Here are the consulting services we offer:

1. Development of technical documents

You don’t have the time, or the experience, to prepare the documents that are essential to your success? We can help.

1.1 Checklist definition — In 95% of cases, the buyer’s specification sheet is not sufficient. As a result, the quality control process (both by the factory and by your representative) is imprecise and full of subjectivity.
The solution is to define the checklist before production starts (see what a QCchecklist is), to translate it (optional) and to explain it to the factory’s technicians (optional).

1.2 Quality control plan — This is another essential document. It lists what the control steps (inspections and laboratory tests) will be, and who will pay in case of a failure. Get it signed by the supplier before production starts!

1.3 Help with FMEA — We can identify most of the potential points of failure before production starts. This is an essential step for importers who design custom products. The goal is to address all these points through better design, or to follow them up closely during production.

1.4 Purchase order review — for those buyers with little experience of China sourcing, we can provide guidance on the terms to include on the PO form.

>> Contact us today to explain your needs and get a quotation (we can offer a package).

2. Consulting and follow up

2.1. Consulting on your sourcing and QA strategy

  1. Are you afraid your organization is not adapted to your needs, or does not operate in an optimal manner?
  2. With more and more cost pressure, are you re-evaluating your sourcing strategy?
  3. Are you wondering why bad shipments are not stopped and reworked in China?
  4. Or maybe you are starting to purchase in Asia and you want someone to help you avoid mistakes?
  5. Note that we can offer a package, with a monthly retainer, for small buyers who need advice along the way.

2.2 Project management of your orders

  1. We offer daily followup of your orders by an office coordinator, in the same time zone as your suppliers and based on a rigorous method. If you cannot give us a workflow to be followed by the coordinator, we can help you define one.
  2. Invoicing is based on hours of work. Communication is through email, our ordermanagement software, and/or your preferred software.

2.3 Consulting for supplier improvement

  1. Are you losing money and opportunities because your key suppliers are not as reliable as you would like? Our sister company China Manufacturing Consultants can help improve a factory’s quality:
  2. Quality system review & guidance — make sure the manufacturer follows the right checkpoints at the right control points, with the right discipline.
  3. Operational improvements — fix the problems at the source through method & equipment reviews, mistake-proofing devices, and a rigorous problem resolution approach. This is how a manufacturer can reduce their defect rate from about 3% to 0.3% without increasing costs.