According to the latest edition of the World Tariff Profiles 2021 released by the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the United Nations Committee on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), Algeria ranks fourth in the world with the highest import barriers with an average tariff of 18.9%.


Algeria adopts a licensing system for the import of all final products. In addition, many Algerian importers will require 100% L/C, but some Algerian banks have breached L/Cs, or have dishonest behaviors such as failure to pay, refund, or call back without justifiable reasons, which damages the interests of exporters, and there are even many of them. some state-owned banks.


On the other hand, the new regulations issued by the local government of Algeria are rarely notified in advance and are usually implemented immediately, with large variables. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully evaluate the qualifications and capabilities of importers when shipping to Algeria.


In 2021, after the Algerian Ministry of Trade launched a business registration clean-up operation, the number of Algerian importers decreased from 46,000 to 9,000, and 37,000 importers disappeared from the Algerian market! This will greatly reduce the number of shipments from China to Algeria, in the short term.


In the latest news, Algeria signed the 2022 Finance Law (LA LOI DE FINANCE POUR 2022) on December 30, 2021. Global traders and suppliers need to pay special attention that this adjustment shows that Algeria encourages domestic production, the policy orientation of restraining imports.

Export to Algeria Payment Rules:

1 Cancellation of the rule that when importers import final products (Produits destines à la vente en l’etat), they should defer their payment date to 45 days after the goods are shipped.

2 The importer must open an account and register in the bank of the country before making payment, transfer or customs clearance, and complete the registration procedures at least 30 days before the exporter sends the goods. The account must have at least 1.2 times the total import payment balance.

3 Maintain the maximum deposit that foreign exporters can request to be 15% of the invoice amount.

4 Maintain the maximum payment period that the local importer can request is 360 days after shipment.

5 In view of the official regulations of Algeria that import and export insurance premiums should be paid domestically, it is recommended that traders exporting to Algeria adopt FOB terms, If other terms of trade are adopted, the freight and cost of goods must be clearly distinguished on the invoice.


Export to Algeria: Import Duty

Algeria has legislated to implement DAPS on imported products since 2018, authorizing the Ministry of Commerce to impose additional tariffs ranging from 30% to 200% on imported products every year, in order to reduce imports and encourage domestic production. From October 4, 2021, a temporary additional defense tax (DAPS) will be levied on 992 imported products already produced in Algeria, with a tax rate ranging from 30% to 120%, and maybe expanded to 2,608 imported products in the future.


Since 2018, Algeria has legislated to impose a 1% mutual aid tax on imported consumer products to subsidize pension payments. This year, the new law will increase the contribution de solidarite applicable to imported consumer products from 1% to 2%.


Shipping to Algeria: Import Requirements

1 Importer must comply with the empty container return period effective August 30, 2021, otherwise, they will be penalized.

2 The importer of the final product must select special import items, and it is forbidden to import unspecified goods at will.

3 Expand the ban on the import of stone, marble, engines, generators, and other items that have been produced in Algeria. Unless the importer uses it for himself, the import is prohibited. This is a nightmare for importers who buy such cheap products from China or other countries.


Shipping to Algeria: Product Identification Requirements

The new regulations stipulate that the packaging of food and peripheral products must be accompanied by product information barcodes.


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