I find a Chinese forwarder or a local freight forwarder.

Many foreign customers will make FOB terms with Chinese suppliers. That means that they will use local international freight forwarders, and let his forwarder to operate all shipments from China, including shipping and customs clearance and delivery to his own warehouse.

It seems that it is convenient for you to contact only one person in your country, to provide the supplier contact information and the volume,weight of the goods.The quotation will be sent to you.

But there is a defect, to be honest, Looking at the global shipping sector,except for a few months of the year, the the contract price will be better than Forwarder in China , but in most cases, the rate got from China is more favorable, but why would you get the freight from supplier so expensive?

Because the supplier needs to get the quotation from his own Chinese Freight Forwarder firstly, of course, the Chinese freight forwarder has added the profit, and then the supplier adds his profit. So the final price that the customer gets is a double profits inside, usually 300 USD–400 USD /shipment.

And then why does the local forwarder also get high price?

Because many international logistics company, they have some branches in his country, but in overseas, especially in China they do not their own branch, they also need to find a forwarder partner in China directly,to operate and send them a quote, then give the price to their customers.

In fact, it also means that the final customer’s price is not the most direct price.

What we should do:

Often due to the lack of nationalization promotion of Chinese local forwarder company,as well as professional skills , contact defects, problems such as information is difficult to directly linked to foreign customers directly, provide logistics services.

Why do we provide the foreign importer directly with the logistics price, in charge of all Logistics Services in China, documents, contact their suppliers. Shipping to your port of destination. These are our most professional and competitive fields.

What are the advantages for customers:
Get the best price, there is no middle man.

Better control of cargo.

Better understand the production schedule and better arrange the loading time as fast as possible

better understanding of China’s dynamics shipping price and related policies from Chinese government about exports.