Since the outbreak of COVID-19, it has become more difficult for foreigners to obtain Chinese visas. At present, most foreigners can only enter China with M visas for business visits or Z visas for resumption of work and production.


“Their journey back to China was like trading one ordeal for another”


The high cost of round-trip airfare, as well as the cost of hotel quarantine, is a very big expense.


Due to the epidemic, many importers cannot come to China to inspect their new suppliers or conduct cargo inspections. This caused huge trouble for them to import from China.


They either set up their own China office or hire a third-party inspection company to inspect the goods or handle procurement-related matters.


So before foreigners get a visa to come to China, what are the conditions and precautions they need to pay attention to?


Bestforworld team organizes the following:

What are the requirements for foreigners to enter China in 2022?


  1. Holders of visas issued by embassies and consulates abroad after March 28, 2021, can enter China without restrictions on visa types. However, it should be noted that the websites of the embassies of the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Italy, the Philippines, Bangladesh, India, and Russia have successively issued the “Notices of Partial Valid Chinese Visas”. Note: The visas of foreigners from these countries between March 28 and November 2 have not lost their validity, but the local embassies and consulates do not allow these foreigners to go directly to China, and they will not get a health declaration (later changed is HDC code).


  1. If it expires on March 28, 2020, and the reason for residence is marked with the words work, personal affairs or reunion, you can re-apply for a corresponding visa to enter China.


  1. If the reason for residence is marked with the words work, personal affairs or reunion, and the residence permit is still valid, you can apply to enter China.


  1. Alien residence ID card, commonly known as Chinese green card. Diplomatic, official, courtesy, crew (C) Chinese visas.


There are very few foreigners who have obtained Chinese green cards, only a few thousand.


  1. Holders of the People’s Republic of China Travel Permit, a special document issued by the Chinese embassy for children born in the United States;

As long as the type of Chinese visa held conforms to any of the above four types (subject to the type/visa type item marking), even visas issued before March 28 are not subject to the issuance time limit and can enter the country.



Before foreigners come to China, please pay attention to:


  1. Before coming to China, the applicant needs to check whether the visa is valid and has enough time to enter. If the visa expires or the number of times is insufficient, he needs to apply for a new visa.


  1. If you need to bring animals, plants, currency, and other items into China, you must undergo sanitary quarantine, animal and plant inspection, and quarantine, and abide by the relevant regulations of the customs and financial supervision departments.


  1. After entering China, they are not allowed to engage in activities unrelated to the reasons declared when applying for a visa.


  1. Foreign citizens cannot overstay in China. If they want to extend their stay, they must go to the local public security organ to apply for an extension before the expiration of the 7-day period of stay.


  1. The following situations will result in denial of boarding, refusal of entry or fines, etc., please note:


  1. Those who come to China without a visa, except those who are exempt from visas;


  1. Come to China with an expired or invalid visa;


  1. Those who have overstayed in China;


  1. During the stay in China, the passport has expired (regardless of whether the visa stay period is valid or not)


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