This blog will answer the following questions for the importers who importing from China to US:

How to shorten shipping time from China to the U.S.

How to deduct the delivery from China to the United States, the efficiency and time of container pick-up at the destination port of the United States,

How to shorten the pick-up time at the terminal in the United States, how to avoid the increased burden from the congestion of the terminal in the United States, and how to fast receive Goods imported from China.

What is the mode of shipping from China to the United States?

How long does it take to import from China to the United States by sea freight?

How much is the shipping cost from China to the United States?

What is the shipping cost for a container from China to the United States?

Why are container shipping charges imported from China so expensive in 2020?

What is the fastest way to ship from China to the US by sea

How to find the most reliable and best forwarder for shipping from China to the United States? How to find logistics companies and shipping companies that professionally handle imports from China to the United States?

Which shipping company is the most successful shipping company in China and the United States? And the core secret of their successful business? These are the inside stories of the shipping industry that Google has never announced, and they will be decrypted on this blog:

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Shipping from China to the US has many labels on Matson shipping. Among them, the most acclaimed “differentiation” and “focus” in the industry make Matson a distinctive style among many shipping companies. Many Chinese exporters and American importers first understand the Matson shipping company, which is currently the fastest shipping company to ship from China to the US. The current fastest shipping time from China to the US.


Shipping from China to the US: Ningbo to Los Angeles Port: 12 days    The ocean freight is :3000USD/20GP      4200USD/40HQ     Validity to August-23  2020 

Shipping from China to the US: Shanghai to Los Angeles Port: 11 days      The ocean freight is :3200USD/20GP      4400USD/40HQ  Validity to August-23  2020


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For a long time, Matson Shipping has focused on creating customer value. Since its first day in China 15 years ago, it has taken a path of differentiation. In terms of brand, service and customer recognition, Matson Shipping is undoubtedly very good in the Chinese market. successful. Bestforworld became the designated agent of Matson in Ningbo and Shanghai almost 8 years ago, that is, the sales channel of batch space. Bestforworld Logistics is the top 10 Chinese freight forwarder for shipping from China to the US.


And 2020 is a year full of uncertainty. Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, the shipping market from China to the US after the Spring Festival is filled with a strong atmosphere of pessimism. The three major alliances have reduced trans-Pacific routes, suspended container cargo space, and reduced container cargo space in response to the sudden drop in cargo volume caused by insufficient demand during the epidemic. The capacity of the 2M alliance and THE alliance on trans-Pacific routes has dropped by 20%. In fact, the actual number of suspended container cargo space should be more than officially announced. This is one of the main reasons for the increase in sea freight and air freight from China to the US.


According to the latest Shanghai Container Freight Index, due to the shrinking shipping market capacity and increasing trade demand, the Asian-West Coast spot freight rate soared by 17.1% on July 31 to US$3,167/FEU, while Asia-East Coast The spot freight rate increased by 6.9% to 3495 USD/FEU, this is really bad news for this importer who importing from China to the


This is the history of freight and trade in China and the US that has never happened in history. The sea freight price of the container can reach this fixed point. Many importers looking for the lowest sea freight from China to the US weep.


Under the influence of the COVID-19 epidemic, global trade is sluggish. Matson Shipping, which is mainly engaged in the China-US shipping market, has not taken measures such as suspension of container cargo space or empty shifts due to the epidemic. It insists on the operation of the Matson Express CLX route and has a record of non-stopping of boutique routes Continue to 14 years and 5 months. How did Matson do it? Recently, Matson Shipping accepted an interview with Bestforworld, and gradually unveiled the veil of “non-stop sailing and non-empty duty”.

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How can the shipping market from China to the US in the post-epidemic period be punctual and efficient?


Beginning in mid-April, the volume of anti-epidemic supplies and e-commerce goods exported from China to the US has suddenly exploded, and the market’s demand for express services has increased sharply. Due to the increase in demand in the trans-Pacific market and the reduction of routes, the shipping capacity is quite tight, and the freight rate is showing an upward trend.


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Matson, which focuses on trans-Pacific routes, adjusted its operating strategy in time and began to continuously put in overtime service from mid-May. Ningbo departs on Tuesday/Shanghai on Thursday, and the voyage reaches Long Beach in the US in about 11 days. This express shipping service is very satisfying when shipping from China to the High customer demand. In the three months of operation, Matson’s overtime service has continued to be punctual and efficient, and the service characteristics of convenient delivery at the destination port have provided exporters with more and more abundant sailing options,for people who importing from China to the US.


As for why it can be unique and efficient on time? Matson Shipping stated to BESTFORWORLD: “After combining customer needs and feedback, Matson sorted out and studied the overtime ship’s berthing and sea voyage time, as well as the nodes of each operation link in the port. The final decision was to start in July. Matson’s overtime service has been upgraded to the sister route of “Matson Express CLX”, “Matson Czech Airlines CLX+”. By providing one-week double express routes shipping from China to we can meet the needs of customers for fast, punctual, nd stable Sino-US shipping services. The fastest and stable shipping service, shipping from China to the US, sailing one day apart, not only increases the capacity, but also causes delays caused by customers’ urgent shipments, delayed shipments, and cargo which met China customs inspections. Insurance increases flexibility and mobility. It provides a customer value of 1+1 greater than 2.”


In fact, during the Spring Festival, the US market has a strong demand for replenishment after a one-month holiday in China. A large number of goods are imported from China to the US, and a large number of containerized goods are waiting to be loaded. After the long holiday, due to the Covide-19 epidemic and changing geopolitical factors, it takes time for Chinese suppliers to resume production. Therefore, some urgent orders have been transferred to Phenomenon in other countries. In fact, the materials of many manufacturers in Southeast Asia mainly come from China, and the surge in demand has also caused some goods to return to China for export.

In addition to shipping from China to the Long Beach Basic Port in the US, what else can Matson provide? When you import from China to the US?


Matson told the airline BESTFORWORLD: “Matson Express CLX’s sea-rail intermodal service is actually as fast and stable as to the Port of Long Beach in the West of the US. However, due to the previous Matson Express shipping space, inland demand is often not guaranteed. But there is still some deep cultivation. Customers on the U.S. route discovered this resource, and with continuous weekly bookings, they locked the few sea-rail intermodal spaces on Matson Express early.

The opening of Matson’s Czech Airlines CLX+ route not only eased the customer’s interest in Matson Express. Shipping CLX’s demand for space in the West Coast Port is in short supply, and it also provides more space for customers who are pursuing rapid and stable sea-rail intermodal transport needs.” This also means that when goods are imported from China to the past that, the containers are unloaded at the Port of Long Beach, and then directly transported by rail to various points in the US inland. This first journey is efficient and fast, making Matson’s shipping services more malleable and facilitating the logistics of American importers. Choose so that products imported from China can seize the market more quickly. Faster US sales.

Therefore, the use of Matson’s logistics services is actually the secret of many importers from China to the US supply chain. It is also the secret of success. It was not announced before. This is also the reason why Matson’s ocean freight can be higher than the ocean freight of ordinary shipping companies. For example, the ocean freight from Ningbo to Los Angeles is 1000USD per 40HQ container, because stability is money, and time is money.


Take Shanghai as an example: the total sea-rail combined voyage to Chicago, Dallas, Memphis, and Kansas is about 17 days, and to New York is only 19 days. There is also an express guaranteed arrival service GES (Guaranteed Expedited Service) which only takes 14 days to arrive in Chicago and 17 days to New York. And free Matson frames are provided at railway stations.


The above is the core advantage of Matson Shipping, and it is also a secret that many importers who ship from China to the US do not know. It is also what BESTFORWORLD calls Matson our China-US shipping route, the most important partner, and the most important shipping container supplier. A core secret, Bestforworld has more than 30% of the containers shipped from China to the US, using Matson’s service, because BESTFORWORLD has the most favorable Matson ocean freight, and we have an annual agreement with Matson. If you import from China to the US and want to improve your supply chain, contact BW.


Take the next category and analyze with you Matson’s core strengths and competitiveness, and the reasons for its success? Why Matson Shipping can become the fastest, most stable, and reliable, punctual container shipping supplier from China to the US.


  1. American independent terminal: Matson’s own terminal Pier C only serves Matson’s own ships. Matson Express CLX ships can dock directly after arrival, without waiting. The unloading of the entire ship can be completed within half a day; at the same time, the Matson C60 terminal is equipped with sufficient Matson’s own chassis, which provides an excellent way for the subsequent exclusive container trucks to enter the port to quickly pick up the containers and transfer them to the outer yard. Great guarantee.


The Pier A terminal where Matson Czech Airlines’ CLX+ route calls are also one of the high-efficiency terminals in Los Angeles invested indirectly by Matson. The terminal occupies an area of ​​159.3 acres, the shoreline berth of the terminal is close to 1,100 meters, and there are 10 container cranes.


  1. Unique container pick-up service outside the port: the Southern California containers unloaded from the ship are transported to the depot outside Matson port 3.5 miles away from the terminal through the exclusive truck fleet at the Matson port yard, ensuring local customers in Los Angeles The container can be mentioned the next morning after the ship arrives. There is no need to make an appointment in advance to enter the terminal and wait, and there is no need to spend time and expense to find the public carriage. It takes less than 20 minutes on average for the driver to enter and leave the yard outside the port. According to statistics, it takes more than one hour to pick up containers in the terminal normally, and it may even take a few days when congested. After the containers of other shipping companies arrive in the US, the most likely problem is that it takes several hours or even days for the truck driver to make an appointment to pick up the containers at the terminal. This efficiency is very terrible, because the current efficiency of terminal operations in the US has led to the US’ Pickup speed slows down.


  1. Matson Express CLX route’s unique business operation model: all of them are American-owned ships and American crews and fly the American flag, and the return journey from Long Beach to Hawaii and Guam can collect domestic cargo from the US, thus ensuring full load in both directions. The cost advantage allows Matson to sail at high speeds to ensure on-time delivery and on-time delivery even during periods of high fuel prices and low cargo loads.



How effective is the Matson Czech Airlines CLX+ route?

Matson always does what they sayed,It is well received and supported by customers.


Through this shortening of the voyage to improve service quality, the establishment of Matson Jet Airways will satisfy shippers’ service needs for branded Clippers. Matson will continue to help customers familiarize themselves with sister routes, especially the complementarity of the two routes, and tap potential value. Ningbo goods can choose the goods shipped on route A according to their needs. If Los Angeles only needs to pick up the goods on Tuesday, you can choose route B, leaving the factory and warehouse one more day to stock up, creating new time value for customers.


Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Matson’s terminal has actively strengthened epidemic prevention and control measures. So far, no cases have been detected and everything has remained normal. However, other terminals in Los Angeles implemented staggered operations due to the occurrence of cases and the sharp drop in import volume. At the same time, due to labor shortages, the efficiency is low, and the irregular temporary closures seriously affect the efficiency of delivery. In addition, there are still great uncertainties in Sino-US trade in the second half of this year. Shipping companies continue to face high-cost inputs and lack of stability in US terminal services. The level of service provided by Matson is among the best, relying on the long-term operation of Matson Express CLX routes and the guarantee of express service.


China-US relations directly affect the market of China-US routes:


As the US gradually opens up and resumes work, the demand for epidemic prevention materials and PPE and medical products will also rise rapidly, and it is believed that the traditional trade volume between China and the US will also usher in a recovery. The peak period of American traditional imports is from June to September each year. In previous years, China imported a large amount of sea container cargo from China to the US. It is understood that this year’s long-term and large-volume orders for traditional goods are not optimistic. In the second half of the year, both sellers and buyers may change their ordering mode, focusing on fast-moving orders with small batches and flexible replenishment.


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Matson’s one-week double-shift express service can meet the transportation needs of such customers.


Starting from May 2020, major shipping alliances have reduced shipping routes to increase freight rates. The average number of containers of the ships on the Shanghai Port West Coast and East Coast routes is at full load, and some cargo space has been dropped,many container has to be moved to the next available vessel. The shipping alliances adjusted their route deployment and capacity allocation. The contraction of global container transportation demand in the third quarter reduced the capacity of 4 million TEU, which was about 3.2 times that during the Spring Festival. This has directly led to the fact that some cargo owners’ cargo is pressed at the port terminal, and a large number of Chinese export companies have to book more than 20 days in advance. Even if the Chinese freight forwarders book successfully, there is still the possibility that the containers will be dumped. Unable to leave port as shipped.


Matson Shipping “From late April to early May this year, anti-epidemic supplies to the U.S. exploded. Airfreight between China and the U.S. severely exploded. At the same time, due to the prolonged operation time of cargo waiting on the ground at airports in China and the US, many anti-epidemic supplies were transferred to Choose MatsonCLX express service. 11 days of the fast and stable voyage between China and the US, coupled with Matson’s efficient Long Beach container pick-up, some customers lament that the same cargo is divided into air freight and Matson express, and some air freight is due to ground Waiting for the delay of the operation time, the time limit for reaching the American consignee’s warehouse is not as good as choosing the service of MatsonCLX Express.”


In the second half of 2020, will Matson Shipping consider placing orders for new ships?


According to BESTFORWORLD, Matson Shipping has been increasing its investment in shipbuilding in recent years. Since 2017, it has invested more than US$900 million to build four Aloha/Kanaloa-class containers and mixed ships. The last one will be delivered by the end of this year. However, because the Jones Act of the US imposes many conditions and requirements on the shipping companies involved in the operation of domestic transportation in the US, three of the four-ship orders built at the US shipyard have been delivered to Matson Marine and have joined the Matson Marine fleet.


In August 2019, Matson Shipping’s “Kaimana Hila” vessel made its maiden voyage to China and berthed at Shanghai Port. With a loading capacity of 3653TEU, the ship is the largest ship under Matson Shipping and the largest container ship in history built by a US shipyard. It has been put into operation by China-US Express (CLX route). And Matson Hila (Kaimana Hila)’s sister ship Matson K. Inouye (Daniel K. Inouye), also in late July, transferred from Hawaii route to Sino-US Express.


Currently, live broadcasts in China are very popular. Will Matson Shipping try a new e-commerce model?


At the end of the interview, during the epidemic this year, in order to reduce direct contact, but at the same time maintain advertising activities, some shipping companies that tried online sales have joined the live broadcast mode. In this regard, Matson Shipping believes that due to the limitations of live broadcast time and form of expression, in addition to a general discussion of route services, carriers use discounted freight benefits to attract attention and traffic. In the end, there is no successful data to support pure live shows. Moreover, there are not many interactive links on-site, and it is difficult for viewers to truly understand the service value of shipping companies through such live broadcasts. However, webcasting has a unique scale and timeliness advantages. As a new thing, Matson Shipping also expects more and better live broadcast modes to appear and participate in it.


The selling point of live shipping is not the freight rate, which can be effectively spread through WeChat, website, fax, and other forms. The real highlight of the shipping live broadcast is the service. Through the live broadcast, it analyzes the appearance of the shipping company, strips off its own characteristic service and displays it in a three-dimensional and intuitive way, so that the audience can see its inner reality and experience the shipping most intuitively and vividly. Products and services, and generate interaction and resonance. Such a live broadcast by the sea not only has eyeballs and traffic but also has customer value and is more promising.


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