Amazon has many fulfillment centers around the world.


Here you can find the most suitable Italy Amazon warehouse location for you.


If you ship to the Italy Amazon FBA warehouse, you need to know all the locations of Amazon fulfillment centers in Italy.


Many Amazon sellers do not know how to choose the best Amazon FBA warehouse when they ship from China to the Italy FBA warehouse.


The following content includes:

FBA Code of the Italy Amazon fulfillment center

The full address of the Amazon warehouse in Italy.

The city where the Amazon warehouse in Italy is located

The state and zip where the Italy Amazon warehouse is located


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It is not easy to find a freight forwarder who is proficient in Amazon delivery, including many overseas agents, many people are not willing to operate Amazon’s FBA delivery. You may be able to find some Amazon freight forwarders in China that specialize in shipping small quantities of goods, such as 15kgs, 10 boxes of goods, and 0.4 cubic meters of goods.


These Amazon FBA shipping services can meet those who have just Beginners who just sell on Amazon FBA, they are still learning how to sell on Amazon FBA.


For those who have experience, the volume and weight of the goods gradually increase, there are some successful Amazon sellers who have begun to use containers or bulk cargo air freight.


They have higher requirements for Amazon door-to-door and DDU/DDP shipping logistics services at the terminal, especially in the current covid-19 epidemic, global freight is facing:

Rising ocean freight, container shortages, shipping delays, long waiting times for ships to berth, shortage of chassis, shortage of dockworkers at destination ports, and holidays, bad weather in North America, especially Canada and the United States, are all challenges for Amazon’s delivery to FBA warehouse.


Some inexperienced Amazon forwarders have difficulty coordinating the timing and rhythm of deliveries, resulting in more Amazon delivery fees.


The shipping of Amazon goods has its own special requirements compared to ordinary warehouse delivery, such as the return of Amazon pallets, delivery appointments, pallet dimensions, etc.,


FBA Code Italy Amazon warehouse locations  City State Zip
MXP5 Strada Dogana Po,2U Castel San Giovanni Castel San Giovanni 29015
FCO1 Amazon Fulfillment Center Via della Meccanica snc Passo Corese RI Passo Corese RI 02032
MXP3 Via Rita Levi Montalcini, 2 Vercelli Piedmont Piedmont 13100
XITC Via Aldo Moro 4 Francolino di Carpiano
Francolino di Carpiano
TRN1 Strada Provinciale per Rondissone 90 Torrazza Piemonte 10037
XMP2 Via Aldo Moro 4 Francolino di Carpiano Carpiano 20080
XMP1 Via Maestri Del Lavoro, 990 Arqua Polesine Rovigo Rovigo 45031
BLQ1 Via Ipazia D’Alessandria 946 San Bellino (Rovigo) 45020
FCO2 Via Palianese Colleferro Rome Italy 00034
MXP6 Strada Provinciale 299 snc AGOGNATE AGOGNATE NOVARA 28100
BGY1 Via delle Motte no10 Cividate al Piano BERGAMO BERGAMO 24050