the previous voyage to estimate the time when your goods are shipped from China to the US

In the case of COVID-19, how to avoid the impact of the coronavirus on your shipments from China to the US, and how to optimize your logistics strategy?


The following content will be the unique inside story of Google. We will make it public, how to optimize shipments from China to the US, whether you are a new importer or experienced, with more than 20 years of Chinese procurement experience, The following content is worth reading carefully and sharing with your purchasing and supply chain teams. This content itself is part of sales secrets.


However, in the past 6 months, too many American importers have been plagued by various logistics and freight issues. Pay high shipping costs and seek solutions everywhere.


The COVID-19 epidemic has destroyed the international logistics situation that has been fixed for more than ten years. Many importers cannot adapt to such a rapid increase in sea freight, from China to the US, and today, there are many clients who shipped from China to Norfolk.

New York, Miami, and the East Coast of the US still can’t believe such shipping cost, or some once confident and arrogant importers still can’t believe in their stance and feel the turbulence of the shipping market.


Affected by COVID-19, how has the current shipping market changed, The following content includes the recent logistics status and the countermeasures that should be taken to avoid the impact of COVID-19 on your shipments from China to the US:


1 Sea freight pricing power is completely returned to Chinese shipping carriers, Many shipping companies in the destination port have lost their pricing power.


Many large customers can get a price, just a price, but the goods do not have real spaces or containers. Importers who are accustomed to FOB terms have to feel the bad CIF logistics experience again.


2 Many agreement prices Annual or semi-annual amount is invalid


3 The target price of many importers with huge cargo volume cannot get the cargo space, They are still referring to the historical data of sea freight from last year or previous years as a reference.


4 The current psychology of shipping companies is to maximize profits. They don’t care about how much regular cargo you have. A few hundred percent of the profits can make them forget all future and past friendships. Of course, this crazy momentum has started to improve a bit recently


In the situation of huge demand, shipping companies are so arrogant, like open robbery. Of course, if they cannot collect enough cargo to fill the capacity of the container ship during a certain voyage, their attitude will suddenly change and reduce The price is inevitable.


The greed of capital is terrible.


5 A large number of empty containers cannot be returned to China because the US exports fewer goods to China and many vessels are transported in empty containers, so when you export, you have already paid the return freight of empty containers back to China.



6 Many containers are booked in advance, basically, 2-3 weeks in advance on the west coast of the US and 3-4 weeks on the east coast of the US, If you want to deliver your goods safely, stably, and reliably, please send your shipping plan to your forwarder in advance instead of in a very short time. This has not worked. The short preparation time will make your shipment from China fall into a passive situation, and the delay of the departure date is inevitable


7 The sea freight from China to the US used to be updated once every two weeks, but now it is updated almost once a week.


Many times when the ocean freight is not updated, you have to occupy the container space first, because it is particularly important to find a professional, reliable, and honest Chinese freight forwarder.


8 Shipping fee from China to the US are priced completely based on market supply and demand, which is very sensitive. Just like stock speculation.


9 Shipping companies have nakedly formed monopolies, they need each container to get the best profit, although the Chinese government has convened many heads of shipping companies to discuss how to control the freight from China, this is not effective at all. These shipping companies are the main foreign companies. Under the market economy, this is useless.


Contact Bestforworld to save your importing from China to US business right now.



The following measures must be taken once you shipping from China to the US:


Arrange shipments in advance as much as possible, tighten your supply chain procurement plan, and reserve extra time to deal with unexpected logistics situations


Keep in close contact with your Chinese freight forwarder. In many emergencies, it is important to obtain first-hand information and shipping cost.


Using more LCL, because FCL’s shipping delays from China to the US are relatively serious, while the shipping delays of LCL are relatively not so serious.


If you are purchasing PPE and medical supplies, you must choose a compliant supplier and operate with a professional freight forwarder. Otherwise, you will encounter a lot of troubles and delays, and the risk is very high.


If you use Bestforworld logistics services, how do you need to cooperate with us:


1 To the West Coast shipments ,BW needs to get the shipping plan 2-3 weeks in advance, and to East Coast shipments BW needs to get the shipping plan 3-4 weeks in advance


2 If you need to get an inquiry for shipping from China to the US, you need to provide the following information:


1) Port of departure and port of destination

2) Need to arrange port to port or port to door (DDU/DDP service) or door to port or door to door shipping service.

3 )Do you have an annual bond for US customs clearance?

4 )Do you need to transport your goods to the US by air or by sea?

5) The total volume, gross weight, and quantity of goods.

6 )The item name of the goods, HS code, whether it is dangerous or general goods?

7)If you need door-to-door or port to door service, you need to provide a complete US delivery address

8)Are you do FOB or EXW terms with your Chinese supplier?


These are the most basic cargo information and details. We don’t want to receive an incomplete inquiry. The efficient and direct working style is what we provide to customers and we need customers to cooperate with us.


3 We need to receive ocean freight payment for each shipment before the Telex


4 The factory needs to provide a more accurate delivery date, which requires the close cooperation of you and your China supplier.


5 When many ocean freight charges are finally updated, your goods may have been loaded or entered the warehouse, because the fixed ocean freight cannot be provided as before, The inquiry may be a reference price, and the transaction price is not the same as the quotation, because as mentioned earlier, the shipping company’s pricing is completely adjusted weekly based on supply and demand.

which means once you book the cargo space the price is just for your reference if we wait for the updated rate,the cargo space is finish.


The current situation is very unfavorable for customers with large cargo volumes. The shipping cost control strategy for the past ten years is now suddenly invalid. we hope this situation can be alleviated in the next six months.




What is the best way to ship from China to the USA?


The best way to ship from China to the US is one of the most asked questions by Google and Quora. The answer should be relative. The following factors directly affect the best way you should take:


Requirements for arrival time:

Description of goods

Final destination:

The total volume, weight, quantity of the goods:


Description of goods:

If you import clothing or daily necessities, promotional gifts from China, then you can choose air or sea LCL or FCL,depend on your delivery time.


But if you purchase a product containing a gaslighter, CLASS: 2.1 UN1057, this product cannot be shipped by LCL  sea freight, only by air and by sea container shipping, and your supplier needs to provide compliant export documents in advance.


However, lithium batteries, which are also dangerous goods, can be shipped from China to the US by air, sea LCL, or sea FCL.


The product is a very important factor, and the transportation schemes for general cargo and dangerous goods are completely different.


Final destination:

The final delivery address will also affect the logistics plan. If your delivery address is a very remote inland city with no seaport nearby, and your cargo data is only under 800kgs and no more than 3 cubic meters, it may be shipped by air at this time The price is even lower than that of LCL by sea.


The total volume, weight, quantity of the goods:

If your single piece of cargo weighs more than 10tons and the size is too long, normal containers and air cargo planes cannot carry it, and you can only ship by breakbulk or OOG for business.


The total volume, weight, and quantity of the cargo also determine that you should use LCL or FCL by sea, but the route from China to the US is a very special route, such as 20 cubic meters, 3000kgs 400 boxes of goods, everyone may think it is obvious Should use 20GP, a 20-foot container for shipment, but compare the 20-foot ocean freight from China to the US and LCL ocean freight,but the ocean freight of LCL+ US destination port cost + destination port warehouse cost, the total cost may still be cheaper than shipping by a 20GP container.


Requirements for arrival time:

From many ports in China to the west coast and east coast, there will be transit and direct services through South Korea. Sometimes the sea freight for transit will be 500-1000USD/container cheaper than the direct shipping, but if the delivery date is very urgent, we do not recommend using transit Service, because the transit port will cause delays in case the number of transit goods exceeds the limit. In this case, I would rather use the direct service with higher sea freight.


We often encounter American customer who transports containerized goods by air, This kind of goods will appear several times a month. Because quality and reputation are very important in the US, many American importers must be ship on time before the delivery date of the contract. Delivery to the customer’s warehouse. At this time, the high air freight from China to the US must also be borne.


At the beginning of 2020, the volume of a large number of air cargo is 10-30 cubic meters. In the first half of 2020, a large number of huge anti-epidemic materials and masks are shipped from China to the US by air, because at that time American importers need to seize the sales opportunity.


In fact, the easiest way is to use an experienced freight forwarding company to outsource your logistics pressure and tasks, In fact, this is not discovered by many American importers. How to truly discover the benefits that a freight forwarding company can bring to your business. If you have the opportunity to find a local freight forwarding company in China.



Shipping from China to the US: How to save shipping time and reduce shipping costs


These two problems are the most troublesome problems for importers because just like importing to China, delivery time and price are the transit time and logistics cost in the field of freight.


1Choose an experienced Chinese supplier and forwarder


Choose a supplier with a stable delivery time. A bad supplier will make your goods unable to keep up with the originally set shipping schedule. Choose an experienced freight forwarder. If you have the opportunity, choose a Chinese freight forwarder, such as Bestforworld. All you need is Tell the forwarder about the future shipping list with the details of the total volume, weight, number of packages, packaging type of the goods, the port of departure and destination where your goods are located, whether your products are general goods or dangerous goods, experienced freight The agent will give you the best logistics plan, as well as the lowest logistics freight when you ship from China to the US


Choosing poor suppliers and freight forwarders will reduce the efficiency of your import business and cause a lot of trouble.


2 Pay attention to holidays in China to avoid time delays:


In fact, even if it is a public holiday in China, in fact, except for public holidays other than the Spring Festival, many factories have only one day off. Therefore, you don’t need to worry too much about your suppliers’ lack of workers to produce on these ordinary public holidays. Work closely with your freight forwarders w together, because, before China’s public holidays, there are often times when container spaces are tight and ocean freight rates rise.


However, everyone needs to pay attention to the Spring Festival, because generally, 7-10 days before the Chinese New Year holiday, all workers will have a holiday, and in the 10 days before the Spring Festival, container trucks, LTL trucks, and drivers will increase their service fees, usually Double, and the warehouse will start to lack workers. If the goods need to be delivered to the warehouse, the warehouse will be congested at this time and trucks will line up. waiting 1 whole day to unloading your goods,


Moreover, some provinces and cities in China have found the epidemic, and the government has begun to block this area, thinking that if your goods are sent from here or your goods route passes through here, it will obstruct and delay your delivery time. This risk becomes getting bigger and bigger. If the next epidemic continues to spread, Chinese cities will be like every different country. Yesterday’s new policy was released. If drivers or workers have been to areas deemed high-risk by the government and infected, It needs to be quarantined for 14 days+, so fewer and fewer drivers are willing to pick up the goods in another city, and the cost of LTL becomes very expensive.


They would rather stay in a fixed city rather than cross the city boundary


Therefore, for shipments before the Chinese New Year, you need to closely contact your forwarders and suppliers. Arranging the shipping time reasonably will save you a lot of time.


Many rookies did not arrange shipments in advance, causing the goods to arrive in the US on Christmas day and encounter customs clearance delays, or because the delivery period is concentrated at the end of December and early January of each year, it should be Christmas in the US and before the Chinese New Year. On the last working day, China’s docks and warehouses have become very congested. The ocean freight is also the highest in the year. Avoid these times and act in advance. Of course, even if you have regular goods, goods are sent from China every month. In the US, you also need to reduce the number of orders shipped during this period and arrange shipments reasonably.


The following are China’s public holiday time and the number of days off in 2021:


festival holiday time Holiday days
New Year’s Day Jan-1 to Jan-3 3 days in total
Spring Festival Feb-11 to Feb 17 7 days in total
Ching Ming Festival Apr-3 to Apr-5 3 days in total
Labor day May-1 to May-5 5 days in total
Dragon Boat Festival Jun-12 to Jun-14 3 days in total
Moon Festival Sep-19 to Sep-21 3 days in total
National Day Oct-1 to Oct-7 7 days in total


3 Prepare accurate customs clearance documents


Many customs clearance documents for the destination port are provided by Chinese suppliers. A simple data error or HS code confusion may cause delays in the customs clearance of your goods. Choose a good US customs clearance. OK, it’s very important to understand the type and attributes of the product you are shipping.


Review and check documents in advance to avoid such low-level errors.


4 Fill in the ISF 10+2 on time


ISF 10+2 must be filled for any seaborne cargo to be sent to the US, most of which require filled before the ship leaves


If your goods filled the wrong ISF or delay filled the ISF data, you may suffer a fine of up to 5000 USD.


Therefore, before the goods arrive in the US, ask for your supplier and forwarder prepare the bill of lading, certificate of origin, commercial invoice, and packing list, fill the 10+2 data on time, and carefully check the Hs-code, product name, weight, and volume, Unit price and other details. If the customs clearance documents are compliant, even if they encounter customs inspection, they will be cleared very quickly, saving time for your goods from China to the US


The COVID-19 epidemic has pushed the originally high ocean freight to a new level. How to save freight is not only a consideration for small and medium enterprises, but many large companies also attach great importance to how to reduce, control, and save the shipping cost once importing from China.


5 optimize your packaging


Many suppliers will provide standard packaging for products, but you can ask your supplier whether you can upgrade and optimize the existing packaging because in most cases, weight is not the core factor affecting the price (except for individual overweight goods). The space and volume of the goods are the deciding factors. The larger the volume, the more expensive the freight, so the way to save space is a good idea.


6 Use FCL for transportation


If it is possible to use a container as much as possible is the most cost-effective way, LCL’s cargo shipping cost is still higher than FCL.


And the benefits of FCL can reduce the probability of cargo damage, you do not need to share container space with other suppliers.


Because LCL is that many importers’ goods are loaded in one container, if an importer’s goods do not arrive on time, it may cause delays.


A 40HQ converts the unit price of ocean freight is per cubic meter which is cheaper than the ocean freight charged by LCL according to each cubic meter.


7 Use a 40-foot container instead of a 20-foot


The volume of a 20-foot container is 28 cubic meters, and the volume of a 40-foot container is 68 cubic meters. However, the current sea freight from Ningbo to Los Angeles for 20GP is almost 4300USD, and the sea freight for 40HQ is almost 5500USD. In fact, the difference between the two is only 1200USD. But using a 40-foot container, you can ship an additional 40 cubic meters of cargo from China. This will greatly reduce your logistics costs.


This factor is something that many American importers have never realized. Many importers using 20GP should rethink a purchasing strategy。



 How to reduce the logistics shipping cost by 300% when you ship from China to the US ,What is combined shipping?


If your goods shipped from China meet these conditions, you can consider combined shipment:


1 Your suppliers are located in different places in China, and the number of suppliers is more than 3


2 Goods from multiple suppliers may be completed within 1 or 2 weeks


3 The total volume of the goods of all suppliers can reach 28 cubic meters and they can be combined and packed into one container. If it is less than 28 cubic meters, we recommend combining them into one LCL.


4 The goods you purchase from China include both general goods and dangerous goods, how to do the combine and consolidation and mixed transportation. Because of the cost of dangerous goods LCL is very expensive.

So there are still many problems and questions?


Where will these goods converge?

Where should the warehouse be located?

How to make US customs clearance documents?

With so many suppliers in the merger, what trade terms should I do with them, FOB or EXW with China suppliers.

How to find a reliable and professional freight forwarder to combine my goods from suppliers from all over China in a warehouse?


Please read the following basic process carefully. This is only the basic process of ordinary goods. Please contact us immediately if you have any questions.


Of course, if you want to transport both dangerous goods and general goods from China at the same time, we will have special dangerous goods logistics experts to provide support;


If your goods are mainly produced in Mainland China, Bestforworld can share with you a convenient, cost-saving, combined shipping technique.


1 Because of Ningbo’s special geographical location, it is located in the middle of the coastline of Chinese ports. Therefore, it is most suitable as the loading port of China.


2 No matter your goods are located in the southern part of China or the northern part of China, or even the central part. Domestic transportation in China is actually not particularly expensive. For example, the price of pick up from Shenzhen and Guangzhou to Ningbo is about 25-35USD/CBM. If a small container is 28CBM*35USD/CBM=980USD, compared to sea freight from China to your destination port is still much cheaper.


3 The sea freight from China to the US the 40HQ is 1.5times of 20GP. if you can combine 40HQ, this is the best need to ship 1*20GP+1 or 2 LCL shipments,or many LCL shipments from different China loading ports to US destinations.


And because we provide storage for up to 3 months in Ningbo Warehouse, if you are not in a hurry, you can put some goods in our Ningbo warehouse first and wait for other goods to be completed.


4 The fourth common problem is: If your suppliers are in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Qingdao, you will usually do FOB Shenzhen/Guangzhou/Qingdao with them, but in the end our shipping port is Ningbo to merge multiple suppliers.


Then you only need to pay your supplier an additional price difference based on the FOB price: the transportation fee from the Shenzhen/Guangzhou/Qingdao warehouse to our Ningbo warehouse, and the other costs are unchanged.


If you are doing EXW is so simple, the Bestforworld team will pick up your goods from any corner of China and send them to our Ningbo warehouse.


5 About destination port customs clearance information:


Regardless of FOB or EXW terms, suppliers’ declarations in China, BW’s customs declaration department will help each supplier complete independent customs declarations.


For the port of destination customs clearance documents, BW will provide only one set of destination port customs clearance paperwork including B/L, invoice, and packing list based on the actual consolidated cargo list.


In this way, you only need to clear customs once at the port of destination.


Contact Bestforworld to get your combined shipping logistics plan



Regardless of your company size, business feedback, and what kind of products you are importing, Bestforworld has a professional SOP for shipments from China to the US, which runs through online quotation, delivery confirmation, payment, cargo tracking, and emergency handling. We respect efficiency, Direct communication methods to deal with cultural and time differences. Simplify your shipment from China to the US to the greatest extent.


Bestforworld has its own contract freight with 15 shipping companies in the world and the top 10 airlines. Bestforworld has its own offices in various ports in China, and we work with 6 US agents across the US to help Bestforworld operate the DDU/ DDP goods and goods shipped from the US to China and other countries around the world.


At the same time follow our blog, Bestforworld will regularly update the most detailed new US customs regulations, as well as the latest Sino-US trade war tariff rates. If you have any questions about US customs clearance, you can contact us. In short, from the factory to your warehouse, Bestforworld is always with you to provide you with the most reliable logistics services.


The Bestforworld team recruits skilled and experienced industry leaders with 7+ industry experience in customer service, operation, documentation, and sales to deal with the complex situation of future shipments from China and Asia to the US


Rooted in China to ship to the US, Bestforworld provides logistics services from Asian countries to the US Relying on the screening and comparison of the past 15 years, these reliable agents help our American customers to smoothly complete the supply chain of procurement from the entire Asia Process.


Bestforworld ships from Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan to the US


Why use Bestforworld’s logistics services?


Because of authenticity and integrity, Bestforworld will basically reject almost 35% of logistics inquiries a day. Because of this cargo information, our quotation team believes that there is a risk or cannot provide controllable logistics services. It has designed non-compliant logistics For transportation, such as shipments of dangerous goods to the US, suppliers cannot provide documents issued by the China Commodity Inspection Bureau, and the arrival time required by importers is too strict. We cannot deceive customers. And target prices that are not in line with market laws, we know that these are all The traps of other freight forwarders are used to lure consignees to use their services.


In the past 10 years, more of Bestforworld’s services are importers from the US and overseas. Therefore, the compliance SOP of our entire operation is very strict, and we advocate the concept of integrity and sustainable development of logistics. Many Chinese freight forwarders rely more on low prices. The price attracts customers, but it is a very complicated process to ship from China to the US with High-quality service that requires a strict internal management SOP system to control. It is not described by words.


Many importers start by consulting the quotation. We know that their previous goods have encountered different amount of problems such as damage, delay, additional cost increase, the supplier’s logistics service has relatively large problems and many other Chinese freight forwarders. The service and performance of this shipping agent did not materialize.


At the same time, because of cultural differences, many Chinese freight forwarders are unable to communicate with customers truly and efficiently, and instead, increase external pressure and troubles for importers. What many American customers need is the stability of the service, the quality of the service, and the degree of attention, so that they can get rid of it. It takes very little time, but the logistics link is very well controlled.



Therefore, our team helps our customers to analyze and solve problems truthfully, and cooperate with us. Our professional overseas customer service for more than 10 years. They spend all day working with customers in the US They can provide clarity. Communication, complete logistics a real and feasible logistics plan, all the costs can be determined in the quotation, no additional hidden costs. Ensure the safety of your goods and stable delivery to the US


We will not make promises to customers in advance. We need to analyze the customer’s cargo information, supply chain strategy, supplier’s delivery date, the current actual situation of China and the US logistics, provide logistics solutions, whether it can meet customers’ price and delivery date request.


Because of COVID-19, how to formulate feasible solutions has become more difficult. The following content will help you eliminate these difficulties one by one. Your brain will gradually understand why all this happened and how I should make changes. This article will be a historic chapter for shipments from China to the US



The logistics products accumulated by Bestforworld in the past 10 years include:


Express delivery


LCL shipping

FCL shipping

Door to door service from China to the USA

Export from the U.S. to China and Asia

Supplier audit and product inspection

Amazon FBA logistics services

Cargo insurance

U.S. customs clearance broker and delivery service

Logistics warehousing and distribution in the US and China

AMS, ISF, data transmission

Supply chain optimization and integration consulting services (fees apply)

Ship cars, excavators, large equipment from China to the US through RORO logistics

Ship breakbulk and OOG from China to the US

Ship refrigerated containers from China to the US

Shipping tank containers from China to the US

Ship dangerous goods FCL/LCL from China to the US

China customs clearance


How long does it take to ship from China to the US?


This answer largely depends on which model of transportation you use. Airfreight is the fastest, and ocean freight is more economical.


If it is not affected by the coronavirus, the number of days it would take for various transportation methods from China to the US is as follows:


Shipment from China to the US: Air Express 1-5 days

Shipment from China to the US: 1-15 days by air freight

Shipping from China to the west coast of the US: about 15 days (Mason’s service will be about 12 days)

Shipping from China to the East Coast of the US: More than 24 days


Because shipments from China to the US are currently affected by the coronavirus, the reference shipping time and the actual shipping time will be very different. Contact Bestforworld to get an accurate quotation and timely cargo tracking information.


How many ways are there to ship from China to the US?

Usually by sea, air, express


In fact, shipping may seem simple, but in fact, a cargo from a Chinese factory to a warehouse in the US has gone through many steps. The participants include shipping companies, customs brokers, truck companies, fumigation companies, inspection companies, and warehousing companies. The core position is the freight forwarder, so it is very important to find a good freight forwarder. Bestforworld is one of the best freight forwarders that ship from China to the US and can help you deal with these matters at any time.


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Shipment from China to the US: FCL by sea


When shipping containers from China to the US, importers do not need to share space with other importers.


The sea freight for FCL transportation is charged according to each container


FCL’s marine container transportation industry better ensures the safety of product packaging


More flexible consolidation of goods. If you purchase products from different suppliers in China, but their delivery time is almost within 2 weeks, or you have regular goods produced from Chinese suppliers every month, then put your Consolidating the goods into one FCL shipment would be a great choice, greatly reducing logistics costs


Your Chinese freight forwarder will contact all the suppliers so that these goods will be packed in one warehouse.


When shipping from China to the US using FCL shipping containers, it is recommended to cooperate with experienced and compliant Chinese freight forwarders, because the shipping from China to the US why a very professional freight forwarder is needed:


The best Chinese freight forwarder will help you handle the following matters of shipping from China to the US:


Provide the latest and cheapest ocean freight by FCL


The customer service team keeps close contact with your suppliers located in different parts of China


According to FOB or EXW, promptly urge suppliers to deliver goods to warehouses or supervise suppliers and finish loading the container. Go to the supplier’s factory to pick up and load the goods in time. If the delivery time is delayed, you will also receive the Chinese freight forwarder update at once.


Perform quality inspection, repackaging, labeling, merging, splitting, palletizing, reinforcement, or storage services according to the requirements of the goods


Bestforworld provides our American importers with the combined goods of multiple suppliers in Ningbo Port warehouse, providing free storage for up to 2-3 months, so if you have this need, please contact Bestforworld immediately for more details.


Check the customs declaration documents for Chinese exports. The supplier provides the customs declaration documents for the FOB term and the Chinese freight forwarder provides the export licence for EXW cargo once importing from China to the USA。


Make an export declaration


According to the customer’s needs, deliver to US ports, 3PL warehouses, or Amazon distribution centers. Note that if your delivery address is a private residence, there will be additional costs, and you inform this point to your forwarder.


Type of container:

Type IL/ M IW/ M IH/ M Door H/ M Door W/ M Volume m³ carrying capacity Ton Container weight


20GP 5.898 2.352 2.385 2.28 2.343 28 18 2.3
40GP 12.032 2.352 2.385 2.28 2.343 57 28 3.4
40HC/HQ 45HC/HQ 12.032 13.556 2.352 2.69 2.585 2.343 67 83 28 4


IL represents the internal length of the container, IW represents the internal width of the container, IH represents the internal height of the container, Door H represents the height of the container door, and Door W represents the width of the container door. The unit of measurement is meter.


Shipping costs from China to the US: The following prices are only reference prices from Shanghai and Ningbo. The actual transaction price needs to be combined with the actual shipping schedule, container situation, shipping date, whether there is an empty container or not: the price is valid only in 2021 Before January 14, 2021, ocean freight will continue to be updated:


Los Angeles Long Beach Seattle Auckland New York Savannah
20GP 40HQ 20GP 40HQ 20GP 40HQ 20GP 40HQ 20GP 40HQ 20GP
NINGBO 3500USD 4700USD 3500USD 4700USD 3500USD 4800USD 2800USD 5500USD 4100USD 5500USD 4100USD
SHANGHAI 3200USD 4200USD 3200USD 4200USD 3200USD 4200USD 3400USD 6700USD 4600USD 6000USD 4600USD
Norfolk Charleston Miami Houston Chicago
20GP 40HQ 20GP 40HQ 20GP 40HQ 20GP 40HQ 20GP 40HQ
NINGBO 4100USD 5500USD 4600USD 6600USD 4200USD 5600USD 5900USD 6300USD 4800USD 6000USD
SHANGHAI 4600USD 6000USD 4600USD 6000USD 6300USD 9950USD 5400USD 9000USD 6000USD 9500USD



Contact Bestforworld to find out the recent real market price and whether there is a shortage of containers and the fastest shipping day from China to the US


Shipping from China to the US FCL: DDU/DDP/door to door shipping


If you need to use DDU/DDP, the door-to-door service fee includes:


FOB terms: BY FCL

Ocean freight

Destination port shipping company D/O fee

ISF 10+2 filing fee






EXW terms: BY FCL





Ocean freight

Destination port shipping company D/O fee

ISF 10+2 filing fee






The above quotation is the default consignee has the annual bond , If you don’t have an annual bond, you need to buy a single bond and increase the ISF BOND fee.


Due to the congestion of US ports due to the COVID-19 epidemic, many containers cannot be picked up on time, usually incurring the following additional costs:





The difference between DDU and DDP’s door-to-door quotation is that DDU’s quotation does not include U.S. tariffs and value-added tax, while DDP’s quotation includes U.S. tariffs and value-added tax.


EXW term  The door-to-door price details can almost be used as a reference standard for calculating the logistics cost of imports from China. If you want to know the true and accurate price, contact Bestforworld


At present, the vast majority of mature medium and large US importers trade with Chinese suppliers through FOB terms, unless some suppliers can only conduct EXW transactions because of incomplete qualifications and relatively small scales, and freight forwarders need to provide export licenses when you importing from China


Shipment from China to the US: LCL


If the goods are not enough to fill a container when importing from the US, you can use  LCL shipping.


The freight of LCL transportation is determined by the volume, and some overweight goods may be charged according to the weight ton


Importers usually share container space with other importers.


Generally speaking, when the volume is more than 1 cubic meter or the volume is less than 25 cubic meters, it is a good choice to choose LCL shipping. when importing from China to the USA。


Usually, LCL shipping will be combined by a third-party Co loader at the port of departure. These co loaders are responsible for loading different types of goods in the warehouse, and the US co loader will send the arrival notification after the goods are into the US  destination port.


LCL shipping usually needs to enter the warehouse 2-3 days in advance, because it takes at least two days to sort the goods from different suppliers and enter the information according to the mark, and then perform a unified customs declaration.


The advantage of LCL is that it is very flexible. Compared with air freight, the unit price of LCL shipment is lower. Importers can directly arrange LCL shipping for delivery, whether it is 5cbm or 15cbm.


However, the disadvantage of LCL shipping is that the cost per cubic meter of LCL is always higher than that of FCL because LCL also needs to pay the port of destination fee and the port of destination warehouse fee at the destination port. Another disadvantage of LCL shipping is that compared with FCL shipping, the choice of shipping schedule is relatively fixed. Generally, there are not many options for 1-2 shipping schedules per week.


Shipment from China to the US: LCL freight, the following will only provide the LCL sea freight from Ningbo and Shanghai to the mail US ports before January 14, 2021. The reminder also indicates the LCL voyage and shipping time when you importing from China to the US, if you need to know Contact Bestforworld for the cost of the destination port and warehouse cost of the destination port in the US, we will continue to update the sea freight of LCL and other ports, please pay attention to:




































T/T: 33days




T/T: 29days




















Less than≤1CBM  38USD/CBM

Less than≤3CBM  48USD

Over>3CBM        60USD/CBM






Less than ≤1CBM  31USD/CBM

Less than≤3CBM   32USD/CBM







Less than≤1CBM  37USD/CBM

Less than≤3CBM  39USD/CBM






Less than≤3CBM  84USD/CBM

Over>3CBM        96USD/CBM



Less than≤3CBM  83USD/CBM

Over>3CBM        92USD/CBM





Less than≤3CBM  92USD/CBM

Over>3CBM        102/CBM

TRANSIT TIME:23-25days



Less than≤3RT    67USD/CBM

Less than≤5RT    72USD/CBM

Less than≤10RT   82USD/CBM

Over>10RT         97USD/CBM
TRANSIT TIME:25-28days


TRANSIT TIME:30-33days



When shipping from China to the U.S. why choose to ship by sea?


Sea transportation is the most common and most cost-effective transportation solution. If the following conditions are met, sea freight is the best way to transport your goods from China to the US


The total volume is greater than 1 cubic meter, or the volume is greater than 30 cubic meters

The total weight exceeds 200kgs

Allow shipping time in 19-39 days

Shipping costs are very limited

There are many suppliers in China, located in different cities

If your warehouse is located on the west coast of the US, the shipping time is actually very fast from China to LA, about 14 days.



Shipping from China to the US: Advantages of sea freight?


Compared with air freight and express, the freight per cubic meter of ocean freight is lower and more cost-effective


Moreover, ocean freight can be combined with the storage and distribution in both China and the US, and different routes can be developed. Any size of goods can be sent to the US by sea freight.


Importers with mature opportunities will use ocean shipping as the main transportation route from China to the US If you find a professional, compliant, and pricing-powered freight forwarder, your import business will become easier, punctual, and Low Risk, because the freight forwarder will help you handle a lot of extra work.


Disadvantages of ocean freight from China to the US?


The most obvious drawback of sea freight is that it takes longer. Usually, the average time of sea freight from China to the US takes 19 days. If the delivery time of the goods is urgent, it is not suitable for sea freight.


Ocean freight needs to be completed by multiple logistics providers. The freight forwarder acts as an intermediary, coordinating the customs broker at the port of departure, trailer company, customs broker at the destination port, trailer company in the US, and shipping carriers because the process is more complicated than express delivery. Of course, Experienced Chinese freight forwarders can provide better seamless sea shipping services from China to the US


The changeable ocean climate conditions can easily cause container ships to roll over, lead to the transfer of containers into the sea, and the risk of cargo being hijacked by pirates because Bestforworld recommends importers to purchase cargo insurance at a very low cost to ensure the safety of your cargo, worth to do it ,when you importing from China.



Why is the shipping cost for dangerous goods shipped from China to the US so expensive? Is there any way to save or get the lowest sea freight?


1 The probability of freight forwarders with dangerous goods operation qualification is less than 1%


2 The vast majority of American importers of dangerous goods cannot find the best-priced dangerous goods forwarder to operate DG cargo, and they do not have sufficient forwarding resources


3 The ocean freight of dangerous goods is usually more expensive than the container sea freight of general cargo: 800-2000USD/TUE


4 The CFS cost of dangerous goods LCL shipping in US destination port is high.


5 A large number of importers did not find the correct dangerous goods logistics provider when they shipped from China to the US


Shipping from China to the US: How many shipping companies are there?












The above are major shipping companies from China to the US Of course, the advantages of each shipping companies are different. Some provide more direct services, and some have better transit solutions. For example, if the cargo is ship to the basic port in the US, some carrier is cheaper and more stable. The latter part of the railway and water transportation services, transport containers from the basic port of the US to different inland ports.


This cannot be generalized. If there are any complaints or failure cases of shipping company services, welcome to share with us.


We can assist you in further dispute negotiation and case litigation with Chinese shipping companies. All of this is free, and we attach importance to customers’ suggestions. Every suggestion.

Shipment from China to the US: Air Freight


When your delivery time is very tight, you need to ship from China in 10 days or less, or when the transportation volume is 150-5000kgs, this is the ideal method, because COVID-19 has made the ocean freight changed. It is not so cheap if, before the COVID, we usually recommend 150-3500KGS urgent cargo to be shipped by air.


Only 6% of the goods in the world are transported by air, but the value of these goods all account for more than 35%. It is undoubtedly a good choice to ship valuables by air.



Shipping from China to the US: The difference between express and air freight:


For goods under 50kgs, or the volume is less than 0.5 cubic meters express delivery is better


For the volume less than 0.5 cubic meters, the weight less than 50kgs, and the delivery address is located in the central or southern part of the US or the northwest, remote areas in the north, it is better to use express delivery, because the air freight is very expensive if consider the air freight landed customs fee and delivery fee too far area ,the cost very high.


In the case of the COVID-19 epidemic, the price of ocean freight has risen, and the advantages of air freight have become more and more obvious. More and more hundreds of thousands of kilograms of customers use air freight to ship from China to the US


Express delivery is always provided by a logistics provider. The services provided are door-to-door, and the time is faster. All import and customs procedures will be completed by the express company.



However, air freight depends on the freight forwarder company to arrange it, which takes more time:


1 Delivery to the airport warehouse

2 Carry out export declaration procedures

3 Transportation from airport to airport

4Customs clearance at the destination airport

5 Freight forwarders coordinate the destination customs broker and truck company for delivery

Airfreight involves more additional steps and links than express delivery, but express delivery is handled by one company.


The logistics plan of air transportation is more coordinated by freight forwarders, and express delivery is more dependent on the system to automatically arrange fixed routes because the general express company has its own truck for delivery.

What is the air freight from China to the US? how much does it cost?


Due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, the air freight from China to the US fluctuates greatly. The current freight is almost US$2.5 to US$8.5 per kilogram.

What factors affect the cost of air freight from China to the US?


Because the air freight rate is closely integrated with the actual airline’s receiving situation, there is often a shortage of goods and temporary price reductions.


At the same time, the ratio of total weight to total volume, as well as whether the size of a single package involves overlength, and whether a single package is overweight are key factors that affect the air freight from China to the US


The epidemic has caused a large number of aircraft to cease operations, and insufficient capacity is also a factor in the increase in air freight rates.


A large number of flight cancellations and even the circuit breaker mechanism are also factors in the instability of air freight prices from China to the US


How to control the air freight rate from China to the US and get the lowest air freight price?


The price of air freight is completely under the control of the airline at the loading airport because finding your own Chinese freight forwarder becomes especially important. Contact Bestforworld to get the latest and lowest air freight quotation when you ship from China to the US

How to calculate the air freight from China to the US?


Each freight forwarder has its own methods and different pricing strategies. Based on experience, the standard procedure is to use weight and volume to calculate the cost Actual weight and volume weight



When determining the chargeable weight, we have two options:

  1. The actual weight is the actual weight of the goods, including the package and pallet weight.


  1. The volume weight is calculated by multiplying volume (L * W * H) by 167. If the result is higher than the actual weight of the goods, we will use the volumetric weight as the final weight for the billing.


Why is the air freight from China to the US so expensive now?


Affected by the coronavirus, the number of business and tourists traveling between China and the US has decreased, and airline revenue has decreased, which has greatly reduced the number of aircraft flying between China and the US


Before COVIDE, the air freight from Shanghai Pudong International Airport to Los Angeles was around 2.5 USD per kilogram, but now it reaches 18 USD per kilogram in May 2020, which is a record high.


At the same time, prices at other airports from China to the US continue to fluctuate.


And because of the imbalance of the supply chain, when the plane is flying from the US to China, the loading capacity of the plane is not ideal. Many times it is half loaded or empty. This way, the air freight from China to the US has to be increased. Maintain a balance of operating costs.



If you want to ship from China to the US by air and provide detailed information about the goods, Bestforworld will provide the best logistics solution.

Ship from China to the US by air freight: DDU/DDP shipping


If you use DDU/DDP’s air freight service, the importer only needs to wait for the goods to come to his doorstep.


Services provided by freight forwarders include:



If you do FOB terms with Chinese suppliers, then DDU/DDP air freight services include:

1Delivery from Chinese airport to U.S. airport

2Complete the US airport customs clearance and deliver to the designated location



If you do EXW term with Chinese suppliers, then DDU/DDP air freight services include:

1Pick up the goods from the Chinese supplier’s factory and deliver to the airport

2The freight forwarder completes China’s export declaration and provides export licenses

3Delivery from Chinese airport to U.S. airport

4Complete US airport customs clearance and deliver to the designated location


Unlike sea transportation, air transportation does not need to send 10+2 ISF data.


If you want to calculate the cost of air freight from China to the US, you still need to consider import duties and value-added tax



Contact Bestforworld to get your DDU/DDP air freight quote for shipping from China immediately.



How to get the lowest air freight, once shipping from China to the US?


If the requirements for the voyage are not particularly high, because direct flights are expensive and a reasonable transfer plan is selected, the principle is the same as when traveling, buying a transit ticket can be cheaper than a direct flight.


Because the transit airport needs to optimize and reorganize the goods to and from, choosing layovers can save air freight costs.


The price of a direct flight is very high. Experienced Chinese freight forwarders are familiar with each airline’s direct flight and transit plan from China to the US, flight information, and can find innovative ways to help you save the air freight from China to the US.



How many days is the air freight shipping time from China to the US?


Usually, it takes 1-5 days to ship from China to the West Coast Airport in the US, including the transfer plan


Usually, it takes 1-6 days to ship from China to the airport on the east coast of the US, including the transit plan



When should you use air freight, when you ship from China to the US?


If the following conditions are met: Air freight is recommended as the preferred method of transportation:


Emergencies are urgent from PPE and medical supplies when the coronavirus first broke out

Perishable goods, such as fruits or medicines

High-value products, such as Apple mobile phones or precision instruments, electronic products

The weight varies from 150kgs to 3000kgs

The delivery period is between 4-10 days

Amazon sellers, when testing new products, or Amazon start-up sellers, use air freight to quickly put their goods into the market for testing. The ratio is almost 4%-9%. Once the goods are sold well, the remaining goods can be shipped to the US by sea. , Then their inventory will be much less.

Products with considerable profit margins


What are the advantages of shipping from China to the US by air freight?


Compared with express delivery, air transportation can provide customized services for goods, and can provide fast delivery services for goods with short delivery time. The maximum cargo weight of air transportation can even reach 10000KGS or more.


In the case of COVID-19, the sellers of FBA Amazon have the biggest gains. The continuous Amazon air freight FBA logistics has made their business more stable.


Express cannot combine the goods of many suppliers in one shipment, but air freight can, and air freight can combine the goods of many suppliers into one shipment, which can be sent from China to the US together, which can be easily split, combined, and transshipped.



What are the disadvantages of shipping from China to the US by air freight?


The only obvious disadvantage is of course the high price. Before the epidemic, the price was four times that of ocean freight, and now it may be twice or three times that of ocean freight.


Airfreight cannot be seamlessly connected like express delivery. After arriving at the destination airport, freight forwarders and customs clearance agencies, and truck companies need to work closely together.


At the same time, relevant documents need to be provided for customs clearance. In many cases, document errors will delay the efficiency of customs clearance.


How to send dangerous goods by air freight from China to the US?


The easiest way is to find a freight forwarder who specializes in handling dangerous goods, such as Bestforworld. The probability of a freight forwarder with experience and qualifications in handling dangerous goods by air is 1%. Bestforworld can allow your goods to be shipped safely and get the lowest price for dangerous shipping from China to the US。


We provide free dangerous goods supplier qualification review and audit。


We only need 3 minutes to know if your supplier can ship dangerous goods from China to the United States in compliance or not.

How to track air cargo? When you ship from China to the U.S.


Air waybill (AWB) can help to track,It is both a receipt and evidence of a contract of carriage issued by an international airline. In other words, it is a document of ownership of the goods. Each AWB is assigned a unique tracking number, which can be found in the header. This number can be entered into the airline’s tracking page to obtain updated information.


The format of the AWB bill of lading is:

2-letter airline code – 123 (prefixed with 3 digits) – 12345678 (several digits).

Other carriers will provide an “email alert” service, which is a free service that lets you know when the goods will be transferred.



The time between shipping from China to the US by air freight is for reference only. The transit time will not be affected except for direct flights due to COVID-19. Transit will become unstable:


  • Shenzhen to Atlanta, Miami, or Dallas 4- 6 days
  • Shenzhen to Chicago or Los Angeles 2-5 days
  • Shenzhen to Denver 4-6 days
  • Shenzhen to Houston 1-4 days


  • Qingdao to New York, Houston, or Chicago 7 days
  • Qingdao to Seattle or Los Angeles 2-5 days


  • Wuhan to New York 3-7 days


  • Guangzhou to Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago 1-6days
  • Guangzhou to Miami 5-6 days


  • Zhengzhou or Beijing to Los Angeles 1-5 days


  • Chengdu to Los Angeles 2-10 days


  • Beijing to Boston, New York or Atlanta 3-7 days
  • Beijing to Chicago or Cincinnati 1-6 days
  • Beijing to San Francisco, Dallas or Houston 1-7 days


  • Xiamen to Atlanta or New York 4 days
  • Xiamen to Detroit or Houston 7 days
  • Xiamen to Los Angeles 8 days


  • Shanghai to Atlanta 3-4 days
  • Shanghai to Dallas, Boston or Cincinnati 3- 7 days
  • Shanghai to Chicago, Miami, New York, or Los Angeles 1-6 days
  • Shanghai to Sacramento, Detroit or Houston 3-6 days


Short air freight transit time represents the possibility of direct flights and irregular charter flights or temporary direct flights at many departure airports in China due to the epidemic. Contact Bestforworld to plan the best air freight route and obtain the lowest air freight cost for your air freight cargo import from China.



What are the best airlines shipping from China to the US?


In fact, China Southern Airlines, Air China, Asiana Airlines, and Eastern Airlines are all good choices. Shipping from China to the US, their prices are relatively stable and the flight distance is relatively short. The punctuality rate is relatively high, and many provide daily flights,


The price of air freight received fuel, cargo volume, season, COVID-19 fluctuations are now very obvious, no airline can blindly low prices, an experienced freight forwarder will find the best according to your cargo information at the time Air freight routes, and you have a good chance to seize temporary special offers and discounts from such airlines.


China Southern Airlines, Air China, and Eastern Airlines have always been the lowest prices for air cargo to the US However, other operators such as Cathay Pacific, All Nippon Airways, and Asiana Airlines usually offer promotional prices occasionally throughout the year, which may sometimes be significantly lower than the state-owned Chinese operators. These are the latest information that can only be obtained by experienced freight forwarders.




Advantages of air express:


Most express delivery between China and the US is mainly samples and important documents such as contracts, bills of lading, etc.


If the goods are less than 50kg, or the consignee’s delivery address is located in a remote inland address, the cost of express delivery may be much lower than that of air transportation, because air freight cargo requires customs clearance and delivery. Various miscellaneous expenses such as local expenses at the airport need to be taken into consideration.


Express delivery is also a very good choice in the following situations:

High-value electronic products, such as Apple mobile phones

Amazon’s FBA logistics, usually drop shipping is also a kind of express

High cost and lightweight product


Disadvantages of air express:


Unable to deliver heavy goods generally exceeding 30kg, the express company will have its own weight limit.

In addition, it is very difficult to use express delivery through legal channels, and a lot of compliance and documents need to be provided, and these dangerous goods pose a potential danger to other goods being shipped together.

For example, the following products are difficult to ship by express:

Any kind of explosives, such as fireworks, sea survival flares, gunpowder

Part of flammable gas

Some toxic liquids such as pesticides

Some battery products

Any product that may potentially threaten the safety of other cargo


What are the major express companies that ship from China to the US?

UPS, DHL, and FedEx are the current mainstream express logistics providers serving between China and the US It is also the express company with the fastest and most stable express services from China to the US



UPS can ship express items from China to 220 countries around the world, and it takes about 2-5 working days, including door-to-door service.


UPS’s customs clearance procedures are more efficient than DHL and FEDEX.


UPS handles bulky goods, and the price for mass customization is the lowest



DHL EXPRESS 13:30 means that it must arrive at 10:30 AM the next day. Chinese goods will be operated immediately after entering the DHL China warehouse.


DHL 12:00 Time-minded goods are allowed to arrive before 12:00 the next day as much as possible


DHL: EXPRESS WORLDWIDE is a standard service. The average time from China to the US is 2-4 days


DHL is undoubtedly the biggest winner in the shipment of PPE and anti-epidemic materials at the beginning of 2020.


Contact Bestforworld to get the latest news and prices of express delivery from China to the US



FedEx does not provide lithium battery delivery

FedEx IP delivers products from China to the US within 13 working days, because Saturday delivery is available in certain areas of the US

FedEx often has special rates during the year. At this time, the price of FedEx will be much cheaper than DHL and UPS.


Of course, COVID-19 continues to affect express delivery services from China to the US A few days ago, it has been detected that express delivery from abroad to China has received coronavirus infection. A large number of imported express cargo is waiting for testing, which delays the time for customs clearance and delivery.


The epidemic has increased the instability of express delivery services,


DHL should be the best choice for documents and very small packages. Although their prices are very expensive, you are worth trying.


What is the express shipping cost from China to the US?


Usually, the shipping cost for express delivery before COVID-19 was US$6 per kilogram, and the current price is almost US$9, but generally speaking, you let the express freight forwarders in China provide shipping fees that are much lower than the price you get from the US side, Because of the high labor costs in the US, but many customers with large freight volumes in the US and UPS, DHL also got a good contract price.


Shipping from China to the U.S. The most asked FAQS are as below:


What are the risks and pitfalls of shipping from China to the United States?


1 You must comply with regulations and declare your dangerous goods legally, even if the goods are only 0.1 cubic meters or 3kgs. If you conceal the customs declaration for your dangerous goods, when you use container transportation, you will face a fine of at least 25,000 USD and an indefinite delay. Of course, air transportation is also very strict about handling.


2 The COVID-19 outbreak has caused too many uncertain factors. If your supplier and some forwarders can easily promise, you need to be careful. Sometimes they use promises to guarantee space, the fastest vessel and guarantee that there are empty containers. The two-dimensional code of the container, the very low price, is likely to be a trap. Objective, truthfulness is very important.


3 When you ship LCL from China, don’t just consider the ocean freight. Sometimes the port of destination cost and warehouse fee will surprise you, so consider it.


4 More options for pre-shipment inspection, because of the coronavirus, you cannot come to China to review your suppliers in person. Sometimes it is not enough to pass products and videos alone. Contact us to learn about our supplier review and product inspection services. It costs less than 200usd, you deserve it.


5 When your air cargo enters the warehouse, you can ask the freight forwarder to provide the measured photos. If the size becomes larger, many bad freight forwarders will deliberately enlarge the measurement data to obtain a larger billing volume or weight.


6 Pay attention to some DDP shipping,door-to-door express and LCL or FCL services provide. They don’t need you to provide any documents maybe just a packing list and invoice they do not care you have an annual bond or not. Even when your goods are not in compliance or dangerous goods, they promise to complete customs clearance.


Be careful, because they may operate all illegal items in one container ,once the goods are seized by the US Customs, your goods will also be confiscated, and many importers have lost their goods inexplicably. It is the safest to operate your goods from China to the United States in a compliant operation.


7 For LCL shipments of dangerous goods, you must use a compliant forwarder, because many suppliers choose non-compliant forwarders. By concealing the name of the product and not making a declaration, your goods are very easy to be troubled and sent to the United States port.


At the same time, many freight forwarders attract importers through very low LCL dangerous goods ocean freight, and then charge 10-20 times the port of destination fee, threatening customers to pay, because importers have no way at this time and can only pay these fees to pick up the goods from the US warehouse.


9 If time is urgent, try to choose a direct ship or plane, even if you spend extra money, because once it is delayed, your reputation will be lost. Sometimes your reputation is more important than your profit, and the business is long-lasting.


We have encountered many such customer inquiries, requiring the use of the lowest cost logistics plan, but the fastest speed is required, this does not exist.


If you have other bad encounters or logistics experience, please consult us, we will assist in solving them, even if the goods are not appointed by Bestforworld.


How to avoid delays when you import from China to the United States?


In the COVID-19 environment, no one can guarantee that there is no avoidance in the logistics link when you ship from China to the United States.


Many delays have been unavoidable. Without people’s control, the congestion at the Los Angeles terminal has reached the worst level in history. The lack of empty containers in China has made it impossible to load a large number of goods. Airport flights are no longer stable. The overall air and sea transportation Unstable cargo volume and imbalance of these total factors have added to the occurrence of delays. Coronavirus is terrible…


In the past year, too many uncontrollable factors made Chinese suppliers, freight forwarders, American importers, US customs clearance agencies, and truck companies very exhausted. Even many American truck companies no longer accept unconventional order trailer services.


In summary, you can only do it like this to avoid delays as much as possible!

1 Close contact with suppliers

2Find your own freight forwarder, especially a Chinese freight forwarder

3Learn to learn more about logistics skills and use an experienced freight forwarder.

4 According to the situation of the goods, designate scientific and feasible logistics routes and plans.

5 Specify the shipping plan in advance, provide the shipping list or packing list to your earlier, and prepare in advance for any steps.


What is the fastest way to ship from China to the USA?


The fastest way is by air or expresses if you can afford it.


In addition, you can try your best to choose the container transportation service with direct service. The speed of Mason Shipping from Ningbo to Shanghai to LA Port only takes about 12 days.


I am importing from China to the US Which trade terms should I adopt is best for me?


FOB, CIF, CNF, EXW are the most commonly used trade terms. Under the following analysis, US importers of different situations and levels should use the description of trade terms when you import from China:


FOB terms;

FOB is the most favorite trade term of most medium and large importers, because the suppliers they choose usually have export licenses, are also relatively large, and are shipped by air and LCL by sea. If the goods are shipped before entering the warehouse, everything The extra cost and risk are all on the shipper. Such as inspection fees and container terminal storage fees caused by inspections.The buyer no need to pay such fees.


And the ocean freight is quoted separately, which is very clear.


Importers can better coordinate logistics with their own freight forwarders, communicate, and obtain more complete logistics solutions, such as door-to-door or port-to-door, which is very convenient, and importers can obtain logistics freight from their own freight forwarders cheaper than CIF 50%


CIF terms:

CIF is for such as one shipment a month or the importer not have regular cargo from China or just have 3-5 shipments one year from China or US customers who have just imported from China . They don’t care whether the shipping costs are high or they do not how to get the nice rate,, and they don’t have familiar Chinese freight forwarders unless you read this blog; understand; You are very lucky to arrive at Bestforworld.


The logistics of the CIF term is more to help those who have less than 3-4 annual cargo volume or are not proficient in supply chain control, those part-time importers, or newcomers, they do not understand basic logistics booking, various steps, There is no choice for them but to use the CIF logistics of the supply chain.


The CIF supplier has the responsibility to send the cargo to US ports or airports, because the cif’s quotation has already been included in the sea freight, which of course seems very convenient for newcomers, but at this time the supplier’s freight forwarder often adds a lot of sea freight.

In fact, the high price is only one aspect. The cost of communication is very large. Compared with the FOB term, if you choose your own Chinese freight forwarder, you will get the answer immediately.


EXW terms:


This term is usually that your supplier is relatively small and has not obtained an export license. They can only obtain an export license through your freight forwarder. Under the EXW term, your freight forwarder needs to complete the delivery from the factory to the US port or your door. All matters.


Moreover, although some suppliers have export licenses, they think the order amount very small quantity, and they often make EXW clauses with US importers.


However, it is recommended that if you are import from outside China, such as Europe, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, these countries with mature supply chains, or developing countries such as India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, the local logistics system is not mature, but your supplier can provide exports license, letting your forwarder help you complete the global EXW goods will be the most time-saving and the lowest risk.


If you ship from 5 countries other than China to the U.S., you don’t need to find 5 local freight forwarders. Look for one similar like Bestforworld. It has a strong overseas agency network and a mature agency operation SOP control system. We target various air freight, Shipping containers, LCL or special container, dangerous goods, and other project goods will have different operation SOPs to understand the operation progress and steps of these EXW goods, and to prevent possible risks.


Finding a freight forwarder is very simple, you only need to google it, but to find a reliable one, especially to a strange country, where you have never purchased, you don’t need to take your own risk, hand it over to Bestforworld, and use our mature system.


You just benefit, save money, and time.


Shipping from China to the US: What are the differences between FCL and LCL by sea freight?


  1. With FCL, the goods are loading the supplier’s factory or freight forwarder’s warehouse, most of which are the supplier’s factory.
  2. Using LCL shipment, your goods will be combined with other importers’ goods in the warehouse near the loading port.
  3. In FCL transportation, the bill of lading will be issued by the shipping company. Also known as Master B/L
  4. In LCL transportation, the bill of lading will be issued by the freight forwarder f,Know as House B/L.
  5. When measured by the transportation cost per cubic meter, the unit price of LCL is much higher than that of the whole container. LCL shipping’s destination port fee and warehouse fees need to be consolidated, and the goods need to be sorted when they arrive at the destination port. According to the mark, it takes more steps. , that is the reason LAL will have destination port cost and destination port warehouse cost.

Shipping from China to the US, why most people choose FCL shipping, are there any benefits?


  1. For the entire container FCL cargo, you can easily track the information of the cargo on the shipping company’s website and predict the date of arrival.
  2. Under FCL, your belongings will be safer. FCL means that your items will not be mixed with other shipments. As fewer people move the goods, the risk of damage or loss of the goods will be reduced.
  3. FCL can process faster because your goods are the only parts that will be loaded into the container. According to LCL cargo, it will be combined with other cargo first.
  4. When subdivided by each cubic cost, the whole container is cheaper.
  5. The shipping schedule provided by FCL shipping companies is more flexible, but the shipping schedule for LCL is only 1-2 schedules per week.


Of course, when the volume of your goods is only a few cubic meters, it is better to choose LCL. Of course, as your business develops and shipments increase, the full container load shipping will be a more cost-effective choice.


These are the advantages of FCL shipping, but remember that LCL is better when you are shipping smaller goods. As the business develops and shipments increase, FCL may become your more cost-effective choice.



Do you know that it is worth buying freight insurance when importing goods from China to the US?


Another important thing to consider when shipping from China is freight insurance.

Obtaining transportation insurance when shipping from China is very important.


In fact, damage during transportation is not so common. Of course, many sudden situations are still unexpected.


Under Cif terms, the supplier’s quotation will include insurance. Of course, under FOB terms, you can also ask your forwarder to help you purchase freight insurance.


Without insurance, you cannot claim the loss of goods. If your goods are damaged after you receive the goods, the claim is very simple. Provide photos or videos of the damaged products, and the list of the damaged goods contains the unit price of the quantity and the total value of the goods.


Give this information back to your freight forwarder within 2 days and they will quickly give you a solution. Whether full or partial compensation depends on your degree of damage.

How much does cargo insurance cost? How to calculate freight insurance premium?

Very simple: Value of goods *1.1*0.001=The insurance premium you need to pay for shipping from China to the US, MIN’s persuasion is 50USD/SHIPMENT


How to get the lowest shipping cost for express delivery from China to the US?

Whether it is FedEx, UPS, or DHL, the official price is usually very expensive.


The express company provides different discounts according to the annual shipment volume of your express supplier or forwarder


You need to find a discount courier agent and let them arrange the goods to the US so that you can get the lowest courier fee when you import from China.



What is the fastest shipping company from China to US?


The one is Mason shipping company, of course, the price is more expensive than ordinary shipping companies, contact us to get the best offer.


How do I choose a shipping company for my cargo from China to the US?


Below are the details you need to consider once you choose a reliable China Shipping company.


  • 1.Type of Products.
  • 2.Location.
  • 3.Reputation.
  • 4.Speed.
  • 5.Tracking Services.
  • 6.Insurance.
  • 7.Convenience.
  • 8.Lives Rates.
  • 9.Tailor-made services
  • 10.Reliability
  • 11.Quick response and fast communication
  • 12.Competitiveness


When should I use a US customs broker?

Whenever you import products worth more than $2,500 into the US, you should advise a customs broker. Every batch of goods entering the US needs to formally enter the country and present specific documents to the US Customs in order to fulfill the necessary import fees and taxes. The customs broker assists in this process and ensures that the goods enter the country correctly.


When the value of the product is less than US$2,500, the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will usually allow importers to carry the goods informally. This means that the product will not need to pass the standard procedures for import.


What documents do I need to import from China to the US to clear US customs?


The document requirements when shipping from China are subject to the U.S. Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS-US code), including:

 Bill of Lading or Air Waybill

Commercial invoice

 Packing list

Certificate of Origin

Arrival notice-if shipping FDA regulated products


In addition, if it is a special product, an import license may be required:

  • Medications
  • Specific types of chemicals
  • Fauna
  • Food products



Which products shipped from China to the US are prohibited or restricted from import?

Drugs, explosives, copy brand products, guns, pornography, tobacco, gambling, counterfeit money, biohazard products。


How to ship dangerous goods from China to the US?

If you purchase the following products from China to the US, these are hazardous goods.

aerosols, cosmetics, chemicals, cleaning solutions, compressed gases, flammable liquids, lighters, lithium batteries, machinery parts, matches, pharmaceuticals, oxidizers, paints, perfumes, solvents.


You must find a compliant freight forwarder to help you operate, otherwise, you will pay extra costs and long delays. The greater risk is that your goods will be fined or confiscated by Chinese customs.


How to import fragrances, perfumes, fixatives, paints, nail polishes, coatings, inks, camphor, fluxes, polymeric potassium sulfate, lighters, fire extinguishers, spray gases, lithium batteries, electric cars from China to the US?


Finding compliant suppliers is the most important because they can provide complete dangerous goods export declaration documents, but the product rate provide by these compliant suppliers is high than poor suppliers but your goods can be legally shipped from China.


Once you have legal documents, it is possible for your goods to be shipped from China to the US through FCL and LCL logistics services for dangerous goods.

Why is still cheaper to use LCL for a volume of 20 cubic meters?


Because, for example, the current 20GP ocean freight from Ningbo to Los Angeles is 3,500USD, but the LCL ocean freight per cubic meter is: 90USD/cbm, which means using LCL. The total ocean freight is: 90usd*20cbm=1800USD, considering the port of LA destination fee in time, LCL still remains It is cheaper than FCL. This is to find an experienced forwarder to help you save the shipping cost of shipping from China.

Why is the shipping cost of dangerous goods shipped from China to the US so expensive? Is there any cheap way?

Because usually, only one of 100 freight forwarders has the qualification to handle dangerous goods, of course, the quotation you get is that there are already many middlemen in the middle and a lot of profits are being added basically hundreds to thousands of dollars.


Contact Bestforworld directly to get the lowest dangerous goods FCL, LCL shipping cost, get a reliable dangerous goods quotation from China to the US



How to track my container cargo information when I import from China to the US?


Most shipping companies can check whether the cargo has departed from the port by entering the container number or bill of lading number on their official website. Of course, some shipping companies can’t check it.


You need to ask your freight forwarder to help. In particular, it is normal for many cargoes to be shipped firstly from a barge to a large port and then shipped to the US ports.



If I am outside the US, can I still ship to the US? What permits and procedures are required?


You only need to buy a single bond from a freight forwarder, pay the customs duty, and you can still import legally.

How many tariffs do I have to pay for goods imported from China to the US?


The tax rate for paying customs duties depends on the HS-CODE of your product. You can ask the freight forwarder to help inquire about the local customs duties of the product in the US, which is also related to your total value.

Of course, you can check through the following website:


What parts of the US tariffs include? when importing from China to the US


DUTY depends on your HS CODE

HMF: 0.125% min $25

MPF: 03464% min $27.23

And additional Trump Duty for different products

How to reduce tariffs on imports to the US?

This topic is a very sensitive and professional issue that cannot be discussed in this blog. Of course, we do not recommend importers to reduce the value of goods too much, because the US customs system is very advanced. If the declared value of goods is too low, it may be considered unreasonable.


Are there any requirements for packaging or labels from China to the US?


If you can provide pallet packaging, it is best to pallet your cartons, which will become very convenient for delivery. and save time for the US side once goods landed.


At the same time, make sure that each carton has a Made in China label, otherwise, your goods will encounter big trouble.


Are there any notices for shipping from China to USA Amazon FBA?

The timely appointment when your cargo delivered to FBA warehouse because irresponsible appointments can easily increase your multiple delivery costs, Amazon’s delivery strictly enforces the deadline and time


Make sure your cartons and pallets meet the restrictions of the FBA warehouse in the US The pallet size is generally 1.1*1.1*1.75M


The cartons shipped from China to the FBA warehouse in the US need to have a corresponding QR code with shipment ID details。


If it is a pallet, it is better to wrap around the pallet to reinforce it and stick the pallet label.


These are very basic American Amazon FBA SHIPPING skills. To learn more, contact Bestforworld.


Successful Amazon FBA shipping will make you suffer fewer damages and complaints from buyers because no customer is willing to receive a damaged package. Facing a bad review will be very bad news for your Amazon store. Your ranking will be greatly affected.


A very important factor in selling on Amazon is the product quality and your after-sales service.


Should I choose a US warehouse or a Chinese warehouse?


In fact, they are all important. China’s warehouse labor costs and rent are lower, which is conducive to the preparation before delivery. It can merge goods and save a lot of freight.


American warehouses can allow your goods to be delivered more quickly. Of course, now American warehouses are in short supply, and many warehouses cannot accommodate additional goods.


This is why Amazon provides FBA warehouse and delivery for Amazon sellers,which directly solves two major problems.




Immediately get in touch with the best forwarding company that ships from China to the United States