In recent months, the shipping industry has been in a panic due to a lack of empty containers, and ocean freight has soared abnormally, which has seriously affected the global supply chain.


In the context of high freight rates in the global shipping market, has American agricultural products been “rejected”? According to news from the US financial website on January 26, in order to transport empty containers from the US back to Chinese ports in a hurry, shipping companies prefer “empty containers” back to ship to China and Asia ,but to refuse to carry American agricultural products, resulting in heavy losses for agricultural products exporters from the United States to China.



I would rather ship “empty containers” and refuse to carry agricultural products exported from the United States to China!


The shipping company said: You have to add money to ship the goods from the US to China!


At present, many shipping companies are eager to transport empty containers from the Port of Los Angeles to China and refuse to carry American goods. This has largely alleviated the current shortage of empty containers, but it has caused the export of American agricultural products to suffer.



In fact, shipping companies’ “rejection” of American agricultural products has continued for several months. According to the FMC survey, data from the Ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach, New York, and New Jersey, in October and November last year, it is estimated that as many as 178,000 standard containers were rejected.


Of the containers shipped from the United States to Asia, 3 out of every 4 are empty containers. In addition, the American freight company also “relished” that if it wants to carry agricultural products, it will increase the shipping cost. Because the sea freight from China and other countries to the United States is very profitable, time is money, even if it is a second, the shipping company does not want to delay.


For this reason, the US Federal Maritime Commission has stated that it will investigate shipping companies’ refusal to load American agricultural products and transport empty containers to them. If the investigation is unreasonable, a fine will be imposed.


Why would ocean carriers prefer to “empty containers” rather than carry American agricultural products? Because it is more profitable to carry Chinese exports. More importantly, due to port congestion and poor container turnover due to the epidemic, Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou are all in a state of “lack of empty containers” at this stage. Under this circumstance, ocean carriers all agree to “give priority to Chinese products.”



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