Recently, Los Angeles and Long Beach have encountered a large influx of goods and are currently experiencing severe port congestion. A large part of the goods is imported from China. This situation has been very serious in the past two weeks.


Then, before these containers arrived at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in the United States, the sea freight of these containers suffered the craziest price increase in history. The average sea freight price of a 40-foot container from China to the US port has reached 5500USD/40FOOT. such ocean freight from China to the US is not happening during these 15years, A few months ago, many American importers could not believe the shipping cost and chose to wait and see until the ocean freight continued to rise. They had no choice but to ship. Even at such a high sea freight.


In addition, many American importers have experienced delays in launching due to the lack of containers in China’s port of departure, and many large-volume goods importers cannot be transported in more than 6* 40HQ containers, so they need to be split into 2*40HQ one shipment or 3*40HQ one shipment.


All people want shipping from China to the United States to become more stable, actually, it becomes extremely difficult to control the logistics cost from China to the United States, contact Bestforworld to get you a new logistics solution during the COVID-19, In this epidemic, the logistics strategy must be full of creativity and constructive, many importers and American freight forwarders can not find the cargo space, in fact, has not really responded.


Port congestion in the United States has brought additional challenges, including demurrage fees, pre-pull fees, and increased waiting time, resulting in a reduction in local container transshipment capacity. Many importers have to pay additional hundreds and thousands of dollars in additional container usage fees.

There are 25 container ships anchored in San Pedior Bay. (Break the record of 23 ships at anchor last month) Another five ships will arrive, and four will be berthed in the ports of Los Angeles or Long Beach. The Ocean Exchange reported that conventional anchorages were full and some emergency anchorages were also occupied.


The Port of Los Angeles provides visibility through its daily signals. In recent months, these data indicate that congestion seems to be constantly pushing the flow of a large number of containers from one week to another.


In the first week of the new year, more than 150,000 TEUs will enter the port. The manifest data in the first half of January 2021 shows that the weekly freight volume has increased significantly, and the next week will exceed 160,000 TEUs.


The current work pressure in the Port of Los Angeles may not be alleviated in a short time.


Every day Bestforworld receives a large number of inquiries from US importers who question why the voyage of the current container cargo cannot be controlled and how serious the delay is.


In fact, this news is a good answer. Importers in the United States need to understand this special moment. At this time, freight forwarders cannot control the transit time and docking of ships. The only thing they can do is to make an efficient connection and closely contact customs brokers and shipping companies and also the truck company, pick up the goods from the dock at the first time and deliver them to the US buyers.


Of course, it is understandable that these importers who cost nearly 6000 USD for shipping from China to the United States are very anxious. They have spent a lot of effort to get the goods to the United States, but now they still need to wait and suffer LA port Congestion.

Because of the COVID-19 engine, the global supply chain has been chaotic. In particular, China’s exports to the United States have skyrocketed, but the United States’ exports to China and other countries have decreased. In addition, the epidemic has had a serious impact on the operation of US terminals. Big obstacle.


The spread of the epidemic is a very big challenge for importers who import from China to the United States. It is more important to find a reliable Chinese freight forwarder. Use the most efficient and direct communication, the fastest information feedback, and the best price. Strengthen your logistics supply chain, contact Bestforworld to learn how to better shipping from China to the US.